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THP: The Dividing Line

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Apr 6, 2012
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Okay, so in the unlikely case someone new decides to join, just ask for a bit of exposition.

It has been fifteen years since the global string of adolescent disappearances caused by the criminal organization known as the Half Project, and everything seems to have returned to normal. No more world domination schemes involving the creation of Merges, ex-humans that resemble gijinkas and other sorts of human-Pokemon hybrids. These Merges have settled in, either trying to adapt to society by blending in with humanity, or living alone and unknown in the wilderness.

Fifteen years ago, they were given a warning.

A powerful Merge was to build an army of other Merges, and threaten to wipe out humanity. Now, the time has nearly come, and things are beginning to heat up. With the clock running down, a choice must be made.

Will the Merges rise up to protect the humans they once were, or will their feral instincts push them over the line?

No bunnying or the like.
The general forum rules must be obeyed.
I am GM, so my word is law. if you have a question, ask however.
Please be active, as it will help us all.

There isn't a 4-move limit. I only ask you use up to 1 attack per post. Additional moves can be learned, but they must be incorporated into a Merge's appearance.
I have a plot in mind; don't veer too far off-course... But I can rectify most things like that, so this rule isn’t a biggie.
Your first character probably shouldn't be a Legendary Merge, or own one in the case of Project members. You must ask in advance in order to use Version Mascot Legendaries, Mewtwo, and Regigigas. Arceus is off-limits, as I have the only Arceus Merge, and want it to stay that way. Also, alternate forms must meet requirements. So Kyurem Merges require Reshiram or Zekrom Merges in order to change Forme.
Humanoid Pokemon are generally discouraged. I want to test your creativity! And do more than give your character the ears and tail of that Pokemon. That's just cliche.
Your Merge characters can look like their normal, human selves (Shadow-humans) for as long as they like, provided they are outside of direct sunlight, in which case they will only have an hour. Regardless of the light level, they will go back to their half forms the instant they are hurt.
For Multi-Merges, you must ask me if you want to use 3 Pokemon.

Pokemon A:
Pokemon B: (B and C are optional)
Pokemon C:
Appearance before merge: (Not required if you don't have plans to utilize Shadow-human state)
Appearance after merge:
History: (not required)
Flaw A: (This is a physical, mental, or otherwise weakness that keeps them from becoming too powerful. I'd prefer if it's brought on by the Merge.)
Flaw B: (The number of Flaws must correspond to the number of Pokemon they are Merged with.)
Flaw C:

History: (not required)
Pokémon: (should have Gender, moves, and ability, Up to six Pokémon)

Here are all of mine for the moment:
Name: Anthony Briarwood
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Pokemon A: Klinklang
Pokemon B: Shiny Genesect
Appearance before merge: Wears a vest and a white undershirt. He has dark hair and green eyes.
Appearance after merge: There is now a gear halfway through Anthony's back. His feet are parrot-like, with a wheel at the end of each toe. His nose is gone, replaced by a metal crest that starts at his lip and pokes out his hair, with another crest poking out the back of his head. The rest of him is anodized aluminum cylinders and prisms. His right hand has been replaced with a gear, similar to a Klinklang's bottom gear, and his left hand's fingers are chains that can be extended or retracted, though he can switch each hand so that both can be the same. It’s just his standard orientation. He has red, metal plating on his arms and legs. He can deploy a cannon from his back, and a mask that resembles two hemispheres and an oxygen mask with two tubes, each connecting to the cannon. The lenses in the eyeholes are a bright white.
Personality: He can be vengeful and apathetic. Since becoming a robot, he's lost a bit of his compassion and humor, and is now grim and stoic, though deep down, he cares deeply about his friends, who are his only family besides his brother and sister. However, the humor he retains is mostly snark, and can be a bit rude to Ozias. He loves his family quite much.
History: Anthony was raised in Verdanturf Town, researching Steel-type Pokemon profusely as a pass-time. He became a Merge at age 17, and is now happily married to Isabel, and has a pair of kids.
Other: Since Kninklang doesn't have an organic brain, Anthony's neurons and nano-processors don't get along, meaning he's not entirely sane.
Flaw A: He bursts into flames whenever he cries, and isn't 100% sane. Also, he’s prone to rapid change of emotion.
Flaw B: His cannon is powered by oxygen, making all ranged attacks fail if he can't breathe.

Name: Steele (Surname)
Age: 16
Gender: All female
Pokémon: Exeggcute, Deino, Combee, Koffing, Klink, Vanillite, Magnemite, Girafarig, Doduo, Diglett, Beldum, Cherubi
Appearance after merge: They have a shared body, now, about 30 feet tall and at a 45-degree slouch. It has the long legs of Doduo, a long, navy tail with Liz on the end, breasts, and a few gear sections, and mostly resembles Exeggutor. A short palm tree with huge leaves grows straight up from it's back, with Petra attached to it by an extending vine, her ice cream fruit dangling from the other side, now about five feet in diameter. The body has two arms, with Miranda and Kim in place of hands. At the base of the neck is Melissa, her feet now roots that dig into the bark-skin of the body, though she can manifest her body in other locations, this is her favorite one. Karina is the head.
Each girl's skin is now the pigment is used to be, except Petra, and all lack the previous cracks. Karina, Liz, Miranda, and Kim no longer have legs, as their waists now end with their respective appendage. Each girl has six heads with all-black, soulless eyes. Petra's extra five grow from her tree, Melissa's from the base of the body's neck, and the rest from the area where their waists fuse with the body. The body has eight, working wings, though they are controlled by Petra.
History: These rare, mono-gender sextuplets were raised on Village Bridge.
Shared flaw: They are completely powerless when separated.
Other: They lack both soul and conscience upon evolution, except Melissa and Petra.

