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Thoughts on buying preowned games/consoles?


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Dec 30, 2008
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I'm curious, what's your opinion on buying a game or console preowned? Are you attracted by the lower price? Or would you prefer it fresh out of the factory and untouched?
Personally, I don't mind preowned games, but it's consoles I'm a bit on the fence about. For example, I bought my N3DS XL preowned because it was the cheapest option. I tested it out (i.e. inspecting it for scratches, checking the controls, etc) to check out the quality before buying it.
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Tactician Karina

Sep 26, 2015
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I don't mind buying preowned games as long as the case isn't too damaged and the cart/disc isn't damaged, haven't had bad luck with buying a used game so far. As for consoles I have never bought one used and I'm also very wary about them, if I want to get another console I always buy new.

Blockhead Pippi

Previously known as 'Isamu Akai'
Jun 1, 2011
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The only thing I care about is if said game / console is in working condition.

I've bought a few preowned copies of games before, and for me they've always been just as good as brand new copies. I can see where it can become a bit of a problem for devs and publishers, as buying preowned doesn't really support them. But if said game is already a few years old and since had its production discontinued, then there's really no difference between buying it used or still new. Either way, if the game is still in working condition then nothing is going to stop me from buying it used. Especially if it's a game that I really want. Chrono Trigger DS was one such game I really wanted and then happened to find it preowned by luck.


Conflicted ideals
Jul 10, 2015
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As far as preowned consoles are concerned, cartridge consoles are very easy to restore if you're willing to take them apart and clean them because they're less complex. I got an SNES as a gift a couple years ago and it was having some issues reading games. Took it completely apart, cleaned out the dust with compressed air and washed everything and cleaned the contacts it worked perfectly after that.

I've also cleaned disc-based consoles and controllers (GameCube and PS2) And they can range from manageable to a decent challenge depending on the complexity of the system. Definitely look up tutorials for those, but again, it can do wonders in prolonging the life of a console and will save you money if you can buy parts and supplies. Just a good skill to have honestly, even running over the laser with a little windex will do wonders.


Oct 15, 2018
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I prefer a fresh console, but I have bought preowned consoles before and they've always turned out fine, depending on the condition the previous owner has stated. Sometimes it is a little nerve wrecking wondering what the actual condition may be like for a preowned console, that's been sent to you from an auction website (for example).

The same goes for games, too. If the casing is slightly damaged, i'm not particularly bothered; my only worry is the condition of the cartridge or disk, or even the game itself and whether it works fully.

Cap'n Jack

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Aug 18, 2011
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I like buying stuff if I want to vote with my wallet and send the message, “I want more of this.” The three main console manufacturers have enough money so I really don’t care about buying consoles new, I just look for deals. I’ll buy a game used if the game is out of print (obviously), if the game is already a cash cow so I don’t care about adding another sale, or if I don’t want my money encouraging terrible business practice (if I ever buy a Telltale game again I’ll be certain it’s used).


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Aug 10, 2015
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I don't mind buying pre-owned games or consoles as long as they're not so damaged that they have problems. A lot of the physical cartridges I own are pre-owned, and I try to take good care of them. Pre-owned games are just as good as fresh copies, with the low prices being the main draw for me. I've been playing my PS Vita for a while, and it has a couple surface scratches, but nothing too bad, and the system works just fine for me.

farewell friend

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Jan 31, 2011
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The 2DS XL I bought was preowned because it was cheaper.
I don't mind preowned stuff.


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Oct 9, 2011
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Pre-owned games? I don't really mind; they perform just as well as newly purchased games anyway and I manage to save myself a few dollar, so win/win!

Consoles, though? I feel like they're a bit of a different story. I wouldn't mind buying refurbished consoles because I know someone certified (or I hope someone certified/qualified to do so, anyway) took a look at the system, cleaned it up and examined it thoroughly enough to determine whether it's suitable for reselling. At least with this, I would know that I'm getting is more or less going to function like a brand new device. With buying straight-up pre-owned though, I'm taking a bit more of a risk and I'd rather not.