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Tree vs Grass, Revisited (Pokefic sequel)

Does Team Rocket hire?
Author’s Note: (Probably rated PG13/R by the time it’s done, for violence.) Perhaps you’ve read my first Tree vs Grass story, perhaps not. At any rate, this is like a reboot/sequel. I wanted to see if I could improve this story of a girl attracted to power yet fearful that it comes from an evil source. The original story was an idea my brother and I came up with watching Pokemon 3. Naturally, I don’t own Pokemon, its characters, plots, whatever. Nintendo and whoever else owns it now does.

Chapter 1

The sunflora smiled and waved, their gigantic bright yellow flowery heads bobbing in the slight breeze. Molly smiled and waved back. Today was the first day of her academic freedom. She had just graduated high school and anticipated doing some traveling. Although she had a teddiursa, a small bear-like pokemon with a crescent moon mark on her face, she hadn’t been permitted to take the usual route of trainer. Her father, Spencer Hale, famed archaeologist, demanded she stay in school.

Her cell vibrated in her jeans pocket. She moved the edge of her long white t-shirt with the pichu print out of the way so she could pull out the cell. “Hello?” she asked.

“What are your plans for today, honey?” asked her father in a deep baritone voice.

Molly smiled and laughed. “A bunch of us are going to Goldenrod City to party. Why?”

He paused before responding. “I was hoping to see you this afternoon.” He sighed. “It’s been a few weeks now since the family went out together. Perhaps you could come home and choose some nice place for us to go?”

Molly rolled her eyes. “Dad, get a life,” she told him with a giggle. “Go on some romantic date with Mom or something. I can pick up some nice flowers for you if you want, but naturally I won’t be back ‘til eleven. The best music gets played around nine, y’know.”

“Honey ….”

Molly hissed at the phone as though it was malfunctioning. “Sorry … hiss … breaking … hiss … call you … hiss … bye!” She turned off the cell phone, laughing, continuing to walk through the field of sunflora, hoping to get to Andrew’s house by noon. He owed her a tea break.

Andrew had been a great friend of hers all throughout high school. He wanted to make tea of every flavor one could possibly imagine. He was kind of a geek, with dark thick glasses, short black hair, and a dark beige complexion from all the harvesting of different plant life all day long. When he wasn’t out collecting specimens, he was reading about them on his computer.

Still, even though the last thing she wanted to do was end up around a bunch of words all day long, she greatly admired Andrew’s calm and collected spirit. It was something it took forever to have for herself.

When she was five, her parents told her, her mother had been missing for quite some time, and her father had left Molly with the mansion staff to find her. There was a terrible accident at the mansion, leaving scars and tiny crystal remnants all over the immense house.

However, she had very little memory of it. No, Andrew had had to help her with something somewhat more recent …

A ten-year-old Molly, in a dark blue dress that went to her knees, glowered at a far-off cloaked figure. “Leave me alone!” she screamed. She felt as though she was floating above a sparkling pool of water … but it wasn’t water, was it? No, it was solid, though it undulated like a blanket tossed onto the floor.

The cloaked figure warned her he was there to ravage the city of Greenfield, to punish her for something.

There was a bright light, a wide column of blue showering her house as though God had spilled a bucket of light on it from the sky high above them.

Andrew had only heard reports of what had happened in Greenfield some thirteen years ago. There was the odd news report still circulating on the web, but hardly any native citizens remembered anything more than a pokemon attack at the Hale Mansion. He had moved there just before his freshman year in high school, and Molly appreciated the fresh air he represented.

She knocked a silly pattern of knocks on his door. He opened it and smiled, beckoning her in. There were leaves everywhere. The whole house smelled like a jungle or an exotic flower shop, like Erika’s over in Kanto.

“Sorry about the smell,” he said with a laugh. “I had to move the stuff in here while the greenhouse is being worked on.” He offered her a stool to sit on. “So, where are you off to today?”

Molly grinned as she sipped some tea he gave her. “Goldenrod, duh, Andy. Anybody who’s anybody hangs there for parties.” She shoved him playfully, nearly making him fall off his own stool beside her. “Don’t act so sheltered.”

Andrew smiled shyly. “Yeah. Right. I keep forgetting.” He stuck his tongue out. There was no way in a million years his assets could even hope to compare to Molly’s. And yet, he couldn’t nag her about it. She didn’t have to hang out with him. He wasn’t some forgotten lower-middle class boy out in the sticks to Molly. She liked him as a person. “Have you spoken to that counselor yet?”

Molly wrinkled her nose in disgust and put the teacup on a nearby counter. “Ugh, Marie? That pop-shrink couldn’t analyze a pop-up book.”

Andrew snickered, nearly inhaling his tea.

“I mean, what’s wrong with her?” Molly continued passionately. “She keeps acting like all of our class is gonna go psycho and start spraying the countryside with bullets or something.” She shook her head. “She creeps me out. She’s obsessed with finding the darkness bubbling inside of us – and she’s the normal one?” She twirled her index finger near her temple to indicate she thought the psychologist was loony. “God, I wished I could get whatever scam degree she got.”