Name: Liz
Pokémon A: Exeggcute
Pokémon B: Deino
Pokemon C: Girafarig
Appearance before merge: Liz was the shortest of them all, and also the least physically-mature. She had short, dark hair and bright green eyes.
Appearance after merge: Liz's skin is cracked and pink, but is partially covered by blue scales and black fur. Her hair is much longer, obscuring her face. She has a long tail that ends in a Deino's head.
Personality: Liz isn't mute, but she will pretend she is. A loner at heart, Liz is shy and introverted. She has to be goaded into doing things by her sisters, often.
Flaw: Liz has poor day-vision.
Flaw B: Liz can't see through her eyes, and relies on her tail-head to see.

Name: Melissa
Pokémon A: Exeggcute
Pokémon B: Combee
Appearance before merge: Melissa was the second-tallest, and quite lanky. Her hair was the color of honey, and her eyes were pitch black.
Appearance after merge: Melissa's skin is cracked and pink, and she has two large insect wings. She has two honeycomb cells surrounding her upper arms, and a head emerges from each shoulder. Her central head is smooth and red, unlike the rest of her. Her other two heads each have one antenna, and she has a Combee's abdomen.
Personality: Melissa is intelligent, but single-minded. She is caring and gentle, not wishing to fight... Blah, blah, blah... She also has a habit of calling everyone 'honey'.
Flaw: Melissa cannot fly, even though she has gigantic wings.

Name: Karina
Pokémon A: Exeggcute
Pokémon B: Koffing
Pokemon C: Klink
Appearance before merge: Karina had dirty, blonde hair and dark, brown eyes.
Appearance after merge: Karina's hair is pinkish and specked with yellow. Scattered across her body are the holes in Koffing's body, and her skin is slightly purplish, but retains most of it's previous pigmentation. Koffing's skull-and-crossbones marking runs across her boobs chest. She has two large gears on her back, making it look like she's strapped to a very large Klink.
Personality: Karina is the oldest of the bunch, and even if it's only by a few seconds, she takes a lot of pride in it. She is arrogant and bossy, constantly taking charge of the others, calling them incompetent if they make one little mishap.
Flaw A: If Karina gets too angry... BOOM!
Flaw B: Karina can't breathe her own gasses.

Name: Petra
Pokémon A: Exeggcute
Pokémon B: Cherubi
Pokemon C: Vanillite
Appearance before merge: Petra was very attractive, her bright, blonde hair sitting on her shoulders and nearly covering her hazel eyes. Blah, blah, since when has this part ever been relevant!?
Appearance after merge: Petra's body, excepting her head, is coated in a magenta membrane. From under and behind her neck grows a vine that ends in a huge, spherical fruit two feet wide, filled with cherry and vanilla ice cream. Her hair is white, and her skin cracked and pinkish. The fruit is impenetrable, so in order to get at it's contents, one must either pull it off, but doing so will hurt both Petra and the remover, though...
Personality: Petra is outgoing and extroverted, as well as a bit of an airhead. However, this is a ruse. In truth, she holds a very sharp inside, and loves reading and being alone.
Flaw: She has serious back pains from the fruit banging on her back repeatedly.
Flaw B: Petra requires ice cream to survive, and if the fruit is removed, she will need to be fed ice cream.
Other: I apologize if it looks like I was using euphemisms.

Name: Miranda
Pokemon A: Exeggcute
Pokemon B: Doduo
Pokemon C: Diglett
Appearance pre-Merge: Miranda had dark, green eyes and brunette hair. Blah, blah, blah...
Appearance post-Merge: Miranda has two heads now, each with cracked, pink skin. She is covered in brown feathers, and has a Doduo's legs. She has long, sharp claws...
Personality: Miranda is a complainer, finding a way to whine about anything. She is lazy and... Blah, blah, blah.
Flaw: Miranda has very sensitive feet. Stepping on a rock can completely puncture her foot.
Flaw B: Miranda's heads have difficulty turning.

Name: Kim
Pokemon A: Exeggcute
Pokemon B: Magnemite
Pokemon C: Beldum
Appearance pre-Merge: Kim was albino, with angular features...
Appearance post-Merge: Kim has a metal sphere for an upper body. Her legs have merged into a single one, resembling a Metagross' leg. Her eyes are of Beldum, and her skin is cracked and pink. She has magnet wings.
Personality: While Petra may be feigning to be an idiot, Kim is the genuine article. She acts just like Petra's fake personality. Blah, blah, blah...
Flaw: Kim's leg will sometimes get stuck to her magnet-wings.
Flaw B: Kim is an idiot. 'Nuff said.

Name: Helen Petridis
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Pokémon A: Gigalith
Pokémon B: Regice
Appearance before merge: Helen had brunette hair and blue eyes.
Appearance after merge: Helen's head is Gigalith's, excepting her mouth-down, which is icy and mannequin-like. Her hair hangs loosely down from under this helmet of rock. Her neck, torso and waist down resemble a Gigalith, but are much more humanoid. Ice runs down her arms until her elbows, which are rock-like and end in claws. She now has four eyes, which are that of a Regice.
Personality: Helen was normally quiet, but social, but the trauma of the Merge has made her grow distant and irritable.
History: Helen grew up with her dad, Eric, and her mother. Eric went through financial stress, and had to work for some 'secret project'. Helen was 'sold' to the lab so they wouldn't go under.
Flaw A: Helen is prone to outbursts, and cannot take extreme heat.
Flaw B: Helen cannot eat or use sound-based moves.

