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The quest for Mew: a rare opportunity: A university undergraduate's experience

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I have a friend who went and she said there was only about six kids there, and she was able to get a lot of Mews...for herself, and for me and her others friends. She doesn't have Wi-Fi yet, though...
I've got a slight problem :(
My GBA broke about 6 months ago, so I got myself a DS. Now I've not got a GBA, do they have any spare GBA's at the event for people like me, or will I have to try and borrow one off of somebody?

Contrary to what some of the sites about the event say you do not need your own GBA - just a GBA game saved in a pokecentre with a free space in the party.

And at the Peterbough one today about a third of the people there feel into the 14-21 bracket it seemed which was nice... (though the 9 year-olds with level 100 ubers I could've done without.)

But it did have to close early because of the rain - and the wifi they were supposed to have was non existent but still, Nintendo Europe what else can we expect?
The official site said you need your own GBA and that was certainly the case at the Derby event. One person couldn't get a Mew because he only had a DS with him.
At the Peterbrough one you didn't actually need a GBA, I took mine and they just wanted the game carts. Had two people handing them out using 4 of there own GBAs, quite handy I think.

Got to play on Battle Revoultion as well :D
Was great fun to beat my mate on a big screen in front of a lot of people
Did the Reps say anything about the Arceus, Vinny?
I asked them about Darkrai and Arceus, and they simply said "wait and see".

Wait for how long!?
Did the Reps say anything about the Arceus, Vinny?
The rep in the area was standing outside and not paying attention to the actual battles. She didn't seem to know much anyway.
Last time I went to a pokemon event the "rep" was just some girl who worked in the games section of wollworths as a saturday job.
We had a bloke at the Warrington event dubbed the Pokemaniac by the young 'uns there. He was like the John Lennon of Pokemon games. He found a case of the Pokerus on my game while we were in the queue for the Wii and said he had a load of shinies, legendaries, and not to mention all 4 hundred and odd pokemon. Quite a feat. He works at the Toys R Us in Warrington which is quite convenient. I could go up and pester him...
A question if I may. If you download mew to Emerald, can you still use the cloning glitch. I can't help but think this is a front to patch the glitch. I hope it's just my paranoia.
unfortunately there weret any events near to me
i live in dover in kent and the nearest one was miles away
there is a toys r us in gillingham that isnt too far away but there was no event there:(
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