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The Writing issues that have been plaguing me the most

Mar 26, 2011
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Here's the deal; these are the issues that have been haunting me in terms of writing the most

1. When i want to spend some time on a specific story, but occasions that are just around corner plead me to work on stories that relate to them more:

Let me put it this way; with the month of October less than a week away, a month that holds my Birthday and Halloween within it, i feel the need to work on two specific stories for the sake of keeping with the Halloween spirit; An original Fantasy novel about dragons and magical creatures that i'm writing and a fanfiction related to a cartoon about Magical creatures living in the modern world that i like. These seemed like the most logical choices to use to satisfy both of my desires to write and to keep to the Halloween spirit. But, a good strong part of me wants to continue with another fanfiction story that I'm writing, one that is associated with a TV show (or rather a reboot of a TV show) that I associate with Kingdoms, armies, monarchies, politics, warfare and conquests, none of which are related to Halloween in anyway, I might add. Now, I might be able to get away with mixing Royalty-related things with the Birthday theme, since Royals can really throw a birthday party, as I've heard. But, Monarchies just don't mix well with the Halloween vibe very much, if at all. I mean, I could just barely get away with applying that sort of thing to Thanksgiving or Easter (what with the latter's connection to Passover and the story of Exodus and all), and I could definitely make this work with with the Winter Holiday season (Christmas has a few stories that mix well with the Royalty theme and Hanukkah's story does the same too), but Halloween, no dice.

2. When i just can't put a sentence together that sounds like something someone would actually say

3. When i'm ready to write one story, because i'm in that particular mood, but am far from the point of the story that i would have like to have been.

4. Comparing Fan fiction to original stories

Feel free to ask what i mean about any one of these
The acest of trainers
Apr 17, 2010
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If you would like to discuss some of these specific issues in more detail, you can do so in the General Writing Questions, which exists for solving one-off problems. You are also welcome to start general discussions around these individual issues. It would be easier for people to offer feedback/advice on one issue at a time.