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The Windy Hollow

Sorry for the double post, but I think I have an idea…

I can communicate with you from here if you’re able to refresh this page every so often. Then I can just edit over and over and we can talk that way! If that’s what you’d want to do, of course.

(EDT 06:29) Alright, then! So, is this like a special kind of Absol or something? And I kind of missed what just happened…?
(EDT 06:30) Technology sucks, doesn’t it? I’ll be waiting!
(EDT 06:31) Your actual image is safe, right? The last thing I’d want is the program to crash on you.
(EDT 06:33) Oh crap! I’ve had that happen before. Always annoying…
(EDT 06:34) :confused_emoji:
(EDT 06:36) On a less stressful subject, I kind of thought you were going to draw a Legendary or something. I forget the name and I’m too lazy to look it up, but I think it was one of the ones from the Sun and Moon games? Lunala, maybe? I hope I spelled that right… anyway, that’s kind of what I thought. (Emoji’s like a shrug…)
(EDT 06:38) Well again, Absol’s hardly a surprising choice coming from you, haha.
(EDT 06:39) Are you drawing with a mouse? The brushstrokes that I saw from you make it seem effortless. I don’t think I could ever do that myself with a mouse.
(EDT 06:41) Aha! I’m honestly not surprised; it would shocking if you could do that with a mouse! Would you be willing to share what kind of tablet it is (or is that a secret of the trade, haha?)
(EDT 06:43) I can’t see what you’re doing, but I’m wondering how far you’re along now…?
(EDT 06:46) I can see!
(EDT 06:49) So you do all of the filling out of those colors by hand? No bucket tool? Forgive my horrific ignorance here, but with my experience with, like, Paint, when I see empty space, my instinct is: dump the bucket, haha! So what’s the artist’s reason for it?
(EDT 06:52) Well, part of the fun of artistry is the hard stuff, I guess. Sometimes, haha. What you’ve got so far looks kind of pretty from afar!
(EDT 06:53) You have a real artist’s hand with those brushes, truthfully…
(EDT 06:54) Thank God for layers, haha.
(EDT 06:55) Is the light source like the moon or something?
(EDT 06:58) Wow, I’m actually truly, legitimately flattered that I may have contributed an idea to your work here tonight, haha.
(EDT 06:59) Yay, @Blanc is here!
(EDT 07:00) (y), Dawning.
(EDT 07:01) I concur with Blanc’s assessment. Your shading’s looking lovely and you’re not even done yet!
(EDT 07:04) You pronounced it right!
(EDT 07:10) I always get scared whenever your Absol disappears, but then I remember layers, haha.
(EDT 07:12) The journey of thousands of beautiful brushstrokes begins with just one line…
(EDT 07:13) I can’t believe I wanted a brother or sister at one point in my life. Oh, my ignorance…
(EDT 07:16) Ah, so clearly Blanc and us two have had very different experiences with siblings, or the idea of them.
(EDT 07:19) Still more visually appealing than SWSH’s trees.
(EDT 07:19) Sorry, I had to…
(EDT 07:20) Trust and believe, it’s a compliment! There’s nothing worse than SWSH trees.
(EDT 07:22) Your tree, so far, has an appealing cartoon quality to it. Don’t know how well that’ll match with Absol, but I’m sure you’ll work your magic on it, haha.
(EDT 07:23) SAI Paint Tool! Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. And hi @Blanc, haha!
(EDT 07:25) You sure make shading look easy, Dawning!
(EDT 07:26) This stuff can look kind of intimidating, but I guess it’s just a matter of practice and knowing how all of your tools work.
(EDT 07:34) I should probably go get something to eat soon myself, haha. But I’m a glutton for punishment when it comes to eating at highly non-ideal times.
(EDT 07:35) Night sky is looking good, Dawning!
(EDT 07:38) Congratulations on a job well done! I like the overall night atmosphere of the whole thing the most.
(EDT 07:39) I see a new canvas now.
(EDT 07:40) While I’m tickled by the idea of suggesting something for you, I… don’t really know what? How about something that you’ve never done before, maybe? Like a challenge to yourself? Perhaps…?
(EDT 07:42) I can see everything that you’re doing! Kind of a pretty color there, actually.
(EDT 07:44) Going to step out for a moment to get some much-needed food in my system…
(EDT 07:56) I’ve returned! What did I miss?
(EDT 07:59) Oh my, what you’ve done in (ten minutes?). Looks like something out of Blanc’s universe, haha. But maybe with more purple than red.
