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Theory about the Diamond and Pearl Clans

Were the Diamond and Pearl Clans a part of one clan before splitting off?

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Feb 16, 2018
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  1. He/Him
The two clans have several similarities:
both take care of 5 Pokemon each (with the 10 Pokemon apparently being descendants of 10 Pokémon that helped an ancient hero long ago before the events of the game)
Both worship one of the Gen 4 Box Art Legendary Pokémon (Dialga for the Diamond Clan, Palkia for the Pearl Clan).

My theroy is this: These two clans were, at one point, one clan. A group that worshiped Arceus.

What do you guys think?
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We already knon such a clan exists in the post game story arc, Volo belongs to a clan that worships Arceus. It's possible that both clans were once part of Volo's clan but for some reason split off and the knowledge of why and the existence of Arceus to the Diamond and Pearl clans were somehow lost.
If there was, they possibly went extinct for worshiping Giratina, it makes sense seeing how some stories in the Canalave Library in the other Sinnoh games do their best to not even mention Giratina at all, name or otherwise like they are trying to hide its existence while only acknowledging the existence of the other Pokemon created by Arceus.
The temple of spear pillar had arceus statues , so I guess the first clan really worshiped arceus.
It's true that the Celestica people were the first to live in Hisui/Sinnoh and there are history and tradition that started from them, but according to Old Verse 5, they were already on the verge of disappearing* by the time the two clans arrived at Hisui/Sinnoh from across the sea. Thus the clans aren't direct descendant in the genealogical sense.

*) I have to note that the writer of the verse wrote in absolute that they disappeared, but I have reasons to believe that this may be an exaggeration/dramatic for the sake of brevity and emphasizing emotion. The reasons being they probably stayed around long enough to pass down some of their traditions in wardenship and Noble Pokemon to the clans, and we have two characters who likely descended from them and one of them is still young.
The old verses mention two people's the celestica and the sinnoh people. (Also sinjoh gets a mention too) and I'mlost on which is first but we know Volo comes from the sinnoh people, it could be these people were the start of the diamond and pearl clan.
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