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The Pokemon Adventures Manga Shipping Thread

i was wondering when this would come up too.

frantic, graceful, chosen, mangaquest, rocksmash, commoner. bit of special on the side.

I guess I like Lucky, Feeling, Frantic, and CommonerShipping for the dex holders.

And I also like FatherlyShipping. I find it super adorable.
Gracefulshipping is definetely my favourite,I even wrote a poem on it some time ago. Roxanne and Brawly (roacksmashipping) look cute together as well. I LOVE shippings among gymleaders and elitefours.
pokemonadventures ships have more shippy moments (which the anime won't have in million years) and the characters seems more solid, having more development and stronger emotions. Thats why I prefer adventure ships than anime ships.
^amen :XD2:

Looks like you're a new guy. Howdy doo to you and welcome to the madhouse.
Guys, I know that FranticShipping is FRICKEN AWESOME, but does everyone like it? Anyways, if you wanna know what shipping I say kicks butt, just read my account name.

I'm a diehard specialshipper, franticshipping, mangaquest, oldrivalshipping, and twinleafshipping.

however, i still love/like chosenshipping, preciousmetalshipping, commonershipping, gracefulshipping, and luckyshipping.
Hey, Aestivate, I've seen you around the forums. Do ya know Princess of Hoenn?

The Shippings I Support Are:

- SpecialShipping (Red & Yellow)
- ChosenShipping (Silver & Blue)
- MangaQuestShipping (Gold & Crystal)
- FranticShipping (Ruby & Sapphire)

-GracefulShipping (Wallace & Winona)
-TeaShipping (Bill & Daisy)

^^Well That's About It. :)
Sadly, I only finished up to the Crystal Arc. Anyways~
Blue/Bill: That last moment in the RBG Arc is so cute. Plus, he even crys for her!
Red/Green: UNFFF I just love this pairing for too many reasons
Red/Yellow: The Yellow Arc does show this pair being one-sided. Sure Red did call Blue cute and was interested in her for a while, but then they just stayed as friends. Plus, Red needs someone nice. Then again, both Lucky and Special are possible
Red/Blue: I still kinda ship it. I prefer them with others, but whatever. To be honest, I like BurningLeaf much more, but thats games.

...No crack. Even I'm surprised
Oldrival, Special, Graceful, Frantic. The usual. :3

Would Candlestick (Steven/Flannery) be considered a manga shipping? Even though it's total crack and they've never had an actual conversation? :D
Out of PokeSpec, I support the following shippings.

  • SpecialShipping (Red x Yellow)
  • ChoosenShipping (Blue (female) x Silver)
  • MangaQuestShipping (Gold x Crystal)
  • FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
  • GracefulShipping (Winona x Wallace)
  • CommonerShipping (Dia x Platina)
  • One-sided OldRivalShipping (Green (male) interested in Blue (female))
i nevr read the manga but what i've read about it on bulbapedia and other sites, i'd say i support

red/sapphire(i know this ship is a crack ship, but i kinda like it. i'd support this ship more if spapphire was closer to red's age)
Haha, I support alot of em'.
Here are my top...
Jadeshipping - Yellow x Blue (the girl) [I am not really a yuri fan, but I thought Yellow was a boy for like 5 years and shipped her with Blue. xD]
Luckyshipping - Red x Blue [I dunno...]
Mangapokeshipping - Misty x Red [Reminds me of Pokeshipping.]
Choosenshipping - Blue x Silver [So cute!]
Commonershipping - Pearl x Platimun [Haha, Dawn x Barry fan]
Oldrivalshipping - Blue x Green [Cuz' Green is cool...]
Buttshipping - Blue x Gold [I love Gold! And the name made me LOL]
Questshipping - Crystal x Ethan [Just appeals to me...]

Wow...I ship Blue with alot of people. :]
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