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The Official Travelog + Let's Play Thread

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After initially finishing the game when I got it last year and restarting because I wasn't too happy about my run, I finally pressed on with my re-run of Shield.

I had started a new game in Jan, played maybe 2h in May and just picked up again last week. I realised I had no idea what to do with it, how I wanted to run things, or what theme I wanted to go for. I had initially picked Grookey so this time I picked Scorbunny. It took me until just after fighting Nessa to realise what team I finally wanted: a fire-type team! I couldn't think of a theme for the longest time and so I wasn't super invested in the game or my team until that point, but once I settled on a fire theme! Oh boy! I got real fired up!

Of course, battling Kabu was tough, but fact is, outside of Nessa, you can trounce the game pretty easily with fire types. Right up to the Champion Cup, where I faced.... Nessa again... Turns out, she wasn't that big of a deal (thank you Nasty Plot Salazzle!) but Leon was a different story altogether. He brought my team to its knees and I was left with my underleveled Cinderace (called "Fivel", a wink to Fievel from the cartoon) in the yellow, Dynamaxed and choice scarfed vs his beast of a Charizard. I managed to knock it out with a final Max Strike (coming from my initial Headbutt). Without the speed drop, I would have been outsped and would have lost big time! Before that, his Haxorus and Inteleon nearly shot my chances and could have easily wiped my team single handedly.

Now, I just finished the Isle of Armor storyline and bloody Mustard gave me a run for my money too (Damn you Kommo-o!!!). Running the Crown Tundra storyline and really really enjoying this run!

(Don't tell anyone but I added rapid-strike Urshifu to my team... we became besties in IoA, so he stays!)

Current line-up:

Cinderace (Fivel)
Chandelure (Lumière)
Centiskoarch (Mars)
Salazzle (Salem)
Coalossal (Gaios)
Urshifu (Kal)
Okay, managed to finally get my restarted X run active. I traded over a bunch of random mystery eggs to act as my team, with the only eggs that I knew the contents were a Protean Froakie and a Chimecho (I didn't start with Chingling as I rarely play past 8 PM, so I wouldn't be able to evolve it anyway due to it being a friendship + time of day evolution). The other eggs I ended up with were a Magician Fennekin, a Starly, a Seviper, and a Heracross. I'm also playing as the female trainer and named her Darkness (yeah, I like Darkness from KonoSuba, she's got some of the best lines and gags in the series... and she's hot), along with making the "nickname" Lady D (I was too lazy to think of anything more interesting).

So, I began my X adventure with this batch of Mons (note that I had also started with Froakie to begin with, so I just swapped it for the custom bred one, thus keeping the rival setup untouched). I'm at Santalune City right now, grinding up my teammates to Level 16 before challenging Viola. I've caught everything that can be caught up to this point and have managed to evolve Froakie, Fennekin, and Starly to Frogadier, Braixen, and Staravia, respectively. I also customized my character slightly by buying a cycling hat, the pink flower clip, and removing the OTK socks (don't ask how I got the money to buy that, as I have my methods *grins evilly*). Anyway, had to stop due to the battery but will continue later on. Also, this run won't use any of the Gift Mons that this game tends to shower you with, like the Kanto Starter or Lucario. My part is as followed:

Frogadier (Tidal, male, Lv16)
Staravia (Hawkeye, male, Lv16)
Braixen (Jessica, female, Lv16)
Seviper (Eclair, female, Lv16)
Chimecho (Windy, male, Lv10)
Heracross (Duran, male, Lv10)
At the beginning of lockdown last year, I was thinking of doing a marathon of every Pokemon game (one from each pair) in chronological order to pass the time. I never got around to it, however, because I thought that playing through some of the regions twice in a row (for example, in Red and Yellow, or Pearl and Platinum) would get a bit repetitive.

I've had another idea for a marathon, however, that involves playing through just my favourite game from each region, one a month, to celebrate the 25th anniversary...

