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The Pokemon Adventures Manga Shipping Thread

i finally started reading the mangas. so far i support luckyshipping, choosenshipping, wilfireshipping,feelingshipping, commonershipping,elitefourshipping,energteticshipping, birthstoneshipping, and lightjewelshipping
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I love shipping in Special. <3

My favorites:

Choosenshipping (Silver x Blue (girl))
Franticshipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
Jadeshipping (Blue (girl) x Yellow)
Luckyshipping (Red x Blue (girl))
MangaPokeshipping (Red x Misty)
OldRivalshipping (Green x Blue)
PreciousMetalshipping (Gold x Silver)
Specialshipping (Red x Yellow)

Yay. <3
Uff...I only have a couple but I really really like them:

Gold x Silver (Preciousmetalshipping)
Green x Red (Originalshipping)
Daisy x Bill
Diamond x Platinum (Fortuneshipping)

...and that's about it!! :D
It kinda echoes in my 'verse, so those that know of it won't be surprised when I say:
Like their game counterparts, I think Red and Green (Girl) look cute together.

They're amusing and Gold and Kris are quite able to battle alongside each other, taking on that 'Kyogre' longer then most others could, therefore their battle styles compliment each other (otherwise they'd interfere and go down a lot faster).

It's basically canon and every prissy git needs a wild lass to balance them out.

Diamond's smarter then he acts, and could probably give Platinum a run for her money should he so desire, which I find allows people to connect better (being able to look at the same view of the world)

Duh, practically canon.

And from what I've seen, Black and White look to be heading this way.
I support BluexGreen and RedxGreen shipping ^_^ <3

Oh, and maybe RedxYellow. I dunno. She's a tad young, in my opinion...
Love the manga! *looks at avy* XD

I support:
Blue/Silver is my absolute favorite in Special, but I also love Gold/Silver and Wallace/Winona. Pearl/Platinum is shaping up to be quite nice as well, but I haven't finished their chapter yet. I ship like everything, though, honestly (Blue/Yellow? Ruby/Courtney? etc.), those are just my favorites.
Frantic, Precious Metal, and a bit of SoulSilver.
My top five are:
I'm so generic when it comes to shippings. xD

LuckyShipping (Red x Blue (girl))- Well, I'm more of a fan of their game counterparts, BurningLeafShipping, but I thought their interactions in Pokespe were cute, too, so why not. xD I think ChoosenShipping (Sliver x Blue) is pretty cute and makes sense, too, but I don't support it as much as Lucky.

FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire)- ... Do I really need to explain on this? It's canon. ... Even if it wasn't canon, I have a feeling I'd ship them anyways. :U

Whatever Black x White will be (Which will most likely be AgencyShipping)- White realizing that she's been saying Black's name a lot was definitely shippy. xD

I'm not sure how I'm going to ship the Sinnoh Dex holders. I think I'm liking CommonerShipping (Dia x Platina), mainly because I tend to like ships with the two characters based off of the protagonists of the games.

I'm even less sure on the Johto Dex Holders. D; I might be MangaQuest (Gold x Crystal), PreciousMetal (Gold x Silver), or just none at all. I used to be straight up MangaQuest since I supported its anime and game counterparts (Quest and NewBark, and I still support those), but now I'm just not a huge fan of its Pokespe ship. xD I've already rambled enough on this post, so I'll spare you the details.

Oh, also GracefulShipping (Wallace x Winona), since that's canon, too, and goes with Frantic.
Hooray, I'm not the only... Lucky? shipper around!
Anyway, I also support Jun and Mitsume - they just seem so fit together!
It's hard to deny how much I like Special shipping and Precious Metal.

But I like to get a little weird as well.

Mainly Surge/Bill.
Hmmm, lets see.

Specialshipping (I love this ship so darn much!)

And I think that's it. At least those are the ones I can list of the top of my head.
SpecialShipping. For. The. Win. I'm sorry, I can't describe it. The fuzzy feeling within me, that is, when I hear of SpecialShipping.

It makes me wanna go BOOM with happiness. I plan for at least one fanfic of mine to focus on this ship. So innocently BOOM. Bam. Wow. FTW.
Mmm, have to agree with that one. I don't know what it is about specialshipping that just makes me feel so warm. It's just so innocent and cute that I can't help but be all goofy smiles because of it :)
Okay, so...
1. PreciousMetal
2. Original(that is the Adventures ship for RedxGreen, isn't it?)
3. Sacred/Ishi/Absurdist
(Pretty much my top three, though the third is a three-way tie. xD)

I can't find any official shipping names for StevenxRuby or DiaxPearl, though. Do they even exist? Dx

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Indeed they are. Thanks so much.
I've edited my list.
That was fast, mate. I'm impressed.

I have a good deal of other pairings that I love/like/put up with. I've only listed my favourites. Might update with a few others in the near future. (Yes, there is some Het on my extended list. Some fxf ships, too.)
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