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Two New PBR Scans!

FINALLY customizable characters.

And I will say one thing for the game, the backgrounds and areas look absolutely gorgeous. Before they were just poorly-textured arenas meant to be someplace for Pokemon to stand on, but it seems a lot of design went into them this time around.
Neato. :D

Looking forward to customize my trainer, whenever I get the game that is. :p
This is so cool, that trainer has a cute Lucario hat on :D

The trio looks so creepy though, especially the eyes. Time for a Simpsons quote!:

"Look at them great, staring eyes!"

"Like saucers they are!"

The trio also looks fat around their waste. I think there's room for improvement around them, but the rest looks great.
So apparently there's less of a "traveling RPG" story mode like Colosseum/XD, and the game is more battle focused like the Stadiums. Appropriately enough, I suppose, since the game is called Battle Revolution. I wonder--since we have less of a hybrid Stadium/RPG and more of a Stadium-focused game in PBR...could we be expecting the fabled full-on Pokemon RPG sometime in the Wii's future?
I hope we can walk around that amuesement park though.
Yeah, I want Minigames! (a musical rhythm game with Korobooshi plz!)

And I want to walk as my custumizable character (I hope they have a Korobooshi outfit, FTR)
I so called it being Stadium 3 ;[
I so called it being Stadium 3 ;[
Stadium 3 is like five to six years old.

...could we be expecting the fabled full-on Pokemon RPG sometime in the Wii's future?
There is apparently one more project that Genius Sonority is working on which hasn't been revealed yet. I, too, hope that it will be a Pokémon RPG.
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hi I'm not from Japan so there are two Stadium games.
We don't have a Pokemon Stadium Three....IN AMERICA!

Anyway, I hope Wifi Connect will offer downloadable costumes.

And hopefully they will throw in some nods to the Anime and past game characters.
Stadium 1 (Japanese version) was so half-assed it should not even be considered a game. 40/151 Pokemon? Geeze.
Character customization? Awesome. Though there's probably going to be a swath of similar-looking characters... ah, well.

I wonder if there will be prize Pokemon?
Custom Characters, sweet. It would be really great if the you could download simple icons (like sports team logos) to help with the variance. *Thinks of a Western/Central Pokemon battle* But that's a bit of a stretch.

Those backgrounds look awesome. I really hope if they're making a full RPG the backgrounds in both battles and the standard environment look that good.
To the right of the first scan with the park on it, you can see part of Jibacoil's Sugi-art.

*hopes they bring back customisable rules and the Prime Cup stadium*


Anyway, customisable trainers, check.
Eevees... probably check that off.

Sorta reminds me of White City, tbh.
Oh well, looks like we're stuck with another battle-battle-battle game with zero story to go with it. At least Genius Sonority's packaged it well.
They could incorporate a story within the Colloseum though.

Need Rentals and Minigames though. I want too be able to use Pokemon I never bothered to raise up high enough!
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