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The (New and Improved) IgnitionShipping Thread

Torchic W. Pip

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Feb 15, 2021
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Because the OG link is broken, a new thread...

I think this was my first M/M ship, like, ever. Not just in Pokémon. Gosh I love this ship.

So let's start with... IgnitionShipping headcanons?
Breaking containment from the ship name thread to grab some stuff from my tumblr blog about them!!
This one was from a relationships headcanon meme -

How they first met: They first met as children when they started middle school together. Volkner said that Flint’s hair looked stupid and then Flint punched him in the mouth. They both got sent to the principal’s office. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.
Where their first date was: They were one of those couples where the line between friends and boyfriends shifted so slowly it’s hard for them to figure out exactly when they started dating. Volkner considers their first actual date to be when they had their first kiss, while Flint will say they were ‘dating all along even if they didn’t know it’ because they are ‘soulmates bound by a red string.’
When they had their first kiss: They had their first kiss when they were both 17. After goofing off all evening getting tipsy and wandering around the city, they ended up on one of the cliffs overlooking the sea. The spot was popular for dates and Flint made a joke about the romantic atmosphere, two bros chillin’ in a date spot sitting so close their legs are touching ‘cause they might be gay. Volkner kissed him to shut him up.
Who cooks: Neither are particularly good cooks. Volkner can cook the classic college/bachelor diet of soup from a can, ramen, and toast, among other similar things. Flint is not allowed near the kitchen. Considering both of them have high salaries, they mainly get takeout or dine out. Out of desperation, their son Ronan ends up learning to cook when he is fairly young, so he tends to make things in bulk just for variety.
Who proposed: Flint proposed. It was at an annual gathering for all the Sinnoh Gym Leaders and Elite Four, so there was a very big audience. He tried to be dramatic about it and there were pyrotechnics involved. Except then one of the pyrotechnics caught a tablecloth on fire and the entire venue had to be evacuated. Volkner ended up saying ‘yes’ in the parking lot. They both consider it one of their most romantic memories.
The dominate one: Both of them, but in different ways. Flint is more energetic and tends to be the most enthusiastic, but Volkner is more creative and can curb his husbands enthusiasm and channel it all towards productivity.
Their favorite pastime together: They are both professional pokémon trainers first and foremost so anything involving battling is sure to be a hit. They also love just hanging out in Sunyshore and wandering around, grabbing a coffee and soaking in the vibes of their hometown while Volkner brags about all the new tech he’s implemented into the city to make it greener that Flint’s heard a thousand times but he still listens intently since it’s his husband’s passion and seeing Volkner smile and talk about what he loves is like basking in the sun.
Who kissed who first: Volkner kissed Flint.
Who is the flirt: Flint casually flirts just about all the time, but Volkner likes to carefully curate an especially devastating line to bring out at just the right moment to completely fluster Flint and get him to trip up. One time he walked into a lamppost after Volkner told him how good he looked that day.
Who is the romantic: Flint is more of a cheesy romantic, while Volkner is more of a thoughtful romantic. But really, they’re both so hopelessly in love even after all these years anything they both qualify as romantics.
Who wakes up first: Flint isn’t really an early riser but since Volkner will sleep past noon every day if given the chance, really most anyone is an early riser compared to him.
Who comforts who the most: Flint is Volkner’s go-to whenever he needs to vent, or he just feels sad, or he’s annoyed that one of his projects isn’t working out and he needs to hold his husband, or….. well the list goes on. Volkner is a good listener though, even if he’s not as good at giving advice, so he’s always there for Flint just as Flint is there for him.
The cuddler: Perhaps surprisingly, both are equally cuddly. Though…. Volkner is more ‘clingy’ than cuddly.
The big spoon: They alternate.

I wasn't big on Ignitionshipping back in its heyday and now years later I'm wondering why. It's one of those "not technically canon but totally canon" ships that I always manage to be a sucker for. That scene where they're watching Cynthia and Iris's match together is just...chef's kiss
Breaking containment from the ship name thread to grab some stuff from my tumblr blog about them!!
This one was from a relationships headcanon meme -
Quoting to say hell yeah hell yeah hell yeahhhhhh

Always love to see your headcanons, and hell yeah Volkner/Flint headcanons. Do you happen to have a blank of the headcanon meme? I wanna do it
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