Name: Lexi Briarwood
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Pokemon A: Klinklang
Pokemon B: Skarmory
Appearance before merge: Lexi had dark, blonde hair and often wore metallic-colored clothing.
Appearance after merge: Lexi underwent a much similar Merging process to Anthony, and appears quite the same, though more feminine and avian. She wears a helmet that looks like a bird’s beak, and her feet have four toes, two forward, two backward, each with a wheel at the end. Two more limbs extend from her back, and at the end of each is a huge fan using a Skarmory's feathers as blades.
Personality: Lexi is bitter and introverted, preferring to be left alone. This is in contrast to the fact that she is literally weaker without her brother, which she detests.
History: Lexi grew up in her academic brother's shadow, struggling to keep her grades up. A week before Anthony vanished, Lexi left to visit her grandparents. Upon returning, she found her house burned and her parents dead.
Flaw: Lexi is unable to use electricity-based abilities unless she is in proximity with Anthony.
Flaw B: Lexi cannot speak or used ranged attacks while in flight.
Other: Lexi is Anthony's sister.

Name: Felicia K. Galloway
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Pokemon A: Thundurus
Pokemon B: Tornadus
Pokemon C: Landorus
Appearance before merge: Felicia had light blonde hair, brown eyes, and would wear relatively formal clothes.
Appearance after Merge: Felicia has the eyes of the Kami Trio. She has Thundurus' hair in a ponytail that starts with Landorus' hair. Her hair is all-white. Her skin is green, and sports violet armor on her chest and shoulders. She has Thundurus' tail, but the cord is replaced with Landorus' branchlike tail and the spikes replaced with Tornadus' whirled structures. The tail emerges from a foot-wide cloud. Her forearms are that of Thundurus' Therian Forme, and her legs are Thundurus', but in proportion with the rest of her, and her feet are of Therian Landorus. She has Landorus' stripes on her arms, legs, and back, and a beige gem in her navel. She has Landorus' Therian ears and Tornadus' Therian horns and wings.
Personality: Fecia is embarrassed by her new looks. Otherwise, she boasts an aristocratic air and gets flustered quite easily.
History: Felicia was the daughter of a wealthy businessman from Mistralton City. The day of her mother's funeral, she was kidnapped.
Flaw: Felicia cannot change into her human form ever. Incarnate Forme is as close as she gets.
Other flaw: She has the movepool of all three, but the power of only one.
Other, other flaw: She can't control the air or ground unless airborne.
Other: Felicia is the first Legendary Merge.

Name: Rhea (Kathrine Alphonse)
Age: (70)32
Gender: Female
Pokémon: Arceus
Appearance before merge: Kathrine was pale, with bright blue eyes and dry brown hair that reached her waistline.
Appearance after merge: Rhea has a helmet like Arceus' head, but with a visor or whatever over her face, obscuring it. Underneath is light gray skin, lined like Arceus', and a pair of eyes with green sclera. She has golden shoulder and hip-plating, as well as armor similar to Arceus. I'll elaborate later.
Personality: She is stoic, focusing on nothing but her current mission, at least, most of the time. The rest, she goes off into long tangents, and possesses an insatiable hunger.
History: Shh...
Flaw: Rhea’s voice may come from a different place, and her projectiles more than likely miss. Also, she is too shy to use her full power, and her unbalanced mind can cause any of her thoughts to happen.

Name: Michael, Zina, and Ben
Age: 30
Gender: Male, female, male
Which pokemon you are merged with: Magnezone
Appearance before merge: Michael was lanky, and had mild, relatively short blonde hair. His eyes were blue, and he could almost always be seen with headphones in his ears.
Zina had steel-gr(e/a)y, stiff hair and hazel eyes...Can't think of anything else.
Ben was the tallest of the three, though not by much. His eye color was hazel, like his sister, and had blonde hair, though significantly darker than Michael's. He was lean and athletic.
Appearance after merge: Each has a metal sphere for an upper torso, and a large screw comprises their waist. They have horseshoe magnet-wings. Their hip-structure is Magnezone's torso, 6 feet wide, where all three are connected. Their upper legs are screws, while their lower legs have been replaced with horseshoe magnets, meaning they cannot walk. Their upper arms are elongated magnets, while screws form the lower. They now have magnets for hands, while their thumbs are each a pair of screws. Their elbows and knees are metal spheres. Their skin is gr(e/a)y, and they have a pair of horseshoe magnets, oriented like those on a Magnemite, though each triplet has a different position for them. They have collars that can convert to helmets highly resemblant of Magnemite. Zina has a Magnezone's tail, and her helmet has it's red eye and antenna. She is also now a head taller than the other two.
Personality: Michael is a music lover, and can be hard to find not wearing headphones. He loves bossing his more athletic brother around, and is often a jerk.
Zina hates noise, and enjoys reading. She is easily annoyed, especially by her brothers.
Ben enjoys physical activity, and is somewhat hyper. He doesn't enjoy Michael's bullying, and is much kinder than his siblings.
History: The three grew up in Accumula Town. They bickered with each other... Nothing special. Got kidnapped, used as subjects for the Merge...
Flaw: Since the three are comprised of magnets... You get the picture. And they cannot separate for very long.

Name: Isabel Briarwood
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Appearance: Isabel has long, blonde hair and dark, near-black eyes.
Personality: Isabel is stern and serious, and acts as the leader of her pack. She is reserved and charismatic.
History: Isabel was raised in Verdanturf town with her sister, and was friends with Anthony, and three others, until the former two and the latter three were orphaned. At age 12, they were adopted. However, they weren't taken to a home, but a lab, where they became among the first Merges. Years went by, and they were forced to eat other Merges until she killed her sister, and ate her. Later, she was chosen as a subject for Multi-Merge. She is now married to Anthony, but is no longer a Merge.

