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TrainerCasey's Stats

Discussion in 'Trainer's Stats' started by TrainerCasey, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. TrainerCasey

    TrainerCasey Johto League Champion

    Blog Posts:
    Apr 17, 2010
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    Name: Casey (TrainerCasey)

    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: TrainerCasey333

    Money: $8500

    Single W/L/D Record: 9/14/0

    Rank: Trainer


    Bayleef (Chichi)
    Gender- Female
    Ability- Overgrow: Grass moves raise 1.5x when Bayleef is at 3.3HP or lower.
    (W/L/D: 3/5/0)

    Attacks- Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf, Poisonpowder, Synthesis, Reflect, Magical Leaf, Natural Gift, Sweet Scent, Light Screen, Body Slam, Safeguard, Aromatherapy, Solarbeam

    Noctowl (Hoohoo)
    Gender- Male
    Ability- Keen Eye: Prevents Accuracy Loss/Insomnia: Prevents Sleep
    (W/L/D: 2/3/0)

    Attacks- Sky Attack, Tackle, Growl, Foresight, Hypnosis, Peck, Uproar, Reflect, Confusion, Take Down, Air Slash, Zen Headbutt, Extrasensory, Psycho Shift, Roost, Dream Eater

    Flaaffy (Hanna)
    Gender- Female
    Ability- Static: 30% chance to PARALYZE Enemy Pokemon if hit by a physical attack.
    (W/L/D: 3/3/0)

    Attacks- Tackle, Growl, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Cotton Spore, Charge, Discharge, Signal Beam, Light Screen, Power Gem, Thunder

    Pineco (Pinpin)
    Gender- Male
    Ability- Sturdy: Prevents One Hit KO attacks.
    (W/L/D: 2/4/0)

    Attacks- Tackle, Protect, Selfdestruct, Bug Bite, Take Down, Rapid Spin, Bide, Natural Gift, Spikes, Payback, Explosion, Iron Defense, Gyro Ball, Double Edge

    Wooper (Woowoo)
    Gender- Female
    Ability- Water Absorb: When hit by Water Type attacks, gain HP instead (2.5HP max)
    (W/L/D: 0/0/0)

    Attacks- Water Gun, Tail Whip, Mud Sport, Mud Shot, Slam, Mud Bomb, Amnesia, Yawn, Earthquake, Rain Dance, Mist, Haze, Muddy Water


    -Regular fights: 23
    -Challenger Gym Leader Fights:
    -Evolving Battles: 3
    -Tournament Battles:
    -Defender Gym Fights:
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    Last edited: Nov 13, 2010