February - Let's Go, Pikachu!
March - SoulSilver
April - Omega Ruby
May - Platinum
June - White
July - Y
August - Moon
September - Sword

Then I could spend October replaying The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, and in November there might be a new game out.
I recently started playing Pokémon Pearl. I was originally only playing it to get myself a Glameow to send to Platinum to use right alongside my starter Pokémon in that game, but I'm enjoying it enough to play until the finish. I've finished gym 3 (Maylene) and I'm currently trying to find a heart scale to give to the move reminder. I evolved the Happiny given to me but for some reason never got soft-boiled as a move. I want to teach it soft-boiled and use it as a bulky Pokémon that relies on status effects to take down my opponents.

I'm having a lot of fun with this game, actually. I don't have any actual nostalgia for it since this is my first time playing through the gen IV games (I started out on Pokémon Ranger and SoulSilver), so I know it's out of having genuine enjoyment for Pokémon Pearl. It's not as linear as I thought it would be. I'm used to being led around and funneled through the game (cough newer Pokémon games cough), but Pearl has a nice deviation from that. Unfortunately, the slowness of the battle system kind of drags, but I'm surviving.

Current party:

Grotle (Tuttle) - Bite | Withdraw | Mega Drain | Razor Leaf -> Final planned moveset: Undecided

Floatzel (BuiBui) - Swift | Aqua Jet | Crunch | Water Gun -> Final planned moveset: Surf | Crunch | Rain Dance | Waterfall

Luxio (Zappy) - Thunder | Spark | Strength | Bite -> Final planned moveset: Discharge | Thunder | Strength | Thunderbolt

Blissey (Eepy) - Pound | Toxic | Sweet Kiss | Refresh -> Final planned moveset: Toxic | Soft-Boiled | Egg Bomb | Refresh

Meditite (Medina) - Bide | Hidden Power (pretty sure it's psychic type but I don't know its strength) | Confusion | Mind Reader -> Final planned moveset: Psychic | Hi Jump Kick | Mind Reader | Focus Blast

My next addition to the party will be a Drifloon, since I'll need a Pokémon with Fly.

Drifblim's planned moveset (will possibly be tweaked later): Fly | Shadow Ball | Stockpile | Spit Up

I'm playing on my old white DSi. It was the first ever big purchase I saved up for on my own as a young'in. It still works great but the shoulder buttons are a little finicky, darn things. It's probably seen a couple thousand hours of usage over the past decade. I'm glad I held onto it. Once I'm finished with Pearl, I'll move onto Platinum. After that, it'll probably be SoulSilver again. I'm going to put my PokéWalker to use once I start going back to my college campus.
Double post, but I've made a LOT of progress since my last entry.

I've just defeated the 6th gym (Byron). It was fairly easy, since I spent some time leveling on wild Floatzel and Gastrodon on route 218. I then began to go through the storyline. I'm set to start making my way towards Lake Acuity, since I mopped the floor with Mars and Saturn. I also got super freaking angry seeing the poor Magikarp flopping around in the ruins of Lake Valor. I am now completely determined to destroy Team Galactic.

My Pokémon team has leveled considerably. Here's my team:

Torterra (Tuttle) Level 38 - Earthquake | Leech Seed | Mega Drain | Razor Leaf - Evolved from Grotle since last post. I'll be replacing mega drain and razor leaf with synthesis and leaf storm.

Floatzel (BuiBui) Level 37 - Swift | Crunch | Aqua Jet | Surf - Addition of surf to moveset. Still need to obtain rain dance and waterfall.

Luxray (Zappy) Level 38 - Thunder | Spark | Strength | Crunch - Evolved from Luxio since last post. Still need to obtain discharge and thunderbolt.

Blissey (Eepy) Level 37 - Substitute | Toxic | Softboiled | Ice Beam - Finalized moveset! I made a couple of changes to take advantage of my Blissey's high special attack stat and add some dragon type coverage with ice beam. I also decided on using substitute to allow for longer stalling, taking advantage of toxic whilst not using up my softboiled PP constantly.

