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The Move Tutor Records

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Confirmed for pickup on Thursday, October 30, 2008.

EM/MT/AM/Relearned Confirmation
Concore: Drowzee with Dream Eater, and Torkoal with Eruption
empoleon dynamite: Horsea with Aurora Beam, Dragonbreath & Signal Beam
fishyfool: Chimchar with Blaze Kick, and Snover with Seed Bomb
Furrett: Natu with Thunder Wave & Zen Headbutt
Lemon~Lime: Gligar with Metal Claw & Razor Wind
Lil' Psycho: Weavile with Crush Claw & Punishment
Music Box: Delibird with Icy Wind
Rabid Squirrel: Castform with Ominous Wind, and Swinub with Bite & Take Down
RaunchyFad: Seedot with Razor Wind & Take Down
Silver Wind: Magby with Cross Chop, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Karate Chop & Mach Punch
Sneasel12: Duskull with Mimic, Psych Up & Snore
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No need for the disco
Jun 17, 2008
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EM/MT/AM/Relearned Confirmation
fishyfool: Chimchar with Blaze Kick, and Snover with Seed Bomb
Picking up Chimchar and Snover with Blaze Kick and Seed Bomb respectively, thank ye.
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