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Trick-or-Treat: A Fizzytopian Halloween Event

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Feb 20, 2013
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The Secret Base Event

A swivel chair turns around to reveal a trainer in nightmarish clown make-up, stroking a dead Rattata. “Welcome ghost and ghouls, banshees and freaks of all ages! That sacred pagan holiday of the dead arrives to Fizzyopia once again,” his painted on jaw hardly seems to move as he speaks. “We are sad to announce that the Fizzytopian government will not organize any activities for this year’s Halloween. It is unfortunate to say that a vast majority of the pencil pushers have fled, cowering in their corners. I mean, we did try setting up that haunted theme park on that lone island, but things didn’t go so well for us.

*Dead Rattata says nothing*

“Hush Maudlin, you don’t have to tell them that. Anyway, a select group of citizens have taken it upon themselves to host the festivities in honour of the dead themselves.” He stands up, cradling the dead Rattata in one arm while using his other hand to pull out a large parchment. “Behold,” he waves his hand and the scroll unfurls itself to reveal the sea of Fizzytopia and all of its islands. Dotted lines connect the smallest ones from the farthest reaches into a spiderweb of travelling routes. “Within this land lie six mysterious spots, governed by freaks and monsters of the likes you have never seen before. On this hallowed day they will give out candy to anyone who dares visit them.”

*Dead Rattata says nothing*

“Hehehe, that’s right Maudlin. DARES visit them. The pilgrim paths won’t be easy as each base has set up a tortuous route of its own for you to endure. Only the boldest who can push through the nightmares will be rewarded with the Rare Candy that lies at the end.”
“Oh, but that’s not all. Rumours have spread that there are more trials to be undergone than just a walk through their park. Each of these home owners has set up a party, a game if you will, for you to join if you want. Prove your worth and the monsters might bestow you with more than just candy. Beware! Failure always comes at a cost, and risk lies just around the corner.”

Happy Trick-or-Treating

1. The entire event will be run in the Secret Bases.
2. You may visit each Secret Base once and traverse their Haunted Path (first part) in order to receive a Rare Candy. There is a soft minimum requirement of 50 words minimum per pick-up post.
3. For 2 Secret Bases you may join the Halloween Activity (second part) they’re hosting. After completing their event the Base Owners may bestow you with Halloween gifts of their own. There is a soft minimum requirement of 100 words minimum per game.
4. Rare Candies and other rewards will be handed out - and can be claimed - from the 31st October onwards
5. You can not claim $250 for any of your written posts.
6. The event will continue until the 5th of November (no specific time)
7. The event will be continued for one more week until the 12th of November

The Timeworn Spire's Spooky Maze

With the coming of the festive season, there's always that period beforehand where the leaves fall and the spooks come out to play, and in Alex Blackhall's abode there's no stranger to the hauntings. While usually open to visitors, tonight there's something a little different, and given the location of this monolithic structure, the grounds around it have been converted into an interesting maze. Tunneled out by his squad of ground type pokemon and decorated skilfully by his sneakier members, this reinforced rocky maze resembles a long-abandoned mineshaft, replete with simple railings and the occasional cobweb, while remaining just dark enough to ensure that pokemon and people who venture through it have a thrilling time. Be warned however, for one or two of Alex's more mischievous pokemon have opted to remain in the maze, seeking to serve as a fear factor, though under strict instructions not to cause any injury. Those who bravely venture through the maze however will find their troubles to be rewarding...

The Timeworn Spire's Tower Flight

While the maze may be well designed for terrestrial pokemon, those more daring flying pokemon who find such places a little claustrophobic can be rest assured by a number of large rings built into the Spire. Designed as an obstacle course for flying pokemon, the flight will take them around the outskirts of the tower and into the structure itself, through the halls and out the other side, before racing to the top where a vantage point will allow them to discover something far off in the distance for them to retrieve. Along the way they'll find a couple of Alex's other pokemon who will see to the task of ensuring their flight to the final objective is as bumpy as possible, but for those who reach the location, they'll find a surprise: a ring, and a pole atop the Spire to hook it on to, in a surprise Pokeringer round! Race they will against the much larger Golestandt, who will attempt to wrestle the ring from them, and only upon hooping said ring around the post will the giant be defeated. Of course, besting such an opponent and surviving the spooky trials will come with a great prize.