Medicham (Medina) Level 38 - Focus Blast | Hidden Power (Psychic) | Hi Jump Kick | Mind Reader - Evolved from Meditite since last post. I gave her a Zoom Lens to increase accuracy for Hi Jump Kick since missing with it is so devastating. I'm thinking about dumping Mind Reader for something else. Haven't decided what that'll be yet. Still need to get psychic and figure out what I'll be replacing mind reader with.

Drifblim (Signpost) Level 37 - Fly | Explosion | Shadow Ball | Stockpile - Caught that Drifloon I was talking about and evolved her. I'll be replacing stockpile with giga impact when I have the chance. Decided to remove the stockpile/spit up combo in exchange for giga impact and explosion. Explosion would be a good opportunity to take advantage of Signpost's aftermath ability.

I caught a male and female Glameow. I'll breed them, get the resulting Glameow to level 5, and then send it over to Platinum to run beside my starter there. I'm making plans to acquire a Japanese language Pokémon Platinum and Pokémon Black so I can get a Ditto to Masuda Method with.

This is the most attached I've ever been to a Pokémon team, actually. I spent time planning out movesets, taking time to level through wild Pokémon, and playing the slot machines at the game corner for quicker access to TMs. I've put genuine time and love into my team, and I've grown very appreciative of my Pokémon. Even at the height of my Pokémon phase some 7 years ago, I rarely got attached to my teams. I'm glad I picked the games back up. Feels like coming home.
I started a nuzlock in crystal~
So professor elm send me a letter for oak,and he give me a pokemonfor that mission a Pick up a Cyndaquil and named Chile ️.
In the road I meet my new rival named Oops, she stole a totodile from proffesor elm,what a looser xd
Finnaly proffesor elm give me a Pokédex and six balls and meet my new friend Praline the sentret ️

I am delighted to inform you all that, after around 60 hours of playtime (enjoying just about every minute of it too), I have successfully defeated the Elite Four in Pokémon Pearl! I had a pretty lucky streak with Cynthia my second try around. My Torterra, Tuttle, was able to land the final blow to Cynthia's Gastrodon with Wood Hammer. Getting through the Elite Four in this game was a challenge for me, and I had a lot of fun! I found Cynthia pretty interesting, since she switched her Pokémon around to avoid my electric attacks and sometimes just plain unpredictably. I can see why people like her as a Champion.

My team:

Blissey (Eepy) Level 55 - Substitute | Toxic | Softboiled | Ice Beam - Absolutely tanked all special attacks and whittled down opponents with Toxic. Even tanked a Brick Break from Cynthia's Garchomp. I was not expecting that.

Luxray (Zappy) Level 54 - Thunder | Thunderbolt | Strength | Thunder Fang - Incredibly helpful with paralyzing opponents with Thunder Fang. Chewed through Cynthia's Milotic with ease.

Drifblim (Signpost) Level 55 - Fly | Explosion | Shadow Ball | Thief - A perfectly timed Explosion really sealed the deal for a few really tough Pokémon during the Elite Four fights.

Torterra (Tuttle) Level 56 - Wood Hammer | Leech Seed | Rock Climb | Synthesis - Tanked a lot of damage, and whittled down opponents with Leech Seed, which has the benefit of not being considered a status condition. Landed the finishing blow on Cynthia's Gastrodon that won us the championship.

Medicham (Medina) Level 54 - Reversal | Psychic | Hi Jump Kick | Return - Went toe to toe with Cynthia's Lucario and won. That Hi Jump Kick is devastating.

Floatzel (BuiBui) Level 54 - Razor Wind | Crunch | Waterfall | Surf - Flinch chance on Waterfall is really, really nice.

I'll now be getting into post-game content! I'm going to begin planning my Pokémon Diamond run. I'll be choosing what Pokémon I'll be catching, planning their moves, etc. I'll then get right back into the thick of things. I'm most likely going to go with Chimchar. My Platinum run will use Piplup.

There was a lot of grinding along the way. My team developed good speed due to getting speed EVs off of Floatzel. It really, really helped whilst battling the Elite Four.

