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Review TW01: Letter

Flame Trainer
Jun 5, 2016
Reaction score
The fact that they had to come up with a Wally-esque character for a series that isn't even the equivalent of two anime episodes, goes to show that the Galar cast leaves a lot to be desired. I'll watch this just for him and the interesting art style.
Adapting Galar 1:1 with the game protagonist without coming up with a new/unique character is less about Galar's cast and more that the classic approach would just end up being a normal badge quest which the anime has done 6 times and much better than short episodes. I don’t find the usage of a diseased protag a reflection of inadequacy of the Galar cast, or giving any indication of their quality at all.
Finally with a Pokémon avatar
Sep 27, 2007
Reaction score
P.S.: I really, really, really want to hug that Corviknight (but only if it likes me, which I hope it does). It was easily the best part of the short for me. I hope the protagonist (What are his Japanese and dub names? I didn’t quite catch them if they were mentioned at all) interacts more with it.
If I heard it correctly, in the dub his friend calls him "John" on the rooftop. I'm not sure about the Japanese version.
Jun 17, 2006
Reaction score
Honestly, this was a lot better than I expected it to be. They told a pretty complete story within six minutes, which already puts it above the vast majority of Pokemon Generations in my book, but it also felt really sweet. At first, I thought that the sick boy was Bede and this was going to be about how Chairman Rose adopted him, but his name was John instead. All of the Leon posters initially made me think it was going to be about Hop too. The Corviknight saving him from falling was pretty sweet and I loved his drawing of Leon and his Charizard. The voices for Chairman Rose and Oleana were pretty good. Getting to see more video game characters animated at the end was pretty neat, especially Hop and Nessa.

I don't think that using an original character reflects negatively on the Galar cast. Most of the Galar characters in the games have a lot of personality to make them likable. endearing and interesting. I see this decision as mainly an indication that they aren't going to be so faithful to the games like they attempted with Generations, which isn't a bad thing. They wanted to tell an original story set in Galar featuring some of the video game characters, which I think worked pretty well.

I kind of wish that this wasn't just a monthly series. The whole short was sweet, endearing and told a story pretty well within a short amount of time. I can't compare this with the current series obviously, but I do wish that we got more shorts in this kind of quality more often. At least now I'll be more eager to see the second short next month.
Laid to Wake
Oct 18, 2012
Reaction score
When I watched this, there weren't subs or anything so I kept expecting it to turn out to be a flashback into Bede's past when he first met Rose. lol

I know, Leon should have been a giveaway that that wasn't the case, but I had only just woken up. If anything that just makes me wish we had a firmer sense of dates for the events in Galar. It's got a lot of history but the timescales are rather vague. We know Leon became a Trainer at age 10, but how old is he now? When did Magnolia discover Dynamax and when did Rose start incorporating that into the League? That sort of thing.
Pokemon Researcher
Feb 1, 2013
Reaction score
This almost got me a little teary eyed. I havent even known this kid for 10 minutes and I already adore his character.

The animation in this series is simply lovely, and I love how the Pokemon look. Corviknight's design was absolutely wonderful.

Can't wait for the next episode.
Sep 28, 2019
Reaction score
This is cute but to be honest I would have preferred if the episode had focused on Bede's backstory with Rose instead. I doubt that we will ever see this kid again which is too bad. Funny how this random character gets an episode while Wally/Mitsuru got no screentime at all in Generations.

I like how Corviknight reacts negatively to Rose but not to the child. Is Corviknight intelligent enough to tell that Rose isn't a good guy unlike the kid who has a pure heart? I wonder how this boy will react when he sees the news that Rose has been arrested for putting all of those people at the stadium in danger and ruining the important battle featuring his idol Leon?
Well-Known Member
May 13, 2014
Reaction score
Like some posts above, I didn't expect this to feel so...fresh and so human compared to how animations and stories in general are usually done in this franchise. It was great to see a new side of Galar's sport culture, with kids that really wanted to go to the stadiums but couldn't. It was a simple yet sad and heartwarming story that I do want to see more of and that works as a prologue to something great.

I wonder if the kids will have grown up in the next episode or if they'll remain the same age (both are fine) and what does the gym leaders and Hop's appearance mean.
Active Member
Sep 8, 2019
Reaction score
Damn, Charizard was looking fierce in this episode. :eek:


More importantly, judging by the fact that there's six more episodes and that montage of Bea, Milo, Nessa, Allister, Hop & Leon - being six people exactly...I'm guessing that they're the COTD for the rest of the series maybe? :unsure:
My Blue Sweetheart
Feb 11, 2010
Reaction score
As someone who's never really been into the short series Pokemon has done before, I wasn't really expecting much out of this. But the first episode was really good!

I was not at all expecting the angle they took of the protagonists being sick children in a hospital, but I really liked it. There's definitely a sadness to it, but it does bring quite a bit of realism, as sad as it is. I've always liked when they are able to interweave the real world and the world of Pokemon. Having it be a very real, human hospital, but you still see Pokemon wandering around or a famous league figure like Chairman Rose visiting the kids, was very cool. And I definitely teared up a bit when we got to see John's drawing on the card.

Seeing Leon, Hop, and some of the gym leaders really got me hyped up! Seeing some of Leon's battle in that huge stadium with the sports atmosphere was so amazing; I hope we get to see some more of that in the next couple of episodes. They all look really nice in this art style too.

Honestly, it didn't feel like six minutes...in a good way. They really were able to fit a lot into those six minutes, both narrative wise and visually. When it ended, I wasn't even really disappointed because I felt so satisfied. I'm only disappointed I have to wait another month for the next episode!

Also, I can't disagree with everyone who's said that this is more appealing right now than the core anime. I think I was more entertained/interested in these six minutes than any of the PM episodes I've watched thus far.
Cute bunny baby
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
Not gonna lie, I legit forgot this was a thing :p But it was really good. It's so great to see a Galar focused series. The only downside is that it's so short. I liked what we got. It was really sweet to see Rose and Oleana visiting the hospitalized children. In the small amount of screen time he got, Leon was just as epic as I expected him to be. Since Bea was battling Leon at Wyndon Stadium (and was straight up called a gym leader), I'm guessing this show is using Sword as canon..........utterly tragic, my son Allister deserves better. Honestly, I hope the episodes will swap back and forth focusing on the Shield leaders in some, and the Sword ones in others. And hopefully my baby Allister will get some focus in another episode. Not to mention the other leaders. It was kind of interesting that they only showed four of them, two being under the same gym. I do hope we'll see Piers. Lastly, MY BOY HOP! Please give him an episode. I need my boy to get some attention.
Jun 24, 2017
Reaction score
I watched it and I was just nonplussed. I don't understand why everyone's giving this an 11 out of 10 when it was mostly mediocre and kind of ugly imo. The mix of CGI with normal animation just looked really off and I actually laughed when that one kid was running down the hall because it looked so weird. I did like a few things though like seeing Chairman Rose and my girl Nessa making her cameo debut, also the dubbed version is surprisingly not that bad... but that's kind of it.
The #1 Deerling Fan!
Aug 10, 2015
Reaction score
I kinda liked everything about this. I mean, it wasn't great, but it's serviceable, and I'm curious to see the rest of TW. The dub, though...not gonna lie, the kids weren't well cast. Don't get me wrong, I love Morgan Berry, but her voice was way too low for Tommy, and John sounded like he was having trouble breathing half the time.