The Sundered Blade will be representing the types Ground, Bug and Flying

Visit the Sundered Blade for these events


The Crystalline Cathedral

A (temporary) warp circle lies hidden in the floorboards just beyond the front door, instantly whisking visitors into a torchlit stone passageway without so much as a warning. As one proceeds down the passage, ominous cackling might echo through the hall, part of the wall might spin around to unveil some horrid scene (courtesy of the resident pokemon), a few of the alchemical salves along the wall may suddenly start to (safely) fume or combust, or the cobwebs on the ceiling may spark with electrical eldritch power. A great door stands at the end of the passageway, whispering the enticing promise of freedom to the visitors- but it, too, is trapped. Opening the door causes the visitor to experience a sharp change in air pressure and get sucked into a silken tube, and get ejected into the great outdoors a few seconds later- not far from the other activity at all, in fact!

"Welcome, one and all, to the Crystalline Cathedral! This chapel may already have a reputation for being kiiiinda creepy, but worry not, for we have found a few ways to amp up the scare factor anyway- especially for those who haven't paid a visit here before today! Curious to see if we can live up to that claim? Then step right on into the front door! What do you mean that doesn't seem like such a safe idea? Isn't that the point of a haunted house tour in the first place?

Pumpkin Bomber

For those of you who aren't fond of anything remotely subtle, we also have a fun little game for you to play: Pumpkin Bomber! All you have to do is pick one of the pumpkins growing in our yard, head up to either the 20, 30, or 40 yard line, and chunk the gourd right at one of the targets in the courtyard! Be sure to do it quickly, though- these squashes are literally ticking time bombs once picked, and will eventually explode on their own accord! You'll receive prizes based on how close to the bullseye you hit, so be sure to give it your best throw!*

*This activity is available to those who go through the Haunted House as well. Due to safety concerns, we ask that only one participant be on the throwing range at a time."

The Crystalline Cathedral will be representing the types Psychic, Rock and Steel

Visit the Crystalline Cathedral for these events


The Maw

Known simply as "The Maw", the entrance to the cave is shaped like the head of a huge dragon with its mouth wide open. Once you enter inside, it is warm, humid, and pitch black, and if you're not careful where you walk you may find out what sort of hungry creatures are trapped inside with you! We ask that those who enter refrain from using the move Flash so the surprise isn't spoiled for anyone.

Dunk the Dragon

Once you've gotten deep enough inside, your task, should you decide to participate, will be to save Princess Garde from the clutches of the ravenous dragon known as Drudd the Hungry. To do so, your Pokemon will need to shoot a target with enough force that the bridge it connects to collapses, sending Drudd the Hungry into the water below and giving Princess Garde enough time to escape! You will have three attempts, and if the bridge is still up after that, the dragon gets to abscond with the princess, who will never be seen by the kingdom again!

For each attempt, simply have your Pokemon use a projectile-based attack to fire at the target; if your Pokemon does not have one of those, there will be projectiles provided for them to attack directly that are heavy enough to push the target the necessary amount if attacked with enough force. There are advantages and disadvantages between using stronger attacks or weaker attacks; stronger attacks may be quite unwieldy for the purposes of this game but are much better suited to pushing the target far enough back, whereas weaker attacks are more reliably accurate but may have trouble applying enough force to the target.

Winners will receive an extra prize on top of what would be given for participating in this activity, but what prizes might be given are a mystery!

The Tidey Ol' Hidey-Hole will be representing the types Dragon, Fairy and Dark

Visit Hyrem's Tidy Ol' Hidey-Hole for these events


The Valley Fort

Darkness has enveloped the forest but thankfully someone has been kind enough to place some lanterns along the path. On closer inspection, each lantern is actually a human skull, mounted on a wooden stake and a candle burning in each eye socket. Following the dully lit path, trainers arrive at the steps of a large stone fort. Lighting strikes crash down from the gathering storm clouds, providing momentary bursts of light. For some reason the electricity seems to be drawn to the structure, but why? The large wooden door creaks on rusty hinges as you enter into the barren hall. Spinarak webs drape delicately from the walls, however they fail to conceal the headless skeletons left lying haphazardly around the room. Clearly the scene of a massacre, maybe it was best to turn back now?

