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Three new Poké Lids installed in Japan's Shiga Prefecture for Ninja Day holiday

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To commemorate the Japanese holiday of "Ninja Day", which is held on February 22, three new Poké Lids were installed this week in Shiga Prefecture. Poké Lids are manhole covers that are installed in different locations across Japan, where "manhole-spotting" is a hobby held by some. These Poké Lids were originally designed covers help drive tourism, both local and foreign, to these areas, and also act as PokéStops for the Pokémon GO mobile game. Currently there are 235 Poké Lids in over 23 Japanese prefectures. Miyagi Prefecture has the most, with 34.

The Poké Lid cover at Shiga-ken, Kouga-shi, Kounan-cho, Ryuuboushi 600 (滋賀県甲賀市甲南町竜法師600) features art of Greninja using Water Shuriken.

At Shiga-ken, Kouga-shi, Minakuchi-cho, Kitanaiki 230 (滋賀県甲賀市水口町北内貴230), the Poké Lid cover features art of two Greninja readying for battle.

Finally, at Shiga-ken, Kouga-shi, Kouka-cho, Oukubo 507-2 (滋賀県甲賀市甲賀町大久保507番地2), the Poké Lid cover features both Greninja and Frogadier.

For more information about Poké Lids, please visit the official site.


Bulbanews Writer
I really like the art style of these lids! Good stuff. Reminds me of old keychains/rubber disks I had as a kid.

(Also congrats on your first article!)
woohoo, Tako's first article!!! somebody break out the confetti!

Dang, I wish we had these where I live. They're so bright and colorful!
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