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Trainers and rivals in Scarlet and Violet


I Exist
Feb 26, 2021
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I feel like scaling or not there will probably be some sort of mix, while some trainers are always leveling to be on par with you or others are always leveling to be slightly overleved for more of a challenge, there will also be some trainers in certain spots that no matter what have Pokemon of the same level.
Hate to make this comparison but think like BOTW, while some Bokoblin's level up in color as you get further into the game, other Bokoblin's will always be red no matter what.


My love is stronger than my fear of death
Apr 3, 2009
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It's more like they start out as friendly, but they become less friendly the more you end up beating them. They might get cocky if they win, but they don't turn into a jerk because of it.
That kind of just sounds like two different routes to a jerk rival.


Mar 24, 2010
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I mean they could have fixed and generated trainer battles. Fixed ones could walk up to you and, if you don't have a certain about of badges, warn you that you're heading somewhere where you're gonna get your ass handed to you and not battle you themselves until you have said badge amount.

And for generated opponents it probably wouldn't be that complicated to have a table of names, a table of teams/pokemon for trainer types, and tables based on the number of badges the player has. Like once you have two badges you wouldn't be battling against the teams that appeared when you had no badges and won't see teams that would appear for someone with four badges.

I feel like having three tiers of trainer at once would give a decent challenge. You could get lucky and find someone weaker (1 badge table), find someone on par with you (2 badge table), or get a challenge and find someone stronger (3 badge table). And going up until you have all the badges so you'd probably see 7 and 8 badge tables and possibly elite four/champion tables.

Am I using tables right? I hope so because it doesn't look like a word to me anymore. I know little of proper lingo.