(EDT 08:00) With that (pool?) in the middle there, perhaps that’s a good thing, haha.
(EDT 08:03) Long ago when I used to draw, all of my trees were either palm trees, or cloud trees (as in, I drew the leaves like they were clouds, because I didn’t actually know how to draw leaves, haha).
(EDT 08:05) I look at all of the manga artists who have to draw all kinds of stuff like buildings and skies and, indeed, trees, rather than just anime characters looking and talking to one another, and I marvel at the skillset that they must have in order to accomplish it all…
(EDT 08:10) I can respect that, @Blanc, haha.
(EDT 08:11) Hey, people made entire careers out of doing perspective the wrong way, right?
(EDT 08:12) Perhaps there’s hope for me yet…
(EDT 08:15) I concur! But seriously, what on Earth is it, exactly? Is it even really water? That thing is screaming for some worldbuilding!
(EDT 08:20) I think that Blanc is stealthily trying to make you draw ghost fish underneath that… water, haha.
(EDT 08:22) I mean, can anything alive possibly be down there?
(EDT 08:24) I think we may be seeing the birth of a new Pokémon here. Maybe!?
(EDT 08:26) “Whole Wheat: The Ghost Fish Pokémon. Can live in habitats impossible for any other Water Pokémon to live in—”
(EDT 08:27) “Discovered by DawningWinds, named by Blanc, 2022…”
(EDT 08:37) It feels wrong if I don’t organize, well, anything related to an artistic project. It sends my mind into chaos otherwise, both practically and mentally speaking. I need order
(EDT 08:42) I kind of have that overdrive feeling too, actually, but I can also hear that part of my mind staying “stop, please stop!”. I think that my IT background may have cultivated that (discipline is key there), as well as my OCD tendencies, haha. Quite real ones, in the latter case.
(EDT 08:43) That’s a story for another time, though…
(EDT 08:43) Kawaii ghost fish~!
(EDT 08:46) I’m gonna have to give my vote to the second one too, haha.
(EDT 08:47) Although the OG ghost fish certainly has its charm, too!
(EDT 08:52) “Draw/write a bunch of lines until something happens”. Sometimes, that’s art, indeed.
(EDT 08:54) Haha, maybe you’re right, Dawning.
(EDT 08:56) I always have too many ideas, and not nearly enough time for them all.
(EDT 09:08) @Blanc: 5D’s, haha. I stopped following around… OG Yu-Gi-Oh? You know, the one where there were basically no rules and everyone just did whatever the hell they wanted, I think? I was never a big fan of the franchise, though.
(EDT 09:11) Things kind of start blending together after the first hundred episodes or so, I think.
(EDT 09:12) I can respect the video games, though. Mostly for their often bangin’ tunes more than anything else.
(EDT 09:16) Now that I think about it, Kaiba might have been many young kids’ first exposure to the modern-day concept of an edgelord in anime. “Screw the heart of the cards” and all of that. He’s a true badass (especially if you watch the anime subbed; he blocked freakin’ bullets with his briefcase!), but that kid has some issues, even in a world where literally everything revolves around card games.
(EDT 09:18) Oh yes, Shadow the Edgehog…
(EDT 09:19) Moe, haha. You may be onto something there, Blanc. Maybe all they really want is a hug!
(EDT 09:20) You’ve gotta love shounen anime, right?
(EDT 09:21) Why does Shadow need a gun? Why does Sonic need a car?
(EDT 09:22) Because it’s cool cute
(EDT 09:24) I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to have anime hair quite as ridiculous, pound for pound, as Yugi. Although perhaps @Orchid might have something to say about that…
(EDT 09:26) Everything is really for the thrill in Yu-Gi-Oh, isn’t it? Even the backstory.
(EDT 09:27) I still remember that “card games on motorcycles” meme… like, was that actually a thing?
(EDT 09:29) Yeah, of course that was a fan favorite. No doubt…
(EDT 09:30) How on Earth do you even top that?
(EDT 09:33) Yeah, I think that’ll do it, haha. Will they do the multiverse next, I wonder?
(EDT 09:34) Would certainly be a lovely excuse to bring some characters back…
(EDT 09:35) It seems like that kind of series.
(EDT 09:37) I’m surprised they didn’t bring the King of Games himself back!
(EDT 09:39) So, I’m wondering what the second layer of brushstrokes are for?
(EDT 09:47) Hey, that turned out quite nice there!

