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TPCI to launch a celebration of Halloween this year with debut of TCG Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle, other seasonal merch to be announced in September

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Pokémon Trading Card Game: Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle
In a press release released earlier today, The Pokémon Company International have announced that they will be debuting a new campaign this year centered around Halloween, offering families a variety of different ways they can incorporate Pokémon into their celebrations of the spooky season. This campaign will begin with the launch of the new Pokémon Trading Card Game: Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle at participating retailers worldwide on September 1st.

As part of this campaign, The Pokémon Company International will be unveiling a new interactive website in early September. This website is intended to serve as a hub for all seasonal entertainment and merchandise that will be launched as part of this campaign.

The campaign will include several new ranges of Halloween-themed Pokémon merchandise. Specifically noted in the announcement were a collection of new Halloween-themed products that will be available from Pokémon Center across the US, Canada, and UK. These products wll include new lines of home décor items, plush toys, and collectibles. More items are also expected to be announced over the coming months.

Andy Hartpence - Senior director of brand marketing at The Pokémon Company International said:
“Like the Pokémon brand, Halloween is a holiday that brings families and friends together through fun activities. And with so many parents who grew up with the franchise, this inaugural Halloween campaign will give Trainers across generations another way to connect and bond over their love of Pokémon. In the years to come, Halloween will continue to be a celebratory moment for Pokémon, as we treat fans to festive ways to engage with the brand and highlight the much-loved spooky side of the popular and endearing franchise.”

Pokémon Trading Card Game: Trick or Trade Booster Pack
To launch this new campaign, the new Pokémon Trading Card Game: Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle will be releasing on September 1st at participating retail stores worldwide. This bundle includes 40 Halloween-themed mini-booster packs, each containing three cards featuring a suitably spooky Pokémon. While the full list of cards available from these mini-boosters has not yet been revealed, the announcement specifically lists Gengar, Mimikyu, Polteageist, Pumpkaboo, and Zubat as being included in the set. All cards from this collection will feature a Pikachu jack-o’-lantern stamp.

These mini-boosters are being promoted by The Pokémon Company International as an alternative to candy for families looking to give out Halloween treats for trick-or-treating and Halloween parties.

Tim Moore - Senior director of merchandise and retail marketing at The Pokémon Company International said:
“The Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle combines two things that families love Pokémon trading cards and Halloween. With the incredible popularity of the Pokémon TCG, this will be a uniquely welcomed candy-alternative in trick-or-treaters’ bags by both kids and parents. We look forward to working with grocery- and mass-retail partners to deliver this enjoyable product that lets kids discover the magic of the Pokémon TCG this Halloween season.”


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