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Things that frustrate you in games?


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Dec 9, 2015
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Save points. We should be able to save anywhere we want. Save points are so antiquated and make me nervous. I don't play games for too long due to various reasons so I need to put it down for a while. I like to know that I can save so I won't lose my data if a random power outage happens or something. (Or with the Switch, I oftentimes put down a game and the battery will be drained before I come back to it).
I actually prefer save points over free saving. Mainly because I forget about it. If I see save points round the place I'm reminded that saving is a thing I should be doing every now and then, whereas if the game trusts me to remember to save frequently, that trust is greatly misplaced. I'll forget to save at any time that isn't "right when I'm about to stop for this session", so save points make sure I keep doing it so I don't lose progress to a Game Over or something.

Though naturally if a game just autosaves we can skip both sides of this problem entirely.


Mar 28, 2019
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I actually dislike autosaving because I want to know for sure that my progress has been saved.