Well, it looks like we’re done now, haha. Thank you so much for opening your little virtual atelier for us, @DawningWinds! It was a pleasure to watch you work. You’ve very talented — as your works here and elsewhere have clearly shown — and I hope you continue drawing. And you’re welcome, @Blanc! It was a pleasure to have you around here with your encouragement, humor, and insights as well.
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That said, I'm feeling a lot better today and hoping to get back into the swing of things! Last month I did an art stream on YouTube and I'm hoping to do another one soon, maybe like tomorrow at seven PM CST? Doing that really helped knock my motivation up a few notches last time and hopefully we'll get the same effect again? Also it was just pretty fun. I'll put the link here and in my blog when it goes live for anyone interested.
Announcement that I'm crossposting from my art thread, figured it'd be better to announce it there first this time since most of the art interested people hang out there.
Here I am again, haha. Still no YouTube account for me, so I guess we’ll do the same thing that we did last time? If that’s alright with you, then here we go…

(EDT 08:22) Testing… can you see me, Dawning?
(EDT 08:23) Ahaha…
(EDT 08:24) So, um… I’m a bit rusty on my Pokémon, haha. What are you painting now?
(EDT 08:25) I recognize Oshawott, yeah! Axew, not so much. I never remembered them being so green… you can tell that I’ve never played B&W or watched the anime, right?
(EDT 08:27) I guess, ahaha.
(EDT 08:28) Gray is what I remember (little of it) from the anime. But the anime does some weird colors sometimes, so don’t mind me…
(EDT 08:29) Well, whatever color you choose, I look forward to seeing how you’re going to shade them!
(EDT 08:32) I’m actually kind of surprised to hear that you don’t like doing backgrounds. Kind of, anyway. The last time we did this, they came out pretty good!
(EDT 08:33) Sounds like a lot of my writing sessions, haha.
(EDT 08:34) The result is often more exciting to think about than to actually accomplish… but it’s worth it, I think!
(EDT 08:37) I’m surprised at how easy it is to shade by just drawing some lines and using the eraser.
(EDT 08:41) How many layers do you think you use for an average drawing?
(EDT 08:47) Any particular reason for a purple sun?
(EDT 08:52) Well, if they’re friends… or are they?
(EDT 08:55) I wonder, do you make up stories to go along with your drawings?
(EDT 09:03) Heh, so even the rocks get shading. Do you have a different process in your mind for different materials?
(EDT 09:09) Ooh, shadows too!
(EDT 09:11) And the grass has an almost “bokeh”-like quality to it, actually.
(EDT 09:13) Oh, you know how in pictures the background is out of focus and it sometimes comes out like either really soft or like little circles? That’s “bokeh”.
(EDT 09:17) Ah, a person now, I think?
(EDT 09:19) Aha! This’ll be interesting.
(EDT 09:20) I’m one of those people who has yet to play the new games yet, but I know what she looks like, so…
(EDT 09:21) Oh, just today! Congratulations, then!
(EDT 09:22) I’d ask you about teams and such, but, again, I haven’t played the games yet. Trying to stay spoiler-free (yeah right, haha).
(EDT 09:23) I’m guessing that you have a reference picture somewhere? Or is it by memory?
(EDT 09:25) What made you choose orange for the sketch, I wonder?
(EDT 09:38) Which do you think you prefer drawing: humans or Pokémon (or other non-humans)?
(EDT 09:55) Starting to come along now! I guess it’s too early to ask about a background, haha…
(EDT 10:13) I forgot that her hair was (partially) green, haha. Yeah, it’s kinda weird, alright. But we’ve seen weirder indeed, haha…
(EDT 10:16) And orange eyes, too! Geez, which one’s more bizarre? /jk, haha…
(EDT 10:17) I can only imagine your adventures there.
(EDT 10:18) Sparkly anime eyes are best eyes!
(EDT 10:22) I think that you really enjoy using unusual colors for light sources, haha. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!
(EDT 10:36) Either my memory sucks or did she always have black hair like that?
(EDT 10:39) Then my memory sucks then, haha! Don’t mind me…
(EDT 10:40) Technology, right?
(EDT 10:41) Adobe software in general, um, doesn’t have the greatest reputation for being particularly well-written or stable.
(EDT 10:43) Speaking of finicky technology, has Bulbagarden been kind of slow for you too lately, or is it just me?
(EDT 10:46) I wish I didn’t notice, haha. I’m one of those ones who notices everything, though. It can be both a real blessing and a really annoying curse!
(EDT 11:01) Shirt and shorts came out pretty well, I think.
(EDT 11:16) I’d be hopeless trying to manage all of those layers like you’re doing, haha.
(EDT 11:17) 139…!? Do you name them!? How do you even…
(EDT 11:19) Is there some kind of epic Victory Road in the new games or something, like that giant mountain you climb in Alola? That could work, maybe.
(EDT 11:27) It looks more like a literal castle than a school!
(EDT 11:31) A part of me misses Gen I levels of simplicity whenever I look at that… school-castle thing. While another part of me says, bring on the ridiculousness! The best of these are so insane that they cross the line twice, if you know what I mean.
(EDT 11:40) Idea: blurred background?
(EDT 11:42) I figured as such!
(EDT 11:43) The best artists do more with less, after all!
(EDT 11:44) Or more with more, but let’s ignore that, haha…
(EDT 11:50) I would agree there! We’ve been doing this for almost four hours, haha…

