WORLDBUILDING: The World of the Post-Shift Earth

Apr 10, 2022
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So here's some basic framework for the Post-Shift Earth I was going through on Discord and here:
  • Post-Shift Earth humans, due to not being descended from Pokemon like Pokeverse humans, cannot gain psychic powers or Aura abilities. However, their weapons and such do make up for that. Secondly, with Doctor's Orders occurring just 6 months after the Pokemon arrive it's not too likely that any sweeping change would be in effect - save for the Pokemon becoming reality and Earth still getting used to having them around.
  • Shift humans are vulnerable. They aren't instantly killed by most Pokemon attacks, but unlike Pokeverse humans who are demonstrably superhuman and shrug off Hyper Beams to the face for example - a Shift human would be burned. Dunno for vehicles and such.
  • Most people don't regularly wear armor or wield weapons at the point where Doctor's orders starts; I don't think they would. They'd very likely be armed in the first few months until things settled down though.
  • Going on the above point, Earth lacks Pokeball technology. They haven't been able to replicate it, which is why they use reinforced cages and such.
Some things about the Children of Earth, story-wise:
  • The founder was a park ranger character named Michelle Alonso (yet to be introduced into the story) She founded the group to protect her world's wildlife and heritage. Currently I have a (kind of) redemption arc planned for her where she renounces her views after she is stripped of her duty and rank for what she has done in regards to creating the anti-Pokemon group.
  • In-universe, the organization was started in America one to two weeks post-Shift.
Extra addendum:
  • Pokemon medicine isn't too advanced - Earth is still working on studying the effects of the Pokeverse berries that were brought to their world. They're still usng repurposed Earth gear which works for about 95% of cases.
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