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Things that spooked you in Pokémon

Ironically enough it was PokeRus! I accidentally clicked away Nurse Joy's dialogue and misunderstood everything. I thought the Pokémon were dying and my brother was so mad at me lol. Since we shared the game he isolated the whole team in a box and told me that I couldn't let them out. I couldn't find anything on the internet about PokeRus so I believed for a long time that the Pokémon had actually gotten sick for real. :bulbaFacepalm:
I believed in Lavender Town syndrome as a kid but I don't think I was scared by it. I was scared though of randomly getting a Bad Egg in Pokemon Emerald to the point where when I was replaying and I got the Wynaut egg I'd always save before and wouldn't save again until after it hatched. I remember seeing a couple videos with Decamark as a kid too and that scared me because at the time I didn't know what it was or how it was triggered. Then by the time I figured out how to emulate things I threw myself into that the first chance I got

I also remember messing around with action replay for HGSS as a kid and the Mystery Zone was both really interesting and terrifying to me. I was always scared of going too far out of bounds and not being able to find my way back
I think the only time I've been seriously spooked was the first time I got a Shedinja in Sapphire.

I was trying to complete the Pokedex as much as I could, and it was one of the only ones I had left. I looked up the evolution method beforehand, so I knew what I was expecting, but I still flipped out when it appeared in my party anyway. What didn't help was that I thought the 1 HP + Wonder Guard gimmick was a glitch, too.
i actually got spooked just recently. im in my first playthru of platinum (havent played DP yet either :slowpoke:..) and the ghost lady on rt 217, south of snowpoint, kinda got me :oops:
at nighttime (cozy in bed), in the middle of a blizzard (cant see), woefully unprepared for ice types (didnt think further than mt coronet), woefully underleveled (why are there SO many ace trainers), so i was hoping for healing on top of it being like the only house with its lights off, and then if u go back in she aint there no more...yeah, it got me d:

the first time i was spooked tho was in blue as a little baby and i didnt understand that i needed the silph scope to see the ghost pokemon's true forms in the pokemon tower, even tho, yanno, it blatantly tells u :confused: it was nerve wracking as i made multiple expeditions into the tower with different pokemon trying to figure out what to do and how to kill them. their invincibility put the fear of arceus in me and i wound up putting the game down for a while as the repeat terror brought 7 year old me to tears :bulbaFacepalm: it took me a couple months to work my courage back up, but when i finally went back, it just clicked that i needed the scope and everything was fine....until i got to the pokemon mansion. something about how visibly wrecked that place was in addition to the knowledge that people (probably) died there just chilled me and i did everything i could to get through that place as quickly as possible :bulbaLol:

the only other time i got spooked was in BW when you see the ghost girl on the bridge. whys theres always ghost ladies :tentacruel:....
Mine is a little silly, but when I was younger playing sun/moon as my first Pokemon game, it spooked me a little bit lol :confused:
Probably the first thing was lavender town syndrome, (as for a lot of people) and also weirdly most of the ultra wormhole/ultra space biomes. They were just so alien feeling, (which I guess was the point) but they still spooked me seeing them for the first time. Also, the Aether foundation and Lusamine (in the games) in general. The perfect look of the Aether foundation and her frozen Pokemon room just creeped me out lol.
stupidly, po town freaked me out the first time i entered it.
less outright scary and more unsettling with a touch of just plain old sadness is n's room (and perhaps area zero as well). on the subject of bw, ghetsis's battle theme terrified me too. i still find it to be one of, if not the most, unnerving battle themes in the series. the chanting part is especially creepy.
(i don't find the b2w2 version scary one bit though, just kinda catchy!)
Pokémon is great at doing creepy stuff, so it's sort of embarrassing that the first thing in all the Pokémon games I've played to genuinely frighten me was...the Pokémon League interview in Scarlet and Violet. At the time I played it, I was real-life looking for a job after my current one effectively dead-ended. I didn't get many interviews, and the ones I did get frequently didn't even result in a "we're sorry, but no" courtesy response. I knew the interviews were still good practice, but it felt like I was just failing all the time. And, my gosh, did that silly little league interview trigger my insecurities. The soundtrack sounded like someone hooked a microphone up to my feelings of inadequacy. Rika was the perfect example of the unreadable interviewer who always makes me feel like I'm saying the wrong thing. I went through the whole questionnaire going "This isn't real, this is a Pokémon game, there's no way there's any serious consequences even in-universe, this isn't real..." The Elite Four battles afterward were such a relief. (Incidentally, I have a new job now.)

The second (and less embarrassing) thing to genuinely frighten me was Iron Bundle. I went into that first event fight slightly unsettled by its soulless eyes, but thinking "Alright, it's got to be Ice/Steel or Flying/Steel, my Skeledirge has got this." Torch Song hit, and I got two shocks. The first was that the damage was neutral. The second was that Iron Bundle's head came off. IT'S HEAD CAME OFF, and you saw it bounce around on its LED-lit spinal chord. I didn't scream or anything, but I felt a genuine stab of horror, made worse for the fact that I now had no clue what its typing was. The little guy did a great job of setting the mood for the upcoming crater depths.

Honorable mention to the Mimikyu totem fight in SM. While it didn't for-real scare me, it creeped me out in a fun way. Everything from the unsettlingly meta cross-canon references in the little room, to the "SEEEE MEEEE?!?" scream, to being stuck seeing everything through the limited field of the camera...just perfect spookiness.
Prior to the Switch, when the game freezes or crashes out of nowhere and/or suddenly takes you to a page telling you to remove your cartridge, power off your device, and power the game back on. This was spooky especially at night in the dark.
The whole lavender town thing where the 2 kids back in red and blues release killed themselves from pyschological problems due to listening to the song for too long
What originally scared me was when I played Black 2 and went inside the Strange House, seeing all that furniture move by itself scared me because I was in and out of my "believing in ghosts" phase. This was when I was in high school as well, and something weird about me is that my mental age has always been behind my physical age. So yes, when I was 17, I still had a hyperactive imagination. I literally had to close my bedroom door to feel safe.
The whole lavender town thing where the 2 kids back in red and blues release killed themselves from pyschological problems due to listening to the song for too long
luckily that is a creepypasta/myth made up by the internet, no such thing happened. (to my knowledge anyway)
still a kinda creepy song tho (in rby anyway, i feel like all of the future versions were just... darkly beautiful)
to be honest i think i was spooked by most creepy things from the older games lol! for some reason i loved scaring myself so i looked up a lot of stuff that scared me from the pokémon games, but i don't remember a lot of it anymore. lavender town scared me, i remember there being some kind of hand thing in those games as well that terrified me, paras and parasect scared me a lot because of the pokédex entry.
The Trainer School Mysteries may or may not have contributed to me hatred of USUM cause I got scared at certain areas of it and didn’t want to continue.
Also I had to mute the abandoned Mega Mart music because the song scared and unsettled me as a kid
For me it was the first time playing BW as a kid and encountering the disappearing girl on Marvelous Bridge. Was so weirded out by it I and tried to dig up everything I could about her but with very little to go off of.

Of course she finally later reappeard in B2W2 where she's revealed to indeed be a ghost seemingly killed by one of Darkrai's Nightmares.

B2W2 wasn't out at the time when I first encountered her though and just the image of a girl randomly teleporting from the Marvelous Bridge just weirded me out
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