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Two new episode titles

Aug 4, 2006
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Only three episodes between today's Contest with the next official one? Wow.

Really can't wait to see what Kengo looks like, if he really is the rival from the gaems.
But...the rival from the games is named Jun. Kengo isn't even an option. .-.
May 24, 2004
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Time for credits again:
DP023 - [bp=Category:Episodes written by Seishi Togawa]Seishi Togawa[/bp]
DP024 - [bp=Category:Episodes written by Shinzō Fujita]Shinzō Fujita[/bp]
DP025 - [bp=Category:Episodes written by Aya Matsui]Aya Matsui[/bp]
DP026, DP027 - [bp=Category:Episodes written by Atsuhiro Tomioka]Atsuhiro Tomioka[/bp]
Animation Director
DP023, DP027 - [bp=Category:Episodes animated by Izumi Shimura]Izumi Shimura[/bp]
DP024 - [bp=Category:Episodes animated by Kazue Kinoshita]Kazue Kinoshita[/bp] (in other words, the Satoshi VS Pikachu episode will be poorly animated)
DP025 - [bp=Category:Episodes animated by Makoto Shinjō]Makoto Shinjō[/bp]
DP026 - [bp=Category:Episodes animated by Makoto Shinjō]Masaaki Iwane[/bp]
I see I've accurately predicted the animation director for all five of these episodes. I also predict that [bp=Category:Episodes animated by Hiromi Funatsu]Hiromi Funatsu[/bp] will direct DP028.

A little more on-topic: Knowing the anime producers, it's more likely that Kengo is just another anime-only character, like Shinji and Nozomi.
Ben Eary
Feb 20, 2007
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Yes! DP 26 is animated by Iwane. I can bet that Kengo VS Ash will be good.
New Member
Aug 6, 2006
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Yah I think Kego will be just a one shot character too. Drew was in the credits with May this guy is not. Probaly just there to make Ash jealous or some thing, now that would be funXD
I mean Kego and Hikari were friends and he sees this guy named Ash with his friend, he's probaly curious whether or not Ash has feelings for Hikari. Kind of like that Misty Mees her Match episode :p
Vestjysk Gimpe
Jun 1, 2004
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Why're ya'll pairing Hikari and Kengo up?
Really, the guy's interested in Ash. I smell a real pair coming up >D


Quagbert said:
DP024 - Kazue Kinoshita (in other words, the Satoshi VS Pikachu episode will be poorly animated)
Since it seems that Ash will be vs. another Pikachu, it doesn't dissappoint me that much, but I still HATE HATE HATE poorly animated episodes, soo... :<
Jan 4, 2007
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Hmm...the Pika ep has my interest, and so does what appears to be the first two-part Contest ep for our heroine. Can she defeat Piplup's evo? She needs to win now, this is looking rather embarrassing next to when May won her first contest.
Hikari's first two-part contest episode was DP 11 and 12. This is our second.

But, I want to know what Scott's response to the opinion of Hikari's new rival Kengo being the (actual) love interest for Hikari.

Yeah, now that I think about it, it's probalby not Jun, however, it's always possible. Guess will just have to wait until the episode preview.
A black and white world
Jan 1, 2003
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A cake-making pikachu? That reminds me of Magical Pokemon Journey, where a pikachu and a clefairy made cakes.