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EVERYONE: Through Sickness and Health || Sickfic Oneshot


Hi I'm Daisy!
Jun 5, 2022
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Here we are again. It's been... checks calendar about a month or two since I've done one of these, so I may be a little rusty coming back into things. This time, I wanted to try my hand at another favorite ship of mine, gothgfshipping I believe is the canon term, otherwise known as Gloria x Marnie. Well, without further ado, here it is. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave comments and the like! (I believe I took care of all the last minute edits but feel free to point some out too if you catch any I didn't~)

"You’re sick" are two words Marnie isn’t particularly fond of hearing, but she had to face the facts; she was definitely more than unwell.

She buried her face into her pillows with a groan of discomfort mingled with slight distress as she laid there in bed helplessly. It didn’t help that not only was Piers gone for the day, but he left his phone at their house, leaving her alone to silently suffer; She thought she could handle it at first, but her sickness was worse than she anticipated.

She rolled onto her side, her bloodshot eyes weakly glancing around her room; somehow, the area had fallen into disarray even though she had hardly left the solace of her bed.

Tissues littered the floor like a minefield, surrounding a knocked over trash can filled with the crumpled up and used material, blankets were strewn across the bed and the floor, barely helping her as it is, and a book was squished under her pillows from accidentally falling asleep on it after she tried and failed to read it. She moved back to burying her face in her pillow, not wanting to see the mess she created anymore. She hated being sick and she hated being helpless.

Marnie was often known for her confidence and dependability. If someone was unwell or hurting, she was the one to help. But she didn’t know what to do when she was in their shoes; the feeling was disorienting, and she just wanted it to go away.

Sickness unlocked a more vulnerable side to Marnie, one feeling she wasn’t exactly tolerable with. She coughed weakly, the rattling sound echoing across her darkened bedroom as her chest heaved with pain from the force. She tried to push herself up a little, just to sit on the end of the bed, but even something as simple as that felt like an impossible task.

She squeezed her eyes shut, as if that would make the pain go away any faster. Her body was numb and aching, as all she could really do was lie there until she felt better, her head pounded like the rhythmic strike of a drum was beating against her skull, mucus clogged her airways, barely rendering it possible for her to breathe, and every swallow felt like claws tearing against the lining of her throat; needless to say, it was pure agony.

Shifting onto her back, she stared at the ceiling, her vision blurry and seemingly doubled. She narrowed her eyes to try and focus on it, but the result was futile. As she laid there to try and think of a plan going forward, the vibrating hum of her phone filled the air as she got a new message.

She fumbled for it with one hand, trying to pull it off her bedside table. Once in her hands, she turned it on and noticed a missed call from Gloria… Gloria! Marnie quickly dialed the number again and silently bit her lip, hoping she would pick up.


“H-Hey, Gloria. How’s it going?”

Although Marnie tried her best to sound calm and level-headed, her voice came out shaky and frail.

“Marnie? What’s wrong? Are you ok?”

Gloria’s voice was beginning to fill with worry as she heard the sound of her girlfriend’s voice.

“I… I don’t know. I just feel terrible.”

“Ok, ok, stay right where you are, I'm coming to help as soon as I can. Just try to hang in there.”

Marnie sighed in defeat; she knew she had to put aside her pride, just this once, for Gloria, and for herself.

“A-Alright. See you then.”

She hung up the call and set her phone down on her bedside table again. Her eyes fluttered closed briefly, catching a few moments of actual rest before Gloria showed up.


The screeching caw of Corviknight jolted Marnie awake slightly. She rolled herself out of bed and gently shuffled to her window, blocked out by her darkened curtains. She pulled them back and squinted her eyes a little to adjust to the sudden brightness.

Her hazy vision managed to focus on a Flying Taxi right outside of the entrance to Spikemuth, someone stepping out of it before it flew off into the distance; it looked like Gloria had arrived. She noticed Marnie staring down at her from her bedroom and she waved up.

“Let yourself in, it should be unlocked!” Marnie called down to her, trying not to erupt into a fit of coughing after the strain on her throat from yelling.

She closed the curtain and flopped back onto her bed again as Gloria entered the room, gently peeking her head through the door frame. She examined the state of her room as she made her way over to her partner, carefully stepping over small messes and tissues. Marnie turned her head to stare at Gloria as she sat down on her bedside.

Once they locked eyes, Gloria took a minute to actually see how her partner looked. Her already pale complexion was practically a ghostly white, her sagging eyes and slightly reddened nose only accentuated by the fact.

“Rough morning?” she joked lightly.

“This is bloody hell.” Marnie muttered with a congested tone.


Gloria pulled Marnie closer to her, bringing her up to her level. Marnie leaned into the gentle touch of Gloria’s embrace, pulling her to her chest like a doll.

