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Trailers and News Discussion

Aka: Sceptile
No surprises on the final evos other than their names. I was not expecting to get the Tapus as well. Grass/Fairy? Water/Fairy? Was not expecting that, either. It fits with their basis on the 4 primary Hawaiian gods, though. The other island names by proxy, too. Everyone was right on that, but all you had to do was know Hawaiian and what the other lei colors were. Cosmog has me intrigued. Do we actually raise and/or restore the power of the legends OURSELVES? So the tree on Poni is our battle facility, looks like it works like the Maison did in OR/AS. Adult!Red.
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EDIT: I did not notice Decidueye was part Ghost. Fascinating.
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Battle Tree?

Ok, I didn´t expect that. PWT 2.0 confirmed.
SM Best Pokemon games ever (almost) confirmed.

Seriously, I can now say that I was wrong about SM being a first version. It is a third version content wise. Ohmori kicks more ass than I already thought.

All I need to know now is if the Festival Plaza is single player available as well, and if the the Captains can be battled and rematched, and I am declaring SM to be the best game ever no questions asked.
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Well... I'm impressed, to say the least. Grass/Ghost certainly came out of left field, and I love their signature moves. Plus we DO get to build our own league, more or less, which was quite unexpected. And... CYNTHIA RETURNS!!! OH, HAPPY DAYS! AND SHE LOOKS TOTALLY AWESOME IN 3D!!! MY QUEEN HAS RETURNED!!! And damn, as much as I detest Red and Blue, those two got HOT over the years. Sun and Moon, you have officially become my favorite Pokemon games. And the content these games have are astronomical. No wonder their data size is so huge. This totally makes up for the rather lackluster number of Pokemon. Sun and Moon are shaping up extremely well. Come on, November 18th, get here already!!!
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Now that ladies and gentlemen...is the best trailer so far!! Raises the hype level over 9000!
  • Starter final evolutions (Incineroar is a radical name! Who would have thought Decidueye would be Ghost typing)
  • Legendary pre-evolution Cosmog, cute!
  • Red, Cynthia, Blue, Wally all powerful trainers are back, Zinnia still missing though
  • The Island Guardians don't match with Oricorio typings, now that's another surprise
  • Building your own league, that was expected
No comments on grey garfield. Overall, fantastic trailer. I wanted the final evolution names and typings of starters since a long time and got it today!
Sorry guys, but Incineroar is sold on me! *Darkest Lariat*
King of Planet Panthera
For those that thought that Rowlet's final evolution would keep the Grass/Flying type all the way without doubt. For the rest, Incineroar is a keep for me and is going to be my starter for sure now, and Primarina is also great looking. The name is really nice. Rowlet's final evo name is just horrible and too difficult to pronounce.
Dr. Fuji?!
Wally not aging at all while Red and Blue have by a good 10 years is inconsistent. I hope that Silver receives favoritism, too.

nd if the the Captains can be battled and rematched,
They probably battle in the Battle Tree since the website says that some of the trainers there have completed the island challenge. Only the trial captains are known to have done so.

As for other returning characters, I don't expect to see gym leaders, but Elite Four members and rivals would help the Battle Tree not look like a downgraded version of the PWT. I hope that none of the Kalos "rivals" return, though. The only one that would make sense has a non-canon gender.

Are Red and Blue fought via the Battle Tree, or are they regular battles? I hope they are part of the Battle Tree...
They're tied to the Battle Tree.
Wow that was a pretty eventful trailer.

Starters: Primarina is Water/Fairy, nothing interesting here. Also its signature move kinda sucks, why would you wanna heal your opponent's burns? Incineroar's animations unsurprisingly did not make me like it more. Decidueye (how is this pronounced?) is definitely my favorite here, and its Ghost type was a big surprise. Though it kinda sucks cause I already have a Ghost-type planned for my team so I still don't know who to choose. :cry:

: Not many surprises again due to the datamines sadly. I like that they added a Psychic terrain which apparently makes Psychic-types immune to Dark. Also their signature Z-move looks pretty epic!

Alolan Persian
: Ew.

Pokemon League: That's interesting. Sounds like it'll probably be a post-game thing. I wonder if we'll have a say on who the Elite 4 and/or the Champion will be?

Battle Tree: There's our battle facility! I'm so looking forward to all the returning characters! This is really exciting, hopefully there will be more battle styles than just single and double as well. Can anyone translate the options from the Japanese trailer?

Grown-up Red and Blue
: This is perfect! Easily the best nod to all of us who have been playing since the first generation and grew up with Pokemon! Though I gotta wonder why Wally looks the same as ORAS. RSE took place around the same time as RBYFRLG so I don't think ORAS was a decade+ after the originals?