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Two episode titles


Jan 20, 2006
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From Pokeani,
Titles for the one-hour special on April 12 are available now.
The special includes DP28 & DP29.
DP28: フワンテと北風の使い!(Drifloon and the Messenger of North Wind!)
DP29: サトシとヒカリ!タッグバトルで大丈夫!? (Ash and Hikari! No Problem in a Tag Battle!?)

DP28 is a story about the family of Nurse Joy who owns Drifloon.
DP29 is about Ash and Hikari challenging a tag battle.

It is also confirmed that the two-hour special on April 5 contains two episodes (DP26 & DP27) on Hikari challenging the Pokemon Contest in Sonou Town, and a 10th Anniversary reviewing quiz & game corner again.

Moreover, summary of DP30 (Hakutai Forest! Burmy Evolution Operation!!) is out:

Ash & co arrive in the Hakutai Forest, where they meet a woman named Momi (the in-game NPC) and her Chansey. She is searching for the 'Terribly Sweet Honey' inside the forest because she wants to capture a Burmy.

PS: 30 episodes without Team Galactic...where are they?
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Heh, I wonder if the Ash and Hikari tag battle will be like the Ash and May tag battle from Hoenn?

Will we be seeing the return of Oscar and Andi? Will this be "The Bicker, The Better" for D/P? :D

Considering how great these tag battle episodes tend to be, I'm very much looking foward to that episode.
Bah, still no Team Galactic? I'm really hoping that they show up in one of these eppys, as the summaries are pretty vague.

Oh, and Momi appearing?! I'm so happy!

I hope this means all of the double battle guys are appearing, including the girl lost in the cave. She was SOOOOOO cute! ^^
Good. Make Gen appear, dammit!

First tag battle. Should be interesting.

Where is Team Galactic? Are they ignoring them? Or is it something else?
The writers forgot about Team Galatic. Just like they forgot that they had Gary return to Shinou, and there's been no mention of him since.

I've decided to stop speculating and wait it out. Team Galaxy will appear at some point, and if they don't, life goes on. Same for Gary, I guess.
Looks bad... we have loads off specials, which means we almost switched fom 1 weet schedule to 2 weeks - yuck.

I wonder what about ratings.
The writers forgot about Team Galatic. Just like they forgot that they had Gary return to Shinou, and there's been no mention of him since.
The writers rarely mention past characters. I seem to recall a lot of moaning from you about that for May. That doesn't mean they forget their existence.

Let's look at the one thing we know: Gary's base of operations is in Sinnoh. Ash might visit it at one point but that could be at any time between now and the Sinnoh League. The writers have certainly been too busy setting up D/P to rush into it in the first 30 episodes.
Will this be "The Bicker, The Better" for D/P? :D
I hope not.

I'm interested in how the Ash/Hikari relationship will play out in this episode, though. Particularly with the combination of their battle styles.
Will this be "The Bicker, The Better" for D/P? :D
Carnivine, Seviper, Piplup, and Staravia in a Free-For All FTW!

I love that episode? Why the dislike FV?
The episode is fine. PearlShippers using this the way AdvanceShippers used "The Bicker, the Better" for the next four years is what worries me.

I didn't even really take not of the Shipping, I just liked Seviper, Cacnea, Dustox, Skitty, and Corphish beating the crap out of each other.
Well I know Hikari will be leaving in a year or so like May did so I know not to take things to seriously now. Not that I ever shipped Advancedshipping, just speaking on be half of PearlShipping tis all. But the battle episode for Hikari and Ash should be cute at least.
I hope Drifloon drags someone to the depths of hell...

Aw, shucks, I forgot Max ain't here. :(
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