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The Time Has Come (TV Version or 2.B.A. Master Version?)

Pick a version

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Jul 17, 2013
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What version of The Time Has Come do you prefer?
The version heard in Pikachu's Goodbye, or the
extended/re-imagined version on Pokémon: 2.B.A Master?

For me, I choose the album version. After listening to both versions, I feel that the album version conveys the sting of departing from a friend, while I thought the TV version was just okay.
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Album version is superb. Definitely it for me. :D

Original English TV version by Loeffler definitely gives me the feels, though.
I like both versions of the song, but I think that the 2.B.A. Master version is the better of the two. The singer is better and the added time gives the song more lyrics to convey both the closeness of a friend and the heartbreak of losing them at the same time. The TV version is still good and I cry nearly every time I hear both of them, but I prefer the 2.B.A. Master version.
I like them both, with the TV one being due to how it really fits the episode that it's used for. I do however like the one from 2.B.A Master a whole lot better. The lyrics are great, and like a lot of my favorite songs it can pertain to things I deal with in life. It gives me more feeling and emotion than the TV version gave me, I'm not entirely sure why that is.
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