I've truly come to care about my team, and I'm excited to see what I can do with both my Diamond run and my Platinum run. Here's to another great run!
I just defeated Leon in what has been my most enjoyable Sword replay so far, with the following team (all level 65, although some grew to level 66 during the course of the battle):

Puddle the Inteleon (m) (I always give Sobble this name, and that's how my username came about)
Geronimo the Decidueye (m)
Admiral the Butterfree (f)
Omen the Corviknight (m)
Magick the Galarian Rapidash (f)
Solstice the Stonjourner (m)

To make this playthrough a little more challenging, I chose the "set" battle style and didn't use any items in battle. I still didn't lose many battles, but I had to strategise a bit more than usual, which was fun. I lost to Leon the first time, and had to level up my team a bit.

I actually beat Leon's Charizard with Admiral, which I'm chuffed about because I consider Butterfree to be my signature Gigantamax Pokemon. Rillaboom kept using Endeavour, which gave me a chance to set up some Quiver Dances, before sweeping Rillaboom and Haxorus with Hurricane (which gets a handy accuracy boost from Compound Eyes), and Charizard with Max Airstream.

I started this playthrough on November 15th, Sword and Shield's first anniversary, and it's taken me all this time to finish it! I normally finish playthroughs in a week or so, but I decided to savour this one, and completing it feels more satisfying as a result.

I plan on starting a new Let's Go, Pikachu! playthrough on Saturday to commemorate the 25th anniversary. I have this strange habit where I like to start playthroughs on significant dates.
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Currently doing a Sword run (beat Leon, now doing post game) and a Platinum re-re-run (about to enter Pastoria city).

- Sword: Inteleon (Zeno), Dubwool (Woolbreaker), Sirfetch'd (Mallord), Grimmsnarl (Grimm), Mr. Rime (Cadilly), and Turnotator (Shells)

This run was fun, and I kinda liked how bulky Dubwool is and how insanely strong Sirfetch'd is with a Leek (damn them crits!) but I think I ll just finish the main story and then do a new run. I have some ideas for a team, but theres no theme, and I like themes cause Im more engaged with the game that way. I'll need to think about it. Gotta say, Leon's Haxorus walked over me twice before I lucked out and took him out. Being 8-10 levels underlevelled and having the "set" battling style did NOT help.

- Platinum: Grotle, Shellos, Gabite, Gligar, Rhydon, (Swinub, when I get there)

Going for a Ground-type team. My favourite type, in my favourite region, on my favourite game. Crasher Wake is going to be tough though.. When I do a theme team around a type, I usually exclude pokémon with a type advantage from gym battles, so I ll be benching Grotle for the Pastoria Gym if feasible (obviously wont do that against Volkner or Flint causer that'd make no sense). Yeah... thats going to be tough. Can't wait to get to Cynthia! Her Milotic will probably give me a run for my money.
I've picked back up my Emerald playthrough as Dahlia, the Frontier Brain of the Battle Arcade. For those who haven't seen earlier entries of this playthrough, in short, I'm playing while restricting myself to only using Dahlia's Pokemon from Platinum/HGSS and my goal is to conquer the Battle Frontier and receive all seven symbols with just her team of six Pokemon, so far I have 4/6 of her team, Combusken, Meditite, Ludicolo, and I recently evolved my Togepi I bred into a Togetic. I'll probably use the Pomeg Berry glitch at some point to get the Zapdos, and I'll catch the Duskull when I can. I've just reached Fallarbor Town and I'm headed to Meteor Falls to save Professor Cozmo. I changed the internal battery on this cartridge last in like 2015 or so, so I'm not sure how much longer time-based events will last so I'm not taking any chances, I'm definitely going to stick to this playthrough and not just drop it for months at a time, this is what the team currently looks like:

1. Combusken, Level 30
2. Ludicolo, Level 25
3. Togetic, Level 24
4. Meditite, Level 16

The Meditite is currently holding an Exp. Share and probably will until I get ahold of the Zapdos or Duskull I need on the team. One of my big goals is to get to the Berry Master's house where I can start gathering and planting the EV-reducing berries, so I can properly EV this team in time for the Battle Frontier.
Just finished my 2nd run of Sword, I wasn’t too happy with my first run. It was ok, but nothing to write home about and nothing exciting. So this time, I decided to have more of a challenge.