Andy laughed and stood up, grabbing her hands. “C’mon, I wanna show you something.” He took her, nearly dragging her, into a large greenhouse connected to his back door. The sides of the greenhouse were dark green glass, while the sides of the pointed roof were made of clear glass. A bunch of sawdust and various construction tools were scattered about the floor. It seemed almost cavernous without the plants and gardening tools in it.

“Wow,” Molly noted.

Andrew nodded, grinning. “This will be my claim to fame when I’m done, Molly,” he told her. He pointed to the far back where a faux stone wall towered over them. “That’s going to be a waterfall,” he said, beaming. “I hope it’ll add that certain something extra to the garden.”

She snuggled him. “It’ll be gorgeous.” She knew better than to ask if he needed help paying for it. He had to do it on his own, he had said. He agreed after a month of nagging, though, to accept help finding cheap but reputable contractors. “Hey, let’s go to Goldenrod together, ‘kay?”

Andrew pulled away. “Molly, I don’t understand how else to put it. If I liked the busy, reckless, urban nightlife, I’d live there. I live out here because it makes me happy.”

Molly crossed her arms and pouted. “What kind of girl do you think I am?”

“The kind that likes that kind of thing.”

Molly rolled her eyes. “Well, that said a lot,” she retorted tersely. She waved at him with both arms dramatically. “Hello? I’m not asking you to go get some, you know. All I’m asking is to dance to some music, eat out, have fun!”

Andrew turned his back to her. “I don’t like busy places. I’m not going.”

Molly snapped her fingers in a moment of inspiration. “Let’s go on a rapidash carriage ride under the starlit sky! That’s quiet and romantic,” she added seductively, with a giggle. “After I get to Goldenrod, you can go back home.”

Andrew frowned and refused to look at her. “So, I’m just useful to provide company as an afterthought?”

Molly felt like slapping him playfully. “If we’re not going to the same destination, at least let’s share the journey, Andrew.”

“Take Moonlight with you.”

Molly stared at him quizzically. “Moonlight? Who’s that?”

Andrew glanced at her briefly. “Your teddiursa?”

Molly sat down on her stool. “Are you on meds or something? My teddiursa’s name is Yogi. Moonlight died when I was twelve.”

“Well, I’m still not going with you.” He started picking up some random items just to keep from looking at her.

Molly sullenly left the greenhouse and started walking away. Suddenly, she fell, tripping over something buried in the grass. She crawled around and tapped on the large lump. It gave a metallic ring. She tugged and pulled and scraped and yanked and immediately fell backwards with a hard thump.

It just wasn’t her day.

She sat up, grabbing at her back and wincing. As she began to look over the object she had just dug up, she realized it was some type of accessory. It looked made of steel and resembled a gauntlet of some sort, though the shape was bizarre and she couldn’t really figure out if it was made for humans or pokemon. She placed it on her left arm. It stretched up to her elbow, but as her arm widened toward the elbow, the fit became tighter. She also had to ball up her fist in order for the other end to fit even remotely closely.

She screamed in pain as her head felt compressed from each side like a vice. Everything went totally black. She felt like she was being crushed.

She felt alone.

She wanted to think, but she found she couldn’t. She could only react to the pain. Still, after a few moments, the blackness started to swirl. Tiny, almost imperceptible specks of light flashed all around her, coalescing slowly into a sphere of bright blue light.

Despite her agony, despite her jaws clenched so tightly they might just crack, she willed herself to reach out with her accessorized hand and touch it.

There was a flash.

She felt a wondrous release.

She opened her eyes and found her father and mother standing worriedly over her as she lay in her own bed, wondering what had happened to her.
Plane Guardian
That was actually a well written start, I know most people want me to go into Detail about waht I Liked about it and such, but over all, Imjessie TR is really experienced in the Fanfic field. It's the sort of writing I would want to read over and over again if the eyes would permit. We first met on this topic of MOllly hale. I like how she has a BF now. I wonder how they met? I give this a definate A+ I hope I get to write the forward. PM me if anyone dosen't get the metaphor if I do, and try to be respectful and polite

Well done, ImjessieTR

Does Team Rocket hire?
Thanks. :D

I realize the initial chapter might seem a little dry, but after Molly's discovery, the ball (ahem) will really get going.
Plane Guardian
Thanks for the intelligent and thoughtful review! I'm rather fond of puppets, myself.
Sock puppets are ace.

I realize the initial chapter might seem a little dry, but after Molly's discovery, the ball (ahem) will really get going.
Well yeah, but it dragged me into it already, it was just that well constructed and written, I have an idea for future chapters that worked for me, make visual flow charts and write down Ideas, its how I wrote teh scripts for RIFTER so quickly

This looks like a sockpuppet discussion.
Whilst that is your opinion and your right, and it is valid under free will, do back it up, She would really appreciate it. She resonates with Molly Hale the way I do. Please be easy on her or atleast offer suggestions or constructive complaints
A black and white world
I know for a fact that they are two different people, Arceushater. If you think something like that, report it instead of sitting back and making snide remarks.