Name: Amy, Brent, Courtney, Darren, Elsa, Frank, Gracie, Harris, Ina, Jacob, Katie, Lawrence, Melinda, Nolan, Olivia, Patrick, Quinn, Roland, Sheila, Travis, Unova (You know, like people named after states or towns), Vick, Winter, Xavier, York, Zaria, Leroy, Iota
Age: 9, 18, 16, 12, 14, 19, 17, 14, 14, 15, 10, 11, 18, 13, 12, 18, 15, 12, 16, 9, 10, 11, 11, 19, 14, 13, 12, 18
Gender: You can tell, right?
Pokemon: Unown
Appearance before merge: They all had dark hair and brown eyes.
Appearance after merge: Each of them look much like the Unown they're Merged with. They all wear waiter and waitress uniforms. Or butler and maids... Whichever is black.
Personality: They all are quite uncomfortable with their newfound link to each other. However, their personalities are mashed together, besides that of Gracie, who maintains her personality.
History: We're still trying to sort their memories out.
Flaw: They can all feel the pain inflicted to one of them.
Other: They all have a single memory and thought-base.

Name: Karli
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Which Pokémon you are merged with: Vanilluxe
Appearance before merge: Karli had short, blonde hair that she kept in a ponytail. Her eyes were green, and she was somewhat pale.
Appearance after merge: Karli is now composed of ice cream (gasp!). She has two torsos, both connected to each other at the shoulder. Her hair is wavier, and the part that was formerly her ponytail sticks straight up, bearing resemblance to the swirl-thing on top of a Vanilluxe's heads. A straw pokes out from her left head. Her crotches are made out of an icy, waffle-like substance, (also edible) and each torso has one leg. In between, and uniting, the two crotches, is a cone. (Edible) Crystalline pieces cover her breasts.
Personality: Karli is shy and reclusive. She is known for complaining, and this ice cream thing is possibly the thing she complains about the most.
History: Nothing special, grew up in Castelia City, enjoyed Casteliacones thoroughly.
Flaw: She's made of ice cream. You tell me what's wrong with that.
Other: OM NOM NOM.

Name: Milena
Age: 33, appears 21
Gender: Female
Pokémon A: Kyogre (Shiny)
Pokémon B: Groudon (Shiny)
Pokemon C: Rayquaza (Shiny)
Appearance before merge: Milena had long, (And I mean long) dark hair and hazel eyes.
Appearance after merge: Groudon: Milena is now 13 feet, 8.25 inches tall. Her eyes are now the color of Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza's, including the black sclera(s?). Her hair is now swamp-green, and two of Groudon's head spike-fins jut out from it, along with two of Kyogre's head-fins, and all four of Rayquaza's head-fins. She has Kyogre, Rayquaza, and Groudon's markings, includng two horizontal lines that head up the sides of her neck and split, one horizontally under her eyes, then branching out into two more, with one going downwards, the other diagonally, the other line meeting her eyes. Groudon's side plates on it's head cover where her ears used to be, as do a pair of spikes. Her upper arms have Groudon's upper-arm markings, while the lower has Kyogre's fin markings. Her hands are Groudon's. Her torso has four of Kyogre's fin markings, two upside-down on her chest, another on her belly, and a larger one on her back. Her feet have Groudon's claws, and she has a tail, mostly Rayquaza's, but the less-bulky portions (That is, to say, the parts without Rayquaza's X-fins) have Kyogre's underbelly and Groudon's back-plating, ending with Rayquaza's tail-tip, Kyogre's rearfins, and the blades at the end of Groudon's tail. All of the markings are indented, appearing slightly inorganic in nature, and are all connected. She has access to what parts of her are what, though the pattern-changing.
Groudon- dominant form simply gives her Groudon's hands and tail.
Kyogre-dominant sees her hands become Kyogre's fins, and her legs and tail have fused into a mostly-Kyogre mermaid-esque tail.
Rayquaza-dominant makes her legs become a second set of arms, and her tail fully Rayquaza's. All four arms have Rayquaza's hands. Eventually, odd, black markings grow out of the indentations on her body.
Personality: She is fierce and aggressive, but largely compassionate. She may be a little reclusive at first, but as a conversation rolls on, she will talk more often. She tends to be embarrassed about the markings on her body, and to a lesser extent, her eyes. She prefers to work in small groups, with aerial partners that can carry her.
She is a bit shy when it comes to a fight, but she heavily enjoys it once she's entered the heat of battle.
History: Milena grew up in Sootopolis City. After witnessing a fight between Kyogre and Groudon, which was stopped by Rayquaza, she developed a fascination in them. She was outgoing and popular, but wasn't a trend-follower, nor a trendsetter. She dove into the water to get to Mossdeep one day, and no one in the city has heard from her since. This was secretly because her father was a Hunter for the Project, and was moving accordingly. Sandy eventually asked if she wanted to become a Merge.
She agreed, becoming a dual Kyogre-Groudon Merge. After betraying the Project, she partnered up with Chiara, and the two searched for remnants of the Project to snuff out. After 15 years, Isabel decided that she didn't want to be a Merge any longer, and donated her Rayquaza DNA to Milena.
Flaw A: She only has access to the movepool of the Pokemon that corresponds to the color of the lines on her body, which are normally black, and can only use moves all three share. By lighting them up, though she can't choose which color they glow in, she changes to that corresponding dominant form.
Flaw B: After too much sunlight or rain (about an hour), she will pass out. This isn't present with Rayquaza's pattern-glow.
Flaw C: She cannot walk in Kyogre or Rayquaza-dominant forms.
Other: Milena and Chiara are partners.

