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Review The Terrifying Mirage Pokémon


Jan 2, 2003
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The Japanese version of "The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon" is now available on-line! Now you can see the controversial special with the Japanese voice actors reprising their roles!

To view the episode:
  • Go to the Ani-Tele site here.
  • Click on the big red button that says 動画をする
  • After this, a screen will pop up asking you some questions. The first question asks you which area of Japan you live in...just use the drop-down menu to pick any prefecture. The next question asks your age, so enter that number into the box. The final question asks you if you're a male or female...the choice on the left means male (男性), and the choice on the right means female (女性). After answering these three questions, click on the button at the bottom and, after a few commercials, the special will start in whatever media player you have set up as the default.

Observations about the Japanese version so far:
- The script has a few slight differences.
- The opening theme for the Kids' WB! airing is used, complete with English titel screen
- Mirage Master is now called "Mister Mirage" XD
- Haruka's line after she rescues Kasumi (the "I guess I can be useful too" or whatever) is pretty much the same in both versions.
- How many times does Doctor Yung/Mister Mirage say sasuga?
- Doctor Yung's VA is 木内秀信 (Ki'uchi Hidenobu).

Post your thoughts about the episode here. Please mark any spoilers for episodes not that have yet to air in America in spoiler tags.
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The Japanese actually made this sound even hoakier than the English version. Like I said before, evil holographic Pokemon can only take you so far.

It makes me wonder if the Mysterious Dungeon special will show up eventually.
- Doctor Yung's VA is 木内秀信 (Ki'uchi Hidenobu).

Other roles include Nero from One Piece and Oshitari Yūshi from Prince of Tennis.

Other trivia: Kōrogi Satomi also plays Mew in M8. (M1 Mew, of course, is Yamadera Kōichi)

Further staff trivia: I've never seen so many animation director credits in a Pokémon show, ever (except movies, of course).

Last bit of credit-related trivia: Some of the US production credits were kept. The final copyright notice reads © 2006 Pokémon USA, Inc./ShoPro. © 2006 Pokémon. © 1995 - 2006 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc.
What shocked me most, is the fact that the WMV with special is DRM-free xD

L33ching it now.
Can you play in anything other then Windows Media Player? Pleeeease give me the URL for those! Windows Media Player SUCKS. T_T
Of course not. But it's 320×240, so it's not really worth watching unless you are also listening.
Let's just hope they would include it as bonus with M9, or sth like that.

But yes, it's cool to hear it - more enjoyable than US dub.
THANKS SO MUCH, SUNAIN. ;_; Also... -hearing the song- SOMEBODY SAVE ME! Why?! WHY?! -whimper-

Special has nice music, though... Yung's voice is adorable. xD
Kiuchi Hidenobu? Freakin' Kiuchi Hidenobu? Goddamned Kiuchi "Tenma Kenzou" Hidenobu?

Excuse me while I fangirl.

*squeals like a piglet and goes to see the special*
I thought we only got bad theme songs....in America.

But I guess bad theme songs aren't just for Americans....in America!
I mean, a dub that keeps the original music, a faithful script, and doesn't change the opening theme just because it's in a foreign language? UNTHINKABLE!!!!!
They could have at least use the new one from the redub.

Still, it was amusing to watch something in Japanese with an English opening.
Reminds me of that Deoxys Trailer that used the "Pokemon mon mon" song.

And had the generic deep-voice narrator announce the date. 0.0
Well the redubbed english special did use the same opening theme in the redubbed special. They just used a different portion. If you actually listen to the ending credits theme, part of that is from the redubbed mastermind special. I have the full song off of itunes so I would know.
I mean, a dub that keeps the original music, a faithful script, and doesn't change the opening theme just because it's in a foreign language? UNTHINKABLE!!!!!

Then you didn't heard any czech dub:lol: But be sure they didn't do that 'cause they think it's better this way. They do that, 'cause the more you kept from original, the easier to make and (more importantly) cheaper the dub is. Even though many american dub studios will argue with me:kiss:

They could have at least use the new one from the redub.
In redub it's still the same song, but different part.

EDIT: I see moGOULmember were faster;-)
I wonder if we will have another Yugioh Movie thing on our hands, as in people thinking the Japanese version was slightly better?
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