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There Is No Such Pokémon As Slowbro (Or Slowking)


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Sep 1, 2021
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Proposal: There Is No Such Pokémon As Slowbro (Or Slowking)


By definition, Pokémon evolution is a one-way process whereby a Pokémon changes into a different Pokémon. It cannot be undone, and the Pokémon can change a lot in terms of behaviour and personality as well as physiology.
A form change, however, is often interchangeable.
Now. Slowpoke and Shellder.
The science of the Pokémon World tells us that Slowpoke fishes using its tail, and sometimes fishes up a Shellder. When Shellder bites down on Slowpoke's tail, they evolve into Slowbro.
The Shellder takes on a spiral shape and Slowpoke stands up on two legs.
The Pokédex also makes mention of the Shellder being dislodged and Slowbro returning to being a Slowpoke.
Official artwork shows that Shellder doesn't change back into its normal shape after this happens.
It's the Shellder that evolves. Shellder actually has a branched evolution and evolves into something other than Cloyster when it bites down on a Slowpoke Tail.
On the other hand, Slowpoke does not evolve. Since "Slowbro" can become Slowpoke again, this is actually nothing more than a form change. Ergo, there is no such Pokémon as "Slowbro."
The same could be said for Slowking.
It is also worth noting that during Mega Evolution, it is the Shellder that gets all of the Mega Energy, swallowing "Slowbro."

Now let's all agree Game Freak really dropped the ball not making Gen2's "Disturban" an official Pokémon.
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