Name: Chiara
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Pokemon A: Drifblim
Pokemon B: Jigglypuff
Appearance before merge: Chiara had brunette hair and brown eyes. She was 6 foot, 2 inches tall.
Appearance after merge: Chiara's dress has fused to her, and is now evocative of Drifblim, right down to the X, which is positioned on her upper chest. However, the dress is only fused at the neckline, and is highly elastic and inflatable. Her sclera are red, with blue irises, and no pupils. Underneath her eyes are small, white ridges. Every other hair on her head is white. She has a Drifblim's limbs at her waist, and can manipulate them like her human limbs. Her skin is very slightly pink, and she has a Jigglypuff's ears.
Personality: Chiara is a bit of a stuck-up, rich girl, though not to the same degree as Felicia. She hates menial labor, and is always trying to find a way to cover her current clothing up. However, she is willing to help if more than two people ask for her to.
History: Chiara was the daughter of wealthy fisherman and fashion designer from Italy. The family was vacationing in Almia when she was kidnapped.
Flaw A: If injured, she is unable to fly.
Flaw B: When surprised, her dress will inflate for a bit, rendering her arms and legs useless.
Other: Chiara is Italian. Milena and Chiara are partners.

Name: A-II
Age: 32
Gender: Can switch between male and female
Pokémon: Metagross
Appearance before merge: Unknown.
Appearance after merge: A Shiny version of Alex from the original THP.
Personality: A-II is sadistic and ruthless, as well as a bit sarcastic. It only feels happiness and hatred.
History: The subject that became A-II no longer exists, and as such, it is impossible to know what their life was like.
Flaw: A-II 'feeds' on anger, and is powerless without the ones around it being enraged.

Name: Clair Sunder (C-II)
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Which pokemon you are merged with: Umbreon
Appearance before Merge:
Appearance after Merge: A Shiny version of the below image, as an adult.
Personality: Clair can be loud and expressive, and doesn’t always takes in someone else's feelings before she acts. When she makes a mistake, she’ll repeatedly apologize until you say something. She can be very obedient if she fully trusts you, and knows that you make educated decisions. Clair likes to joke around, and always says not to take everything she says seriously.
History: Clair grew up in the Castelia City, where both of her parents worked on the piers. Clair would take her time walking through the city looking at all the lights and buildings. When she could, she would go on Skyarrow Bridge and look at the ocean. Skyarrow Bridge was where she disappeared.

Name: Sylvia Desmond
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Pokémon: Mesprit (Shiny)
Appearance before merge: Sylvia wore glasses and had long, straight hair, colored like rusted metal. Her eyes were a beautiful blue, and her facial features were described as attractive. Her body was sexy curvaceous, and she stood 6 foot, 3 inches tall.
Appearance after merge: Sylvia no longer needs glasses, and her irises are yellow, with slit pupils. Her hair now reaches to her waist, with Mesprit's head appendages. A pink area, as on Mesprit, covers some of her face. Her skin has a bit of gold to it, but not much. She has Mesprit's tails, each 8 feet long.
Personality: Sylvia has little to no emotion, only acting upon logic.
History: Sylvia was Kathrine's older half sister. When her semi-sibling vanished, Sylvia left to find her, and has been looking for a year.
Flaw: Sylvia has no power when she feels emotion.

Name: Dacia Sharp
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Pokémon A: Crobat
Pokémon B: Mismagius
Pokémon C: Mew
Appearance before merge: Dacia had dark, reddish hair and green eyes. She was thin and lean, with a pale complexion.
Appearance after merge: It is unknown what she looked like immediately after the Merge, as she has shapeshifted into a much more human form. In fact, this form looks perfectly human, save for the slitted eyes and fangs.
Her form used when her above form isn't enough possesses four large bat wings, Mew's ears, while her human ears disappear, a tinge of orchid in her hair, and glowing, red eyes, still slitted. Her fangs are sharper.
Finally, when neither form is capable enough, she shows her default form; The wings are larger, and she has Mew's tail. She has a Mismagius' 'hat' and 'cloak', though they are removable, while still being considered bio-matter and part of her body. Her sclera are black.
Personality: Dacia is dark, feral, and mischievous. She loves to drain the blood of defeated foes.
History: Unknown.
Really, history should be optional.
Flaw A: Anything Dacia eats or drinks will not add to any positive nutritional value, excepting blood, which her digestive system can now tolerate.
Flaw B: In her middle and default forms, Dacia will be paralyzed by water.
Flaw C: In her default, 'true', form, sunlight will afflict her with a Burn. It can eventually kill her.
Other: Dacia is now a kind of Romanian vampire called a strigoi. However, she must go through a long incantation in order to turn someone else into a strigoi, provided they aren't already a Merge. She's also Nel.

Name: Azalea
Age: 33 (Appears 17 due to cryogenics)
Gender: Female
Which Pokémon you are merged with: Zapdos
Appearance before merge: Azalea had brunette hair that she wore in a ponytail, and her dark, brown eyes hid many secrets and a hidden acuity...
Appearance after merge:
It's rough, yes... She has a Zapdos' feet, and still has a ponytail.
Personality: Azalea loves nature. She will go to great lengths to protect it, which is why she joined S-I. She is caring and nurturing, but can be very aggressive, though this is merely out of her devotion to wildlife.
History: Azalea was a Pokemon Ranger in Almia... Blah, blah, blah.
Flaw: Once Azalea starts flying, she can't stop until she crashes.

