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The official Bulbagarden forums claim a Pokemon thread!

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Could I claim Skitty maybe please??????? Pretty please? Has it been taken?
Roserade - Gardenia101 - December 21st, 2010

I would like to make a change.

Heatran to Nuttre. Please?
I'd like to change my claim from Pichu to Togetic if possible. Thanks!
i hereby claim Doryuuzu - ArturZfiorini
i've had a name change, so can you edit kurumiru's claimer? :)
Tsunbear! (There wasnt a ree Zorroark or Mebijinka Winter, or Oobemu, soooo...)

Tsubear-Dermodio/Merry Modio-26-12-10
I claim Doduo as my own! The poor thing needs more love
Darminitan(regular Hihidaruma)- poketoon - 12/27/10
EDIT: wow, exactly a month! never realized til now.
EDIT2: psst, im poketoon, the one who claimed blue darmanitan. TAKE MY NAME OF THAT POKEMON FORME plz
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