So! That was fun, once again! And that last one, well, you say it “could’ve been worse”, but I don’t think it turned out too bad, haha. In any case, good night to you, Dawning, and hopefully we can do this yet again sometime!
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Hi, meant to announce this earlier yesterday but I'm planning on doing another art stream on my YouTube channel this evening. Aiming for 6 CST this time, but if anyone wants to come and can't make that time please just let me know and we can adjust.
Hey, Dawning! I’m watching. I will say that I won’t be able to respond as much as usual because I have a lot of things going on right now, but I’ll throw in my little commentary when I can, haha. With that said…

(EDT 07:14) I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I had no idea what that Pokémon in pink was until you mentioned it, oof.
(EDT 07:15) Quite the serene scene here. Except for that explosion of green stuff in the middle, haha. Bushes?
(EDT 07:16) I know you’ll make something nice out of that in short order, though!
(EDT 07:22) Once again, I fail to recognize a Pokémon, haha. Tympole… I thought they were pumpkins at first! (Can you believe it…)
(EDT 07:23) I’m sensing a Unova theme here.
(EDT 07:30) It looks so weird seeing you drench everything with blue there, haha. Even though I know what you’re doing.
(EDT 07:44) That little Foongus kind of looks like a ghost floating like that, haha. Do they float, I wonder? My Unova knowledge is really rusty, can’t you tell?
(EDT 08:08) I knew you would turn that grass into something special.
(EDT 08:11) I wonder what that Deerling is looking at? Or looking away from? Haha, Tympole…
(EDT 08:13) And apparently the Deerling’s female, too… somehow it feels like I should’ve known that.
(EDT 08:24) I’ll admit that I first saw faces on those trees before you started shading them, haha.
(EDT 08:28) Just discovered: “The Giant Tree Pokémon”! All we need now is a name…
(EDT 08:44) Whoa, the grass just turned blue!
(EDT 08:45) I’m guessing that’s not permanent…
(EDT 08:49) Good final!
(EDT 08:52) Pick a region and run with it?
(EDT 08:54) Mount Coronet is really cold, yeah!
(EDT 09:10) Going for straight for the Water- and Ice-types, I see.
(EDT 09:25) Probably the only time I’ve seen someone glad to see an Articuno go!
(EDT 09:31) Fast recovery, haha.
(EDT 09:53) Is red clothing a canon thing for Dawn or is this something new here? My Sinnoh history is rusty…
(EDT 10:20) Ah, shadows. So the sun is out in this shot?
(EDT 10:27) Yeah, because it looks really cloudy elsewhere. The sun must literally be shining down on our protagonists! (Behind them, obviously.)
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