Name: Electra
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Pokémon A: Raichu (Shiny)
Pokémon B: Minun (Shiny)
Pokémon C: Arceus (Shiny)
Appearance before merge: Electra had bright, bright, bright blue eyes and equally bright, blonde hair, which she wore in a ponytail almost exclusively.
Appearance after merge: Electra has a Raichu's tail and ears, but both are tipped with blue. She has it's cheek-things, though with Minun's minus sign markings, glowing bright green. She has a bit of fur here and there, colored yellow. Her skin, which is gray, is striped with orange. She has long, sharp claws at the tips of her fingers. Her eyes are of Arceus, and she has a bit of it's 'helmet', as well as it's ring on her back.
Personality: Electra will stick with whichever person she perceives to be the most powerful. She's a bit of a coward, a vain egotist to boot.
History: Electra was born under the name Beth, but after showing that she despised her mother and was madly in love with her father, she was dubbed Electra. Not much else.
Flaw A: Electra has a habit of shocking herself.
Flaw B: She does not come equipped with Plates.
Flaw C: She can only use the non-Normal and non-Electric moves of her current Arceus type.

Name: Ava
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Pokémon A: Mandibuzz
Pokémon B: Rhyperior
Appearance before merge: Ava had dark, bluish hair and even darker eyes.
Appearance after merge: Ava has the 'makeup' of a Mandibuzz, and the red eyes as well. She has the 'bonytail' of one, and Rhyperior's horns. She has a Mandibuzz's skirt and wings, and a Rhyperior's tail and chest armor, as well as lower arms. She has a Mandibuzz' legs at her scale.
Personality: Ava is quite sadistic. She likes inflicting pain on others, or at least she keeps telling herself that. In reality, it is both indulgence and injury whenever she hurts someone. She is snarky... Blah, blah, blah.
Flaw A: She has trouble getting off the ground.
Flaw B: Her feathers will sometimes clog the holes in her palms. Don't ask how.

Name: Lily (Not Lilith. We swear.)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Pokémon A: Snorlax
Pokémon B: Lickilicky
Pokémon C: Blissey
Appearance before merge: Lily had long, blonde-brunette hair, and her eyes were of an indeterminable color.
Appearance after merge: Lily is spherical, as a Lickilicky and Snorlax, without limbs other than her clawed hands and feet. Her skin is slightly pink-tinted, and she has Lickilicky's markings. Her tongue is very long, though she manages to keep it behind her razor-sharp teeth. She has the feathery flares on Blissey's shoulders, and her lower third is similarly feathery with waist-feathers and a pouch with an egg in it. She has Snorlax's ears.
Personality: Lily isn't one for fighting. She loves to cook, but will eat whatever she makes. She has a hunger that rivals Kathrine's. Kind and caring, unless someone's in her spot, Lily is one of the few examples of Merges that are useful outside of combat.
History: (Not required)
Flaw A: Lily will eat whatever edible object she sees, making her easily distracted.
Flaw B: Pull her tongue. It will hurt.
Flaw C: She can't maneuver well, being round. She can regain human proportion, though will be unable to do so while sleeping or in battle.

Name: Priscilla 'Scylla'
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Which Pokémon you are merged with: Female Frillish
Appearance before merge: She's never going to go back, so it doesn't matter.
Appearance after merge: Scylla has pink skin and lighter, pink hair. She has a Frillish's eye colors and long eyelashes, as well as the 'crown' of one. A Frillish's collar around her neck, and one's tentacle borders around her arms. Her legs are gone, replaced by a Frillish' fins.
Personality: Scylla is a bit of an airhead, more precisely, a waterhead. While not the most knowledgeable, she is quite a strategist, though prefers to think of herself as a hunter. She enjoys toying with others, so that she can suck the life out of them. Doesn't happen often, though. She is obsessed with her appearance.
Flaw: Too much water makes her pop.

Name: Isa, Indira
Age: 18, 0
Gender: Male, Female
Which Pokémon you are merged with: Nincada (Later Ninjask, Shedinja)
Appearance before merge: Irrelevant.
Appearance after merge: As Nincada: Isa has Nincada's eyes, claws, 'wings', and abdomen. His hair is gray.
Isa: He has Ninjask's eyes and 'mask', though only the gold parts. He has it's wings, abdomen, and claws. He wears a black leather jacket and navy pants.
Indira: She has Shedinja's wings and halo, and her eye sockets are empty. She has gold hair and a gray body. Her face doesn't move or change. She has a hole in her back, and is hollow. She has Shedinja's abdomen, and will cross her arms whenever not using them. She has a 'skirt' resembling Shedinja's wings, but no legs, instead floating.
Personality: Nincada: Isa is devoted and smart... Blah, blah, blah.
Isa: Isa no longer has a conscience, and is therefore a bit of a bad boy. Only Indira keeps him in check, and only because he likes her.
Indira is stoic, not displaying much in the way of emotion. However, she has a very warm heart (Not literally, she has no heart at all) and acts motherly towards Isa, despite him creating her. She will remind him to stay on the 'right path'.
Flaw: Nincada: Isa can't see well.
Isa: He is prone to getting headaches from loud noise.
Indira: She cannot go more than 18 feet away from Isa.

Name: LtH (Lost to history)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Pokemon A: Shiny Cofagrigus
Pokemon B: Darmanitan
Appearance after merge: Standard: LtH is composed of darkness in a feminine figure. She has Cofagrigus' eyes and grin, and Darmanitan's flaming brows, albeit on top of her head. Two extra sets of arms emerge from her back.
Zen Mode: She is now encased in armor resembling a Shiny Cofagrigus' 'coffin'. This armor prevents her from physically moving, so she instead floats in the air. Her arms are crossed, and legs pushed together.
Personality: She behaves much like a Cofagrigus, sneaking up on others before eating their souls and turning them into undead soldiers. Doesn't happen too often, though. She acts like she's a queen, blah, blah, blah.
History: LtH was the daughter of a king from ancient times. When she died, she became a Yamask, and later Cofagrigus. Millennia later, she was used as a subject and partially returned to humanity.
Flaw A: She can't resist gold.
Flaw B: Can't move in Zen Mode.