I chose to transfer over a modest Bulbasaur because I’d already tried all the starters and I didn’t want to use them again. Then, I chose a Butterfree, a Mudsdale, a G-Weezing, a Skuntank, and a Cinccino to complete my team. Most of the game went by quick, and nothing fancy or interesting to mention there.

  • The final battle against Leon was an intense struggle! Despite sustaining heavy damage from Shadow Ball, my Skuntank managed to take down Aegislash. Haxorus countered with Earthquake, knocking out my skuntank. I called upon my Mudsdale, equipped with Stamina, Iron Defense, Body Press, and Leftovers. Even three Outrage attacks couldn't bring down this resilient horse. Boosting its defense to an impressive +6, I took down Haxorus with Body Press.
  • However, my unbreakable physical tank met its match when Seismitoad landed a critical hit-boosted Liquidation. With my reliable fortress defeated, I knew I couldn't take chances against Leon and his formidable team. I decided to bring out Venusaur and strategically used Amnesia to bolster its defenses. Then, with a powerful Petal Blizzard, I brought down the resilient blue frog.
  • But my triumph was short-lived as Cinderace emerged as Leon's next challenger. Although I had initially chosen Grookey, I had to set it aside for the battle. Unfortunately, Venusaur couldn't withstand the force of Pyro Ball and fell cold. Determined not to be defeated, I summoned G-Weezing and unleashed two devastating Sludge Bombs. Poison took hold of Cinderace, granting me a crucial knockout, but not before enduring another Pyro Ball attack.
  • Next in line was Dragapult, which quickly unleashed a searing flamethrower, obliterating G-Weezing. With limited options remaining, I turned to Butterfree. Miraculously, it survived the burn inflicted by Dragapult's flamethrower. I retaliated with a Wise Glasses-boosted Air Slash, dealing significant damage. Alas, I couldn't withstand the ensuing Thunderbolt and Butterfree succumbed.
  • With only one Pokémon left, I called upon Cinccino. Boosted by Technician and armed with Rock Blast, I aimed to seize victory. Three precise hits landed on Dragapult, outspeeding the opponent. However, the battle was far from over as Charizard stepped onto the field. Both Cinccino and Charizard stood as the last Pokémon for our respective teams. Charizard wasted no time and immediately dynamaxed, while I unleashed Rock Blast once more. Surprisingly, I outsped the opponent, and the four-times-effective, highly powered attack, supported by Technician, landed three times. Finally, Gigantamax Charizard exploded, securing my victory and leaving Cinccino unscathed.
  • With this triumph, a new face emerged as the champion, and the emblematic Pokémon of the league became a white furry demon reminiscent of the legendary bunny from Holy Grail.

That last battle had me worried. If I’d landed 2 hits only on either Pokémon and if then King’s rock hadn’t kicked in either, I would have been toast. First serious battle in this run. That was a VERY close one, but just how I like it: down to the last Pokémon on each side and a decisive hit! All the while without dynamaxing. Piers would have been proud.

Final team:

