GO The Pokemon GO Equipment Thread

Fire Chicken
Jun 9, 2012
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I've seen lots of threads about GO's gameplay, and the software... but I always was wondering, shouldn't we all discuss our hardware a bit as well?

When you GO out there to play, you should always get a few things with you to experience an enjoyable play session, the most important of which is your phone, of course; can't do a thing without it.

But what other things may you bring with you to improve the quality of your gameplay?

For me, it would be:
  • My phone of course. Huawei MI A1 it is, I'm very satisifed with this pick, pretty smooth/no lag, nice battery life.
  • Pokemon GO Plus, since I bought one. Although I don't use it for catches all the time, it's very good when walking distances and saving off some time on spins.
  • 3 2000 mAh power banks. I've found out from experience that my fully charged phone + these 3, fully charged too, is just enough. As for why I preferred that split approach over 1 6000 mAh power bank for example? First of all, when I get back home I can put them all on charge in different plugs and get them back to full more quickly. Second, I can keep better track of how much power I have used at which points. Third, I can lend one of them to a friend for a bit if they absolutely need it.
  • 2 charging cables. One Type C (for my new phone) and a good old micro USB, which is what my old phone used BUT I still bring it around with me for two reasons: first, this is what the power banks themselves charge with, and even though it's quite unlikely I'll find a spot to charge one of them mid-session, it's never bad to be prepared. And second, these aforementioned forgetful friends sometimes forget to even bring a cable with them, so I'd rather help on that scenario too.
As for where I'm storing all these? I got a crossbody purse with me all times, almost always at the left side (which of course I'm very careful with, as it has lots of other personal belongings not related to GO in it), and two pockets on my pants. When starting off, all of the power banks/cables are on the purse while only holding my phone on the left hand while the GO Plus may be either on my hand or in a pocket.

When the original phone battery runs low and I need to use power banks I just take one out alongside the cable, plug both sides in and then pass it through the bag's handles and into my left pocket. This adds a little safety as the handles and the cable get entangled, so if someone maliciously tries to grab either away, the other may provide just the necessary amount of resistance to hold them back long enough and maybe surprise them.

A final tip; when I need to change power banks, I make sure to always put the used up power banks in a different pocket than the used up ones so I can tell them apart immediately when I get home.

So, how do you all manage your hardware? Any cool tips to maximize efficiency or safety?
Jul 10, 2015
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I have my old phone, an HTC 10. I need to upgrade it at some point but it's put in sone valiant service so far. Just have my standard charger with that.

I have a power bank as well (I don't remember the MaH, I bought it from a friend). I usually only use it for events and special trips.

And I just bought a Go plus. My trip in to work only passes by one stop period so I don't use it much then. I use it when I go for a run and will plan to use it duing big upcoming events like community day.