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thomas art thread

stuck in a bear trap
Oct 5, 2019
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here are my pokémon art! i'll keep posting here as i pump out more of these.

"yes thats wolf from tyler the creator" - SylveonFP
"also the fuck is this new thumbnail system" - SylveonFP, refeering to Newgrounds's updated art thumbnail cropper



"thanks to the people at the clock crew discord server for helping me out with this one, now i know how to use allingment properly. well, you learn something new everyday." -SylveonFP, refeering to members of the Clock Crew helping out with this drawing, you really gotta be in the loop of the Newgrounds community to understand what CC is.
"why is he on state of dispair? i didnt really think about that, i just wanted to draw one of my favorite pokémon, thats it. im thinking of drawing other pokémon that i really like. (expect another furret drawing heheh)" -SylveonFP

NG link: oshawott


"love him or hate him, he's spittin facts" -SylveonFP

Editor's note: sigh Hey guys, Bumpie from Orlando's Joint here to explain the joke. The joke is that this is a take on the "Obama doesn't exist" meme. That's all. He wasn't even supposed to be smug in the first place.

NG link: smug wooper

"butterfree is happy!" -SylveonFP
"first time actually shading something with a light of origin. very cool." -SylveonFP
"took 5 hours to draw and its 5 in the morning leave me the fuck alone i just wanna go to sleep" -SylveonFP... that was anticlimatic.

NG link: butterfree
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