  • Tonks” the Skuntank holding Rocky Helmet, (Impish, Aftermath) - Night Slash, Venoshock, Toxic, Flamethrower
  • Oro” the Mudsdale holding Leftovers (Bashful, Stamina) - Earthquake, Heavy Slam, Body Press, Iron Defence
  • Venusaur holding Life Orb (Modest, Chlorophyll) - Petal Blizzard, Earth Power, Leech Seed, Amnesia
  • Nobyl” the G-Weezing holding Wide Lens (Modest, Levitate) - Sludge Bomb, Strange Steam, Toxic, Heat Wave
  • Flubby” the Butterfree holding Wise Lens (Mild, Compound Eyes) - Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Psychic, Quiver Dance
  • Chilla” the Cinccino holding King’s Rock (Naughty, Technician) - Retaliate, Tail Slap, Bullet Seed, Rock Blast
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So I've made good progress in my Emerald playthrough as Dahlia, I foiled Team Magma's plans with the Meteorite up on Mt. Chimney, defeated Flannery, returned the Meteorite to Prof. Cozmo, defeated Norman, caught a Linoone to passively gain items through Pickup, evolved Combusken into a Blaziken, and made my way to the Berry Master's house east of Lilycove City, where I'm now able to consistently plant and gather some of the rarer berries that I'll need for the late-game. I also made the in-game trade for Dots the Seedot in Rustboro City with a Ralts I caught, this Dots is crucial for a rather well-known glitch in Emerald that should allow me to get the Zapdos I need (you can turn it into any Pokemon, but for this playthrough I need the Zapdos). I'm going to end at the Berry Master's house for the night so tomorrow when I get on the game my berries should hopefully be fully grown.
Been continuing my Sword run. I completed the first "half" of the Isle of Armor quest and obtained Kubfu, though I don't have plans to do the quest that involves him yet. I also added a G-Slowking to my ranks during that time. He ended up having his hidden ability to boot, so that gave me some extra good stuff with him. Anyway, since I had gotten Cinderace's G-Max form via the Max Soup I went to challenge Kabu. Sid the G-Slowking took care of both his Ninetails and Arcanine while Ace the Cinderace fought Centiscorch in a G-Max battle, with my furry friend winning in one shot with G-Max Fireball. I crossed the Wild Area and got to Hammerlocke, did the events there, and moved on to Route 6. While there I restored all four Fossil Mons and ended up replacing Accelgor with Arctizolt, as I've come to realized I desperately need Electric coverage, especially with the current Max Raid event going on. Plus, Accelgor wasn't throwing his weight around much anymore, and I've already gotten ample amounts of Bug-type coverage so I put him in the box. Got lucky with Arctizolt's nature and ability: Naïve and Volt Absorb, which are fine with me. I know that Slush Rush is more ideal but I'm not a weather abuser, so it wouldn't be too effective with me (and yes, I know that using an Ice Max Move will summon Hail, but that's only in Max Raids, not in regular battles). Plus, free HP restoration is always nice.

After getting Zap Bolt the Arctizolt up to speed (and infecting him with Pokerus in the process) I started to go back and forth between Isle of Armor and the Wild Area over the past few days for harvesting Watts, various items like Star Pieces and Big Mushrooms, Armorite Ore, and TRs. I've stockpiled over 100,000 Watts now and I've nearly reached 200 chunks of Armorite Ore (and Dymite, too). I've also been abusing the hell out of the Cram-o-matic to combine many of my items together and try to get good stuff. Along with the fact that I no longer have any use for certain stuff like Dynamax Candy and the lower graded EXP Candy, along with using my freshly stockpiled valuable items like the aforementioned Star Pieces and Big Mushrooms (to name a few) to see what I can get for them. Plus, I've been filling out Dex data while I've been at it. And I've taken advantage of the fact that if you walk with a Mon in these games it'll actually have a benefit (unlike HGSS), in this case increasing Sid's and Zap Bolt's friendship/affection so I don't have to do too many extra camping events to boost their friendship/affection. After a while I've gotten back on the trail and made it to Stow-and-Side. Battled Hop and easily creamed him before stopping to recharge my Switch Lite. My team is as followed:

Ace the Cinderace (male, Jolly, Libero, Lv48)
Ironhide the Corviknight (male, Impish, Pressure, Lv45)
Mink the Tsreena (female, Jolly, Queenly Majesty, Lv44)
Sibella the Dreepy (female, Hasty, Infiltrator, Lv42)
Sid the G-Slowking (male, Relaxed, Regenerator, Lv41)
Zap Bolt the Arctizolt (genderless, Naïve, Volt Absorb, Lv41)
I'm currently replaying Platinum. Since I've played Gen 4 multiple times and used all three starters, this time I decided to not use one. I caught a Shinx to use as my "starter" instead. So far I have three badges. I had a Shinx and a Magikarp against Roark, and he steamrolled me. I had to evolve Shinx and have him learn Bite to win. Then came Gardenia. Magikarp was already a Gyarados but she couldn't really do much. I won thanks to Luxio. Fantina was really easy, I took her Pokémon down with Gyarados's Bite. Now I don't know whether to fight Maylene or Crasher Wake first. I think Maylene's going to give me more trouble because my best weapon against her is Spiritomb's Hypnosis+Dream Eater combo, but Crasher Wake has a Quagsire and I don't have a Grass-type, and I don't know what to do...

Luxio♂ Lv. 28
Nature: Naughty
Characteristic: Capable of taking hits
Ability: Intimidate

Gyarados♀ Lv. 28
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Strong willed
Ability: Intimidate
+Dragon Rage

Gliscor♂ Lv. 29
Nature: Serious
Characteristic: Very finicky
Ability: Sand Veil
+Fury Cutter
+Faint Attack
+Quick Attack

Spiritomb♀ Lv. 29
Nature: Quiet
Characteristic: Mischievous
Ability: Pressure
+Faint Attack
+Dream Eater
+Ominous Wind

Croagunk♂ Lv. 25
Nature: Impish
Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn
Ability: Dry Skin
+Faint Attack

I have to teach some TMs to Gliscor because he won't learn any STAB moves by level up. I caught Croagunk very recently which is why he's underleveled compared to his teammates. My sixth Pokémon will likely be a Weavile, unless I find a shiny on the way to Snowpoint.
I've ventured up into Fortree City and grabbed my sixth gym badge. I got a little lucky with Togetic's Metronome grabbing me a rock-type move twice in the gym, Blaziken has gotten a little overleveled compared to the other three, so I've moved around my Exp. Share and I'm going to try to start using other Pokemon to get the levels back evened out, I can grab the 5th member of my team soon, I'll be grabbing a Duskull soon, here's my current team:

Blaziken, Level 40
Meditite, Level 36
Ludicolo, Level 31
Togetic, Level 29
I just went and took on Maylene first because I was too lazy to walk back to Pastoria. Her Lucario was the hardest part about her battle but she wasn't too difficult. Gliscor and Croagunk beat her just fine. Luxio evolved into Luxray afterwards, I'm going to take on Crasher Wake's Gym now. When will Gyarados learn a Water-type move?
I got a lot done on Emerald the past day, I intercepted Team Aqua at Mt. Pyre, evolving my Meditite in the process, caught a Duskull afterwards for my team on my way down the mountain, caught up with Team Magma at their hideout on Mt. Chimney only for them to awaken Groudon, obtained the Master Ball and watched Team Aqua take off with a submarine, caught a Wailmer for all the Water HMs I'll need to use, got my 7th gym badge, and then fought with Steven to get Team Magma out of the Space Center, which led to Duskull evolving already into a Dusclops! The team is almost complete, I just need to get a Zapdos which I'll need to get to the Battle Frontier to do first (since the glitch I'll be attempting requires a lot of cloning and inverse-cloning).

I plan on doing everything in this game, including completing the Hoenn and National Dex, beating the Master Rank for all five types of contests, and of course beating the Pokemon League, Steven, and conquering the Battle Frontier is my end goal, so I've been finding and planting the EV-reducing berries I'll need to get my team up to par for the Battle Frontier, by the time I beat the Pokemon League I should be ready to grind up my Pokemon, get them fully-trained and I'll be ready for that challenge.

All of that combined has me essentially going for a gold trainer card.
Playing Ultra Moon.
I picked Rowley and named him Arrow.
Caught Volt the Grubbin and Shadow the Zorua.
I battled Ilima and won with some effort.
Then I caught Kanan the Growlithe and Lucha the Hawlucha.
Kanan beat the Totem when Arrow fell.
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