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"The Trial of a Shippy Pokéon Fanfic Writer"

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Dec 29, 2002
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  1. He/Him
Alright, hands up everyone who remembers this piece?

....okay, given that it was only ever posted on the original BMG, I'm thinking maybe 4 or 5 people at most, if that. ABL, you should have seen it, even if you never commented on the thread, right? Barb, I think you might have been there around the right time as well. Murg certainly was around, though I don't recall him ever commenting. Hiker, if he's still here, would have read it too. And rocketshipper, I'm thinking you would have seen a copy at one point also?

Anyway, "The Trial of a Shippy Pokéon Fanfic Writer" was a fanfic, a rather bad one actually, written by myself. Well, when I say written, I mean totally ripped off a fic from the Ranma 1/2 fandom, going so far as to use entire paragraphs with only some word substitution, but that was actually part of the whole point of the thing. I put it together as something of a commentary on how I saw the shippers having fallen to at that point. I think only about one person actually got the point I was making. Everyone else simply flamed me for what was, as they saw it, me being cruel to ChaosRocket, who they saw in the PalletShipper at the center of the story. (I had considered making the generic PalletShipper ChaosRocket initially, but in the version I posted, it was simply an unnamed female PalletShipper. Considering that practically every PalletShipper was female, I hadn't considered it being taken as it was.)

What I want to know is.....do you all want to read it? For the past few years, I've thought that it was long since lost, with the only copy being on the long since lost original BMG, but in going through my archives of Love is such Bitter Sorrow, I found a text file including the fic. It's certainly not showing the best side of us shippers, but I do think that the incident regarding this fic was probably quite important in shipping history, and may have led to, or at least been a contributing factor to, the PalletShippers abandoning the field towards the later part of that year.

So....should I post it? Or should I leave this sleeping demon safely locked away?
I was not there, but from what I've heard of this fic from both you and from Chaos, it seems like posting it would be a bad idea.

Also, it's basically plagiarism, as you yourself admitted.
Post it. We need something to MiSTie, if nothing else.
That's a rule fo the fanfic board, not the shippers forum, Ket :p.

Also, as long as Arcy admit that this is mostly someone else'S work and is posting only for "historical" (or is that hysterical?) purposes, plagiarism doesn't really come into play.

And count my vote in as a yes.
So posting others' work in this forum is allowed?

I'll keep that in mind.
So long as you're not claiming it as your own work, it's not really plagiarism. Normally, we'd prefer that only the original creator of things posted them up, of course.

In the case of this, the plagerism was part of the point I was trying to make, that seems to have gone over the head of most people who read it at the time.

I do BTW, also have a copy of the original Ranma fic which I altered to make this, and can post and/or link to that if I do post this up. I also intended to do a MST of my own, explaining the points I was trying to make with the thing.
I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to post a no, too. I go by the rule that if you post someone's work/ something similar enough to be plagiarism, you should get the permission of the original creator before you post it, even if you give them due credit. Somehow, I get the impression that the author of the Ranma fic would want you to post it (after all, you are kind of insulting this author, too, correct?). Besides, do we really need another (potential) flamewar?
I'm kind of curious now. I wouldn't mind reading it. Another vote of yes.
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