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Treecko Giveaway

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Nov 25, 2011
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These Treecko are all leftover from breeding my Sceptile and I'm hosting a giveaway.

All of them are male, at level 1, and have the following move set: Pound, Leer, Sunny Day, SolarBeam.

I have the following natures: (Anything in bold means they're taken)

- Brave (quick to flee) [Infected with PokeRus]
- Relaxed (Very finicky)
- Docile (Likes to thrash about)
- Lax (Scatters things often
- Serious (Mischevious) [Infected with PokeRus]
- Timid (Likes to run)
- Naughty (A little quick tempered)
- Hasty (Likes to relax)
- Brave (Impetuous and silly)
- Jolly (Likes to thrash about)
- Lax (Likes to run)
- Hasty (Likes to thrash about)
- Timid (Likes to thrash about)
- Timid (Highly persistent)
- Jolly (Alert to sounds)
- Hardy (Capable of taking hits)
- Bold (Often lost in thought)
- Naughty (Likes to thrash about)
- Lonely (Somewhat vain)

In exchange, I would like any of the following: (Anything in bold means I've gotten it or it's going to be traded to me))

- Turtwig
- Chimchar
- Piplup
- Drifloon
- Shellos
- Glameow
- Stunky
- Snover
- Riolu
- Gible
- Gligar
- Mantyke
- Remoraid
- Finneon
- Croagunk
- Shiny Stone
- Dawn Stone
- Up-grade

Message me with your Treecko of choice, but please list the exact nature and characteristic. I will not accept trades featuring cloned/hacked pokemon.
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New Member
Nov 25, 2011
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I can't register your FC on my SoulSilver Pal Pad. Is yours for Black and White?
Mar 23, 2011
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Can I have this Treecko? - Brave (quick to flee) [Infected with PokeRus]
In return, this is what you'd get... - Drifloon
totally fangirling out
Feb 8, 2012
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just what i need! may i get this treecko? : Serious (Mischevious) [Infected with PokeRus] i can give you an up grade.