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The Power/Spell Name Idea Thread 3.0

Some more ideas from this Pokemon-like:


Cold Aura


Acid Lash
Sinister Charge
Dark Water
Dark Song

No Elemental

Nimble Kick
Spirit Rush
This turned out to be quite useful for me and my current project! Thanks. While I did come up with stuff for the lists, I didn't think I would use any of them, but here we are. I won't spoil anything, but let's just say I am picking a few from the lists.
I know you have Earth Magic as one of the elements, but what about forest magic? Would that fall under the category of Earth?

For our purposes, Earth covers both rocks and crystals and flowers and plants.
I can see that. I have seen works where forest is its own category separate from earth. I have also seen examples where the Earth element has plant-based abilities (Like the Earth Adapts in Golden Sun).
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