Flashes of light draw you towards a door on the far side of a year. A winding staircase leads you down into the dungeon, but as you reach the bottom of the stairs, you find water lapping at your feet. Another surge of electricity temporarily illuminates the room as electricity jumps between two electrodes. The electrodes seemed to be connected to a large steel table in the middle of the room, broken leather straps allude to a struggle. More sparks jump between the electrodes, taking a better look at the room you notice there are apples floating in the water. This was certainly strange.

Apple Bobbing

"Retrieve the apples with mouth alone, for what purpose this is unknown. You and your partner must sink your teeth, be aware of the creature that creeps beneath." The strange voice seems to have no source, however it seems it has a task for you.

Using only your mouth, you and one of your Pokemon must each retrieve an apple from the water. Those who are successful will be rewarded, however beware as there may be traps and obstacles concealed by the water.

The Valley Fort will be representing the types Water, Fire and Fighting

Visit the Valley Fort for these events


The Cabin by the Sea

On the outskirts of the Cloud Garden rests a small cabin. Usually, it’s a secluded location that most people wouldn’t even bother to wander to. However, the path leading up to it has been lavishly lit with jack-o-lanterns carved with the faces of various Pokémon. The craftsmanship is a little rough, but you can certainly tell that some love was put into carving these pumpkins. A sloppy wooden sign is nailed to a bent post near the pumpkins, directing patrons to some sort of “haunted house” in the area.

Choosing to follow the pathway lit with pumpkins, you immediately spot a well-kept house ahead of you. The house is decorated in all sorts of fake cobwebs and covered in police tape. It’s certainly an interesting sight for being so off the beaten trail. Near the front door, an Incineroar stands. He’s cloaked in a long black robe and holding a scythe. He gestures to the front door, urging you to go inside with grunts and growls. Reluctant to obey the rather imposing grim reaper cat, he groans and shoves you into the front door.

Once inside, you notice the small cabin is even more decorated on the inside. Plastic pumpkin string lights provide a soft glow against the otherwise dark interior. As you look around, you notice a large Ursaring statue --- it’s adorned with a Mountie outfit and holding a sign the directs you towards the rather foreboding basement stairs. As you move into the kitchen and peer down the stairs, a small Eevee in a devil costumes bounds upwards carrying a flashlight in her mouth. You take the flashlight from the fox, moving down into the dark depths.

Within the basement, you notice a maze of curtains has been set up. It’s a rather interesting looking set up, but you do wonder what this maze has in store for you. As you begin to traverse, various Pokémon pop out at you in an attempt to scare you. Although they’re all dressed as famous monsters… you must admit their attempts to be scary are a lot cuter than they probably wished they were. The Eevee from earlier is the first to pop out, but her small frame and bright eyes make her anything but scary. As you continue through, an Alolan Sandslash flies out --- his claws and mouth covered in a red substance that smells… sweet? You have to wonder if it was intentional… or if the Pokémon had simply gotten into a vat of strawberry jam. A few other Pokémon jump out hoping to scare you, but they seem a little discouraged by your lack of a reaction. You start faking being scared in order to not hurt their feelings.

As you reach the end of the maze, you are greeted by a young man. He looks to be somewhere in his early twenties and he’s dressed like some sort of werewolf. Wearing a full furry bodysuit (complete with paws and a very fluffy tail) with a tattered, unbuttoned red plaid shirt over it. However, you notice that he has neglected to put on the somewhat believable mask for the costume --- instead opting to simply wear a headband with fluffy ears on his head. As you observe the man, a small Leafeon trots up beside him. Her head is fixated on you, causing you to stifle a small giggle as you notice that she is wearing the missing wolf mask from the costume. She’s even wearing a matching plaid shirt to her master.

“Welcome to Isaac’s funhouse!” Says the man, suddenly brandishing a rather sharp looking set of knives. “Ready for a good, old fashioned knife throwing?” He smirks, causing you to feel a twinge of unease.

Knife Throwing

Isaac passes you one of the knives, directing your attention to a board with various labeled sections.

“Don’t worry! It’s easy!” He claims, moving behind you to give you better directions (and get out of your line of sight so that he doesn’t get stabbed). “I’m going to spin this board, and you’re going to throw a knife! Simple as that!” You scan the board, noticing various prizes listed in a messy scrawl.

Behind the wheel, you notice a table with green plastic pumpkins on it. They seem to be filled with various goodies.

The Cabin by the Sea will be representing the types Grass, Electric and Normal

Visit the Cabin by the Sea for these events


Missingno. Master's Morbid, Macabre Madhouse o' Mayhem!