Name: Cindy
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Pokemon A: Munna
Pokemon B: Scolipede
Pokemon C: Miltank
Appearance before merge: Cindy was a tall, very attractive woman. Her hair was blood red, and her eyes set apart by being a bright cyan.
Appearance after merge: Cindy has a Scolipede's tail, with Munna's floral patterns, about 25 feet long. Her breasts are larger, and her hips wider. Her sclera are yellow, and both her pupils and corneas are slitted. She has Scolipede's antennae, and her hair is striped in it's colors. She has a few extra, stubby limbs, and two more sets of fully-grown limbs under her tail. She has a Miltank's nipples down her belly and ending at the end of her tail.
Personality: She is quite 'playful', as she puts it, though this play usually involves toying with men and then injecting deadly milk into them, or even eating their thoughts, then their souls. Cunning and viscous, she is. She is concerned with her appearance.
History: Well, let's just say she asked to become a Merge.
Flaw A: It can be fatal if her milk or soul-thought snacks build up.
Flaw B: She can't get around well above-ground.
Flaw C: She is pretty long, and will get longer upon evolving. Easy target.

Name: Sandra Briarwood, Infinity
Age: 15, 20 as a Merge
Gender: Female
Pokemon A: Dialga
Pokemon B: Zekrom
Pokemon C: Palkia
Pokemon D: Reshiram
Pokemon E: Giratina
Pokemon F: Kyurem (All Shiny)
Appearance before merge: Sandra has dark blonde hair. Despite both of her parents being Merges, Sandra only has the Rayquaza eyes of her mother. Other than that, she is almost completely average in appearance.
Appearance after merge: She stands 46 feet and 9 inches tall, and weighs 4013 pounds. She is much bustier, in order to balance her tail. Her skin is greenish-turquoise, with silver, green, violet and beige scales spread across her body. She has Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina's facial lines, magenta in color, and their eye color, black sclera included. Her hair is bright white, lined with green, silver, magenta, gray, and blue. She has Kyurem's upper 'mask' as a head crest, perpendicular with Palkia's fin. She has Zekrom's crest and Dialga's crests as well, and Giratina's Origin head-plating on the sides of her heads, vertical. She has the markings of the Creation Trio, including Origin Giratina's stripes, and more glowing patterns flash in and out. She has four large wings, the top two mainly Zekrom's, with Palkia's blades, and the bottom un-iced, symmetrical versions of Kyurem's wings, with Giratina's streamers in place of the spikes. She has clawed hands, with Dialga's claws above her fingers. The same is true for her feet. She has a tail that combines Black Kyurem and White Kyurem's tails, with the rear tuft replaced by BK's bent generator, and it's tubes connect to small notches in her streamers, and Dialga's fin surrounds the base. She wears a necklace with shards of a Light Stone, Dark Stone, God Stone (The unobtainable, gray Light/Dark Stone), Adamant Orb, Lustrous Orb, and Griseous Orb.
Personality: Infinity is ruthless, arrogant, and cold, but rather unsure, childish and confused.
History: Sandra is the firstborn of Anthony and Isabel. When Anthony left continually, she began to spite him for it.
After leaving her parents, Sandra met up with S-I. S-I made her a Merge, and treated her like a mother. But soon, Sandra, now known as S-II amongst her fellow Merges on S-I's roster, decided that she was better-suited to lead. Later abandoning her ambitions, Infinity returned to her parents. Later, after her sisters showed up as Merges and died...
Flaw A: Can't turn human.
Flaw B: She has annoying voices in her head.
Flaw C: She has a very high metabolism.
Flaw D: Easy target, being that large.
Flaw E: (Suggestions for these two?)
Flaw F:
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Name: Ozias Wheatley
Age: 334
Gender: Male
Pokémon: (Shiny) Gallade
Appearance Before Merge:
Ozias had white hair and florescent green eyes, often wearing clothing to match these colors. He appears 26 years old. He doesn't like using this forme, however.
Appearance After Merge:
Ozias looks strikingly like a regular shiny Gallade, but with several differences. His whole face the same, and he wears Gallade's fin as a 'helmet'. The spikes protruding from his head are actually his hair, and he has hands. The spikes on his chest have shrunk and become very blunt. Again, he appears 26.
Ozias generally displays a light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty and cheeky demeanor, but repeatedly demonstrates a vengeful and unforgiving streak as well. His strong personal sense of justice makes him quick to anger when he feels it is violated. He also has a tendency to babble, mixing apparent nonsense with vital information, sometimes acting erratically to put his listeners off-guard. He is prone to making comments that to outsiders seem obtuse or rude, sometimes to his own embarrassment. Ozias is very extroverted and gregarious. He shows a fondness for human popular culture to the point of unconsciously quoting it on occasion.
Ozias woke up with amnesia from his Merge at 15. After working with his friends to put a stop to the original Half Project, he went time-traveling with Celebi. It was around this time that he discovered that he was ageless. He traveled around time for 304 years, eventually returning to the present and defeating the Project with his friends again. It was at this point that he decided to stay in the present for a while.
Flaw: Ozias cannot use his telepathy in battle.

