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The Official Travelog + Let's Play Thread

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I feel so old reporting my Pokémon Ranger and Gen IV stuff here... It feels like yesterday that this stuff was brand new. I remember discussing Gen V on the forums here. Dang.

I did another playthrough of Pokémon Ranger for the first time in probably a decade. It's what got me into Pokémon in the first place, and I had nothing else to do, so I booted it up. I'd erased the data with an external program some time ago (it was a used copy I purchased to replace my original copy that I had either lost or given away, can't remember) so I could do the Manaphy Ranger Net mission. I just finished my Browser, maxed out the Styler, and finished all available missions in the game. I've 100%ed the game in just over 10 hours. It really brought me back to what made me fall in love with Pokémon to begin with. I've been considering writing some kind of review for it when I have the motivation. I'll be starting up a Shadows of Almia save soon and grabbing the Ranger Net missions as soon as I can. I need to get a Guardian Signs copy, but frankly money is a bit short at the moment and my original copy is long gone.

I also picked up SoulSilver again. I had a save previously, but I stopped playing for a little while. I'm chipping away at the Pokédex one Pokémon at a time. I'm also taking advantage of the Poké Classic Network to get some trades going. I got my hands on a Japanese Ditto for my White game so I can start using the Masuda Method for shiny hunting. I'm trying to get my hands on a non-English Ditto for SoulSilver as well, but there's less people trading for Gen IV unfortunately. I keep sending out a Ditto asking for a Ditto in return with hopes of receiving a non-English one, but so far no luck. If anyone here knows how to use the network and has a non-English Ditto... send me a message please and maybe we could work out a trade. Honestly I'm almost at a point to where I'll try and pick up a German copy of one of the Gen IV games, but as I said previously, money is short.

Current SoulSilver team:

Charlie - Meganium - Level 71
Uhura - Ninetales - Level 72
McCoy - Girafarig - Level 71
Lexi - Ampharos - Level 73
Obisek - Dragonite - Level 71
Clay - Vaporeon - Level 72

I'm trying to level them to 100, but it's slow going. My strategy so far is to just spam the Elite 4. It's good for the money too so there's that.

I also just started a HeartGold save, but there's not much to report there quite yet. Will update later.
Due to the merge with the SwSh and Masters forums, we've decided to revamp the SwSh travelog thread into the new travelog thread for all generations/older Pokemon games. Please post all your travelogs in that thread, which you can find here, going forward.

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