“I need you.” Marnie whispered shakily, not wanting to let her girlfriend go. Gloria moved a hand up to Marnie’s pale forehead, reeling back slightly in surprise from how hot it was.

“Mar, you’re burning up…”

Marnie chuckled a little, tipped with slight unease.

“H-How’s that work? I’m f-freezin’...”

She was right; as she had her arms wrapped around Gloria, she could feel the slight chill against her own arms. Marnie’s head slumped a little, resting against Gloria’s shoulder. She ran a hand through Marnie’s disheveled hair in silence, not really knowing how to respond; she knew couldn’t keep showering her with the same “it’s going to be ok” forever. The best she could do was to show she cared.

“Do you need anything? Water, tissues?” she asked her partner.

Marnie stirred, sniffling a little.

“Some tissues, please.”

She coughed as much as she spoke, feeling the pains in her throat intensify with each breath. Gloria’s eyes flashed with concern as she watched helplessly as Marnie sit there, nothing more than a husk of her usual self.

Her hands moved over to a box of tissues on the nearby dresser, surrounded by more used tissues, probably a result of Marnie half-hazardly throwing them somewhere in the vicinity of the trash can. She gently brushed the debris into the trash and grabbed the box, bringing it toward herself.

“Do you think you can sit up a little for me?” she asked her, pulling out a tissue.

Marnie nodded, not bothering to speak, sitting up straight, or as straight as she could manage, still slightly slouched. Her reddened eyes were glazed over as she stared into nothingness, her eyelids gently fluttering as she tried to keep them open. She moved the tissue over to her face, gently putting it over her nose.

“Alright, try and blow,” she instructed.

She obeyed and blew into the tissue as hard as she could, trying to expel as much mucus as possible in one single attempt. Once she was done, she breathed a little heavier, the action taking a lot more energy than she had anticipated. Her head slumped a little, resting against Gloria’s shoulder again with a shaky groan.

“Good job, Mar.” she praised, patting her on the head gently. “Where do you keep your cloths and stuff like that?” she asked, trying to steady Marnie again; a cool compress should help her out somewhat

“...Bathroom.” she mumbled half-hazardly, as if she was slightly distracted.

Gloria got up to find the room, but she felt Marnie tug against her.

“Wait, stay here, please.”

Gloria could sense the desperation in her voice as she attempted to drag her back, and she hesitated for a minute. She took a seat next to her again, instead taking a Poke Ball from her left pocket. She opened it and her Rillaboom was released. He eyed Marnie, confused, imitating her blank stare somewhat.

“Marnie’s sick, Rilla. She needs help. Try and find a cloth and run some water over it, ok?”

She figured this would be a long shot; Rilla was smart, but he might get lost or break something with his bigger stature or… She shook the thoughts off, the doubts slowly beginning to overcome her mind.

It would be fine, it would be fine.

She needed to stay calm; her worry for Marnie’s condition was only fueling her anxiety.

Rilla nodded at her command, and left the room in search of the bathroom. He eventually found it and he took a look around, his eyes darting from place to place within the room, before coming across a pile of white cloths, slightly caked with light dirt as if they hadn’t been washed in a while.

He picked one up and ran it under the sink carefully, trying not to break anything as he did so. He turned off the tap and wrung it out slightly, leaving it only dampened. He made his way back and handed the cloth to Gloria.

Gloria smiled appreciatively, silently overjoyed Rilla had managed to take care of the task without issue. She carefully helped Marnie lie back down, placing the cool compress over her head.

“There we go. Just try to relax, alright?” she coaxed, gently resting a hand on Marnie’s chest.

Her breathing was still a bit ragged, but it was getting a little better. She got up from her spot
and went to the bathroom herself, leaving Rilla temporarily in charge of her partner. The gorilla walked up next to Marnie and curiously watched her lay there, almost unmoving. Her face was slightly pained as her eyes stayed shut, and it looked like she was shivering. He had never seen someone look like this, not even Gloria; it was a curious sight for the Pokemon. He took a seat on the floor and waited patiently for Gloria’s return.

After a few minutes, Gloria came back with a mug of tea, a single pill of ibuprofen, and a slightly cracked thermometer. She placed down the mug carefully and shook Marnie awake. She opened her eyes slowly and looked around the room for a moment in confusion, before settling on Gloria’s face.

“Huh? Wh-What’s goin’ on?” she asked weakly, a small cough escaping her mouth.

Gloria came to her aid, lifting her to a sitting position carefully.

“Sorry for waking you up again, but I’ve got some tea to calm your throat, and some ibuprofen.”

She took the thermometer first and gently inserted it into Marnie’s mouth, waiting a moment for it to check her temperature. She took it out again and read the label.