Welcome, one and all, to Sludge Wave Coast- or, as we call it around this time of year, Spirit World Coast! All trick-or-treaters are welcome to come and add yet another Rare Candy to their Halloween stash- of course, reaching that Rare Candy won't exactly be a picnic...

The Rare Candy you seek is in the living room of Keith's house. But it won't be easy to get there- every door in the house will be locked tight, and only some of the keys will be obtainable. But that's OK- the ones you can get will get you to where you need to go. Just in a very roundabout way, leading you through some of the horrific rooms this malevolent mansion has to offer. And did we mention that in order to get to some of these keys, you're going to need to brave even more positively pants-wetting locations?

First, you'll need the Front Door Key. This is located in the back room of the Pokémon Center of Terror. Helena's not on duty tonight- Myrtle takes far more delight in the suffering of others than Helena, just as she consumes them for sustenance. And believe you me, tonight, she's hungry. Even if you don't see the Banette herself, you will definitely bear witness to the macabre illusions she creates, experience the screwiness she sets in motion. You'll find yourself on the run from zombie nurses who want your Pokémon, creepy ghosts who want to drag you to the Distortion World, and anything else your nightmares can throw your way.

Once you're inside, you'll find that no key you find will open any of the hallway doors, and the elevator won't respond. Rotom owners beware- trying to get the elevator going in that way will not end well for your plucky plasma poltergeist. The next key you need is for a door on the second floor- the Library Key. You'll find this in the captain's cabin on the Banette's Revenge- or as she's called tonight, the S. S. Bloodbath. Cross the eerie, fog-covered deck, but beware of the chilling presence of a Gengar or Froslass. And don't stand too close to the railings, lest you get a much more up close and personal experience with a Basculin or School Form Wishiwashi than you ever wanted to. Once below deck, navigate around the various Ariados webs and try not to become Aragog's next meal. The captain's cabin, fortunately, is unlocked.

Your final key will be the East Wing Key, located on the top floor of the Loony Loopy Lighthouse. One step in this structure and your whole world will be turned upside down. Literally. Thanks to Terri Alph and George, the entire lighthouse is under the effects of Trick Room and Topsy-Turvy, inspired by what the Malamar used to do before he was caught. Navigate the ground floor, find the button to unlock the stairs, and make it to the second floor, all while trying to make it through a screwy, backwards environment in which the laws of physics are more like guidelines. And did we mention the creepy Shedinja and Murkrow that will be doing their best to mess with you?

Once you've acquired the keys, you can finally traverse the Petrifying Palace. A pair of Dusknoir roam the mansion, floating freely through walls, floors, and ceilings. Anyone they catch, they convey back to the entrance, and you must start again. Once you make it through the entrance hall and up the stairs, you must go down the upstairs corridor and into the library. Beware of finding more than books there- the Vampire of Cadaver Forest has made this library her new home, and Fatale knows how to unnerve potential prey... But once you make it to the northern end and found the secret switch to open the bookcase door, you will be in the Battle Room, where the Fright Extravaganza will be going on. Try not to be too terrified as you take the warp panel to the kitchen, where Hermione and Cotton are busy cooking up things it's best to not ask about. Make the mistake of being lured in by the sweet aromas, and you may end up caught in a Sticky Web. If you can escape without becoming the next main course, and take the other warp panel to the dining room, you will want to avoid the ravenous carnivorous Pokémon hungry for their dinner. Get away from the Seviper, the Carnivine, and the Druddigon, unlock the door, and you'll have made it to the living room, where a big bowl of Rare Candies sits. Go ahead. Try and take more than one, and see what happens. I dare you. Terri Alph will be there as well, her Medicham willing to Teleport you outside once you've taken a Candy.

The Fright Extravaganza

Located in the Battle Room, and open to any trick-or-treaters passing through, the idea is simple. Pick a Pokémon, and create a combination of moves to scare the crap out of the judges. Be creative. Mega Evolve. Use Z-Moves. Bring props to use. Dress up if you wish. The Battle Room is spacious enough to comfortably contain an all-Steelix triple battle, so don't feel like you have to scale down your performance just because you're indoors. Go big or go home! A positively frightful goody bag awaits all who participate in this.

The Sludge Wave Coast will be representing the types Poison, Ghost and Ice

Visit the Sludge Wave Coast for these events

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