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Things you were thinking of buying


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I've endured North-Of-England's abysmal public transport for quite long enough thank you, so now that I work somewhere that actually has available staff parking (my old job had a 2+ year waiting list and was in an area you really didn't want to be parking on the streets of), the next thing on my buying list is a big one - a car! Hopefully in the next couple months. Fun stuff.
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I'm still deciding whether or not eBike or eScooter is for me. Although I like the convenience of an eScooter, I feel that I would get more use of the eBike simply because I would at least get more exercise and it is much safer.

In terms of eScooter, I was thinking of this or this one in terms of scooters
I couldn't decite too. It's really hard choice but probably it's better to try eScooter for first.
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I'd go for eBike, if I were you. You can easily carry your bags and stuff on it. However, it's probably more expensive.

I was thinking of buying earphones - not wireless ones, because I want to use them with my recently-revived mp3 player. All hail the USB walkman.
I was thinking of buying some more cat food, mostly canned. It seems my cat prefers pate to other textures and I want her to have a nice selection. (No, I'm not spoiling her; why do you ask?)
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a new nintendo switch game. I'm thinking either mario maker 2, yomawari: long night collection, kirby star allies, the link's awakening remake, or purrhaps something I'm forgetting. I may buy two of them if I can afford it.
Kitty food. Kitty toys. Namely anything my kitty wants. Because spoiling my cat is one of the few things that makes me happy right now.
A new dressing gown (bathrobe), some new bedding, trainers, some fabric to make some bunting for a stall I'm doing at my workplace's Christmas market this year, a Lego ship in a bottle kit and a Dr Strange Nendoroid.
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Pokemon Sword, but I'll hold off until those bugs are fixed. Not letting my Switch lose its entire data due to some measly bug that a developer ignored.
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a new mattress (mine is kinda old and i need one sooner rather than later) and a new TV. those would have to come kind of later though, but i'm definitely prioritizing the former.
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^ same w/hollow knight, also considered buying the ace attorney trilogy for switch cause a bunch of friends of mine are into AA and i've never played it lol