Name: Sophia Wheatley
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Pokémon: Glaceon
Appearance Before Merge:
Sophia shared her brother's eyes, but had a dull brown shade of hair.
Appearance After Merge:
In the place of Sophia's hair, she has Glaceon's crest, along with the tail of one. Her eyes have shifted color to a dark blue, and her feet are paws. She also has nigh-invisible blue fur.
Sophia is notably different from her twin brother, and she is rather calm, if not mischievous occasionally. Due to her more logical and sensible manner, she is often the one who has to reign Ozias in. Over the years, she began to respect what Ozias does more and more, to the point that she views him as a sort of intertemporal guardian. However, she will not hesitate to do anything she can to get him to listen to reason when his thoughts go out of control.
She intends to keep the first 14 years of her life a secret. Sophia spent three years of her life time traveling with Ozias, and the other 12 in the present.
Flaw: She cannot use Ice attacks and takes damage constantly in temperatures above 80 degrees centigrade.


Apr 6, 2012
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Do as you wish. 'Tis not my concern.


Apr 6, 2012
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Riiiiiight. How'd I get into this spot, anyways?


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No need to mention I found it already. I'll get my SUs up assuming my computer doesn't disconnect again


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Name: Cloe
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Pokemon A: Roselia
Pokemon B: Heracross
Appearance before merge: Cloe had brown hair, dark brown eyes, and olive skin.
Appearance after merge: Her hair is green and her skin is discolored - her skin is pale from her head to neck, but is steadily becomes a dark shade of blue from the neck downwards to the feet. Her eyes are black and she has antennas sticking on her forehead like a Heracross. She has wings like a Heracross' and flowers for hands like a Roselia. Her right arm is like that of Heracross' except for the hand.
Personality: Cloe is composed and quiet, but also enjoys the company of others.
Flaw A: Cloe has a hard time grasping things with her flower hands, so she tends to break things accidentally.
Flaw B: She only has the bug part of Heracross in her and cannot use fighting type moves.
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Doing what I usually do to a new SU before it's evaluated...

I can't find anything to suggest changing. Nice work!

Here's the gang:
Name: Lewis Matthews
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Pokémon A: Rampardos
Pokémon B: Carracosta
Appearance before merge: Lewis has a rather bulky build to him, and is taller than most. He generally wears shorts and t-shirts, and always wears the same pair of battered sandals.
Appearance after merge: Lewis has gained Rampardos's cap and spikes on his head, alnog with the eyes. His arms and legs are that of a Carracosta, and wears its mask.
Personality: Lewis is essentially the wreaking ball of the group. He enjoys venting his build-ups of anger on physical objects, particularly those which it would be constructive to destroy at that point. However, he finds it hard to learn for himself and will often need things explaining to him. Lewis is often noted for his adventurousness.
History: Lewis is an inhabitant of Almia from the year 2116. He met Ozias and Celebi, together managing to put out an enormous fire. Ozias then requested Lewis to travel with him, but Lewis turned the request down. Ozias has visited him occasionally ever since.
Flaw A: Lewis has a constant build-up of anger and a very short fuse. Don't blame him if he charges you for no reason.
Flaw B: He cannot swim and dislikes drinking water, even when thirsty.

Name: Sol Thomson
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Zweilous
Appearance before merge: Sol was remarkably short for his age, which is odd considering was almost two feet tall at birth. He had matted black hair and brown eyes.
Appearance after merge: Sol has black fur all over his body, his skin fading to blue. He has two heads, and his eyes are cover by his hair. He also seems to have a horn on each head under his hair.
Personality: Sol is very loud and extroverted, but has an admirably long temper. Unless of course he's arguing with his other head. Which he does a lot.
History: Sol is from the year 2343, and is a traveler. He generally kept his travels to the wilderness due to his Merged state being frowned upon in that time. He and Ozias saved Fallabor Town from a volcanic eruption and Ozias has been visiting him ever since.
Flaw: His heads will continously argue about which course of action to take, delaying his attacks by an entire extra turn.

Name: Leah Dean
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Pokémon: Shelgon
Appearance after merge: Her true appearance is unknown, she constantly hides in a shell resembling a white suit of armor.
Personality: Leah is very shy and embarassed about the Merge. She is easily moved to tears.
History: Leah is one of the first Merge subjects, and has the inability to appear human, similar to Shawn. Ozias assisted her in her escape and has been visiting her occasionally ever since.
Flaw: The weight of her shell seriously restricts her mobility.

Name: Emily Morris
Age: 25
Appearance: Emily has distinctive red hair, and her brown eyes look somewhat odd because of this. She usually wears a color scheme of blue, black, purple and beige, and is rather fond of sweaters.
Personality: Emily is strong-willed and protective, but will turn on and shun anyone she dislikes, she thinks doesn't know what they're doing or won't listen to her friends.
Leavanny/Female/Leaf Blade, False Swipe, X-Scissor, Leaf Storm/Overcoat
Froslass/Female/Blizzard, Ominous Wind, Wake-Up Slap, Hail/Cursed Body
Houndoom/Male/Inferno, Crunch, Foul Play, Thunder Fang/Early Bird
Kabutops/Male/Feint, Mega Drain, AncientPower, Aqua Jet/Battle Armor
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Just before I post this sign-up (well, these sign-ups), is it cool if I have characters who weren't in THP, but were still turned into merges by someone else (the father of one of the PCs, who is a geneticist)?

Yeah, I'm gonna see if I can keep up with this this time.


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Well, you see, someone else is already making new Merges. Not going to say who, but...


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Do you want me to have my two be 'recruits' of them then?


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Because.... he was shit. If you ask me, one of the worst characters I've written (which was the silver lining about running out of steam quickly). I might have him in for continuity's sake, I mean a few of you have more than 3, but juggling more than 2 characters can get a bit odd for me.
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