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SPOILERS: The Official Travelog + Let's Play Thread


Dec 12, 2018
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I'm playing a LeafGreen save file I haven't touched in ~15 years. I'd beaten the E4 and done most postgame, but I hadn't beaten their rematch teams so I'm trying to do that. Its really hard cause my team's only levels 60 - 70 and theirn are pushing 80 D: I've failed about a dozen times so far, but each time I end up closer to victory--last run I whited out at Gary's last pokemon. I reckon I'll beat him next run. My team:

  • Cyborg the Porygon2 w/Trace (I actually prefer this to Download)
    • Psychic
    • Thunderbolt
    • Conversion
    • Recover
  • Avalanche the Steelix w/Sturdy (before it got good)
    • Iron Tail
    • Earthquake
    • Sandstorm
    • Rock Slide
  • Pyro the Charizard w/Blaze
    • Fly
    • Heat Wave
    • Steel Wing
    • Overheat
  • Amazon the Exeggutor w/Chlorophyll
    • Sleep Powder
    • Dream Eater
    • Giga Drain
    • Skill Swap
  • Capricorn the Kingdra w/Swift Swim
    • Surf
    • Ice Beam
    • Rain Dance
    • Attract (placeholder move until we have something better)
  • Vetero the Castform W/Forecast
    • Weather Ball
    • Thunder
    • Sunny Day
    • Hail (need Rain Dance but dont have another TM >.>)
I'm trying to go for a multiple weather team: Amazon + Pyro for Sunny Day, Capricorn for Rain Dance, Avalanche for Sandstorm and Vetero benefits from all of them (and is the only one who benefits from Hail).

I played a little bit more Diamond last weekend and tonight. Decided to go with Golduck instead of Gyarados since I haven't really used it since Red and Blue. I just beat Fantina and my current party is Infernape, Roselia, Murkrow, and Golduck, all at level 36. I also caught a Bibarel and a Noctowl for HMs. I've been having fun, just getting to the point where the game starts to pick up. Looking forward to evolving Roselia and Murkrow too.
Golduck is highly underappreciated.
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Dec 13, 2017
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I'm doing random things in the Black 2 post-game. I've caught all but two of the outbreak Pokémon (missing Farfetch'd and Ariados), completed the Habitat Lists, defeated the Champions Tournament at the PWT (and every other tournament besides the Type Expert ones), defeated Benga, cleared the Pokémon League rematches on Challenge Mode, collected over 120 Medals, and raised my Join Avenue's Rank past 50.

My team is in their 80s, and I'm aiming to catch the remaining outbreak Pokémon and get to at least 150 Medals, although I'm not sure if I'll be able to. And once I feel like I've squeezed out the last bits of enjoyment out of this game, I think I'll play White again.