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Trilobyte Statistics.

Discussion in 'Trainer's Stats' started by Raves, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Raves

    Raves No need for the disco

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    Jun 17, 2008
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    Trainer Card Datafile​

    Name: Trilobyte.
    AKA: Trilo, lobby, Cow, fishy.
    Messenger Forme: AIM, UltrapigTrilo.
    Financial Status: $49500.
    Trainer Status: Referee/Trainer.

    Battle Recorder Datafile​

    Battle Ratio: 3 Wins/4 Losses/0 Draws
    FFA Battle Ratio: 0 1st/0 2nd/1 3rd/8 4th-
    Current Streak: 3 wins.

    Pokemon Datafile​


    Slot 1

    Name: Cartilage.
    AKA: Cart, Tilla.
    Species: Drapion.
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: Serious.
    Type: Dark/Poison.
    Abilities: Sniper/Battle Armour.
    Battle Experience: 7 Battles.
    Augments: TM Brick Break, TM False Swipe, TM Swords Dance, TM Rock Tomb, BM Agility, TM Earthquake.

    Slot 2

    Name: Zuzu.
    AKA: Zu.
    Species: Azurill.
    Gender: Female.
    Nature: Quirky.
    Type: Normal.
    Abilities: Thick Fat/Huge Power.
    Battle Experience: 1 Battle.
    Augments: None.

    Slot 3

    Name: Spinolyte.
    AKA: Spine, Noel.
    Species: Shellos East.
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: Relaxed.
    Type: Water.
    Abilities: Sticky Hold/Storm Drain
    Battle Experience: 0 Battles
    Augments: None.

    Slot 4

    Name: Clyde.
    AKA: Cly.
    Species: Zubat.
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: Timid.
    Type: Poison/Flying.
    Abilities: Inner Focus.
    Battle Experience: 0 Battles.
    Augments: None.

    Slot 5

    Name: Theta.
    AKA: T.
    Species: Ralts.
    Gender: Male.
    Nature: Jolly.
    Type: Psychic.
    Abilities: Synchronize/Trace.
    Battle Experience: 0 Battles.
    Augments: None.

    Slot 6

    Battle Experience:

    Inventory Datafile​

    Personal invo: Leaf Stone
    2x Soothe Bells

    Park invo: x2 Super Balls
    x3 Park Balls
    x2 Super Potions
    x1 Mystery Mist Spray
    x1 Full Heal.
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    Last edited: Jul 7, 2010