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The Shiny Encounters Thread

I was EV training with Hordes in Y version, and I met a shiny Whismur in a horde. It's the second shiny Whismur. I'm thinking of evolving this buddy in ORAS for the Pokedex Pages. I already have a shiny Whismur from a previous encounter anyways.
It's been a while since I've posted here, and I've got numerous shinies since, but the most noteworthy is the shiny Illumise I caught in a berry tree. I never encountered a shiny this way before.
Just hatched a shiny Joltik a few days ago, it only has 3 perfect IVs so I won't be training it for battle but it looks incredibly adorable!
Omg! I was sneaking up on a Leaf storm Tropius, and the flying tree dinosaur comes out shiny! I was so scared of having it faint, but I managed to capture it fine XD
I was just fishing for Wailmer in team aquas base and I ended up with my first legitimate encounter with a shiny pokémon in the wild (the ones that are guaranteed to be shiny don't count) a shiny Wailmer.
This happened a few days ago, but... I was breeding a bunch of Scatterbug to send to Wonder Trade (Icy Snow isn't a too common pattern, and most players are playing ORAS right now anyway) and within the 250 or so eggs I managed to not only breed one but two shiny ones. International parents without a shiny charm, and even if I had had both the odds for this happening would still be very slim.


So, I was walking around Route 123 in Omega Ruby, and got into a Horde encounter with 5 wild Shuppet. Out of sheer luck, one of them comes out shiny. Even though I'm not one of those people who go crazy over shinies, I took the chance and caught it. (My first actual shiny catch BTW. Shiny Beldum doesn't count because it's a mystery gift.) I feel like I've been really lucky in Pokémon recently, between this, randomly getting the Eon Ticket and finding a Hidden Ability Eevee without even looking for one.
I was flying around with Latias to look at the Mirage spots and went to Mirage mountain and decided to use the Pokenave in Alpha Sapphire. When it picked up a Stantler, I went to catch it so I can wonder trade it, instead I ran into a shiny one! I quickly caught it.
SR'ing for a gold ringed Reshiram, at 2100. My last surprise shiny was a golden Nosepass, just as I was completing my living Pokedex
I woke up today really feeling like replaying Platinum, no idea why. So I deleted my save file, throught of a nice team and went on with it.
After I reached Jublive, I decided to train Chimchar a 1 more level to get some Shinx attack EV's.
And behold! 1 Shinx away from the desired level and BAM! SHINY SHINX pops out! I'm changing my team now, this cutie is coming with me! <3
The very first time I ever caught a shiny in gen 4 (or any gen besides 6) and it's one of my favorites <3
I'm still trying to hatch a shiny Sewaddle, a shiny Swadloon is my number one favourite shiny and I must get it OwO. But the last shiny I encountered was a shiny Poochyena this morning in AlphaSapphire! It's also very pretty although I'm not a big fan of Poochyena line.
I nabbed a shiny Axew when horde training in X. Little guy is a cute though.
My very first shiny was an event Zigzagoon. It was at a Gamespot and I miraculously had my Gameboy sp with me at the time. I thought I got a normal Zigzagoon, but it I compared it to a normal one and found out he was shiny!
Then I ran into a shiny Unown in Leaf Green. I caught a shiny Wooper in the Great Marsh in Pearl; probably the luckiest catch in all of my Safari catches. I caught a shiny Swanna in Black, encountered a shiny Graveler not too long afterwards, but that one self destructed. I caught a shiny Skorupi and Nidorino in Pokemon X.
This isn't counting my other event and handed over shinies.
I've only encountered 3 random shinies in gens IV-V, 2 of which were 100% legit
1: Shiny Buneary in Platinum's Eterna Forest (I was exploring when this little lass popped up, and I was like OMG!!!!)
2: Shiny Pidove in Virbank Complex (Black 2)(I kind of cheated here, as a friend used the complete dex code, and the Shiny Charm helped me encounter this)
3: Shiny Herdier in B2 Route 3 (I was searching for Compoundeyes Yanma)
The first and only time that I had ever encountered a Shiny was a Minun in Emerald. I remember getting all excited about it, and my brother asked me sarcastically if it was the "chosen one". I felt like saying "BITCH IT MIGHT BE", but I didn't.
Encountered a Shiny Bibarel in the Pastoria Marsh in Platinum. Much hear-beating ensued. Decided to just go straight to chucking the Safari Balls just in case. First ball misses. Second ball catches it. Was so excited to actually find a Shiny in a Safari Zone and catch it at the same time. Was pretty disappointed that it was a Bibarel.
A couple of days ago, I ran into a shiny Lampent in a Ghost Safari. Caught her in a Quick Ball and named her Smolder. Now it's back to the Safari again, as I was looking for a different shiny....

Yeah, you guys know which one. This is me, you know. :rolleyes:
My first wild shiny was in ORAS. In XY, which is probably my most extensively played pokemon game, I never really went into the grass or caves after I beat the game. I got most of my pokemon off of the GTS. In ORAS, however, with the new DexNav feature, I decided to chain for a 3IV ditto, and got a shiny. It was only 2IV, but it was jolly nature, which is pretty good for breeding, as there are a lot of pokemon that are ideally have a jolly nature. I am kinda disappointed, as I would be surprised if I ever use a ditto in battle.
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