“104 degrees…”

Had it gone up? Down? She didn’t know, but Marnie was clearly still very ill. She instructed Marnie to open her mouth, placing the pill in her mouth and slowly helping her sip a bit of tea to wash it down. She put the mug down again and focused on Marnie again.

She was doing all she could for what was provided, but the thought of her needing actual medical attention was beginning to form in the back of her mind; maybe she was worse than Gloria was seeing on the surface, only getting worse the more she questioned it. On the other hand, these types of things take time, and she was rushing what could be a minor situation out of worry and slight desperation for her partner’s well-being.

Her hand hesitantly reached for her phone as the decision bounced back and forth within her head. She should call, just in case. With a weary breath, she dialed the number for the nearby clinic in Hammerlocke.

“Good morning, Hammerlocke Clinic. This is Nurse Aurelia speaking.”

“M-Morning." Gloria responded, struggling to maintain a calmer tone of voice. "I have a situation. My partner is sick, and I think she might need real medical attention and—”

“Ok, ok, just calm down for a minute, ma’am. Let’s take a deep breath, and explain the situation, alright? Can I get you and your partner’s name?”

Gloria took a small intake of air, and let it out again, her slight embarrassment lingering from the way she just acted.

“My name is Gloria, and my girlfriend's name is Marnie.”

“Gloria? Like the Galar Champion?”

“Yes, yes, but that’s not important right now.”

“Right, right. I need to ask a few questions before I can give somewhat of a diagnosis. First off, what are her general symptoms?”

“She’s shivering, has pale skin, and is sneezing and coughing a lot. Oh, and she was saying her throat was feeling scratchy too.”

“Ok… do you have her temperature yet?”

“Yeah, she was 104 degrees. I-Is that bad?”

“Well, it is abnormally high… have you given her any painkillers? Ibuprofen or something like that?”

“Yes, I gave her a pill with some tea a few minutes ago, and laid her down with a cold cloth.”

“Good, you’ve done the important things at least. Does she seem confused or disoriented?”

“She’s been staring blankly at stuff sometimes when she’s awake, and it’s like she only hears half of what I’m saying. Her eyes are kinda glassy too.”

“That’s just one of the symptoms, it’s not life-threatening or anything. Has she vomited or had any difficulty breathing?”

“She sounds really congested, so I’d say yes.”

“One more thing, does she have a stiff neck or any general pain?”

“I’m not sure. I’ll try and check.”

Gloria gently nudged Marnie to wake her up again.

“Mar, do you have a stiff neck?”

Marnie shook her head lightly, sinking her head back onto her pillow.

“Everything just feels numb.” she replied.

“She says her body is feeling numb.”

“Alright, this sounds like nothing more than a common cold. I’d suggest letting her rest and make sure she drinks plenty of fluids to recover properly.”

“That sounds manageable. Thank you for your time.”

“Of course. I hope your girlfriend gets better soon.”

Gloria hung up the phone with a sideward glance at Marnie.

I hope so too.


It had been a few hours since Gloria’s phone call to the clinic. Marnie had been asleep throughout, so she passed the time by cleaning up her girlfriend’s room a little of all the discarded waste, and reheating her tea for when she woke up again, periodically checking on her to see if she was ok or needed anything.

After a while though, she finally woke up again, stretching her stiffened bones with a stifling yawn. She rubbed her eyes gently so as not to irritate them again before focusing on Gloria’s figure, who was sitting back on the bedside.

“Mornin’... again.” she said, drowsiness still oozing from her voice.

“Hey. How are you feeling?” Gloria replied, scooting a little closer to her.

“Well, my entire body isn’t screamin’ bloody murder anymore, so you could say I’m doing better.” Marnie replied, her lightheartedness beginning to return. Gloria smiled gently.

“Good to hear.”

Gloria felt something slowly wrapping around her suddenly, noticing Marnie had started to reach out to her, a playful expression dancing along her face.

“What are you doing?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“C’mere you.”

Marnie pulled her down to her level, so the two were face to face on her bed. Marnie leaned in for a gentle peck on Gloria’s forehead, causing both of them to blush a little.

“I want to… I wanna thank you for helping me. I know I was a bit of a burden, bein’ sick and all, but you stuck through for me, and… that’s real sweet of you.”

Gloria smiled warmly, Marnie’s touching words feeling like overflowing praise in her eyes.

“Marnie, you were never a burden. I was just doing what a good girlfriend does, helping the one she loves.”

Marnie averted her gaze, her face heating up.

“S-Stop it, you’re makin’ me blush now…”

Gloria giggled, bringing her into a comforting hug.

“Mar, you really are one in a million.”
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