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The NEW X defeated Y with Z


Aug 27, 2020
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It seems that the old X defeated Y with Z is dead, so lets start over.
It's like a type advantage game, but the next poster has to take into account the move that the last Pokemon used. The move has to be super effective against the last pokemon.

For Example:
Houndoom vaporized Seismitoad with Solar Beam
The next poster can't pick Blastioise, for instance, because it's also weak to Solar Beam.
Instead, they might pick Lucario to use Close combat.

Lets start with a Slowbro freezing Dragonite solid with an Ice Beam.
Gigalith creates an earthquake that causes a Rock Slide which crushes Vikavolt.
Hoopa Unbound uses its many arms to pummel Metagross with Hyperspace Fury.
caterpie used bug bite
Vivillion aniquilated Hoopa Caterpie with Bug Buzz Hurricanne
Weavile rounded up the boys and kicked the crap out of Mismagius with Beat Up
golurk froze rhyperior with ice punch
groundon beat primal kyogre with thunder punch
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