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Notice TWR Awards 2020 [VOTING]

Mar 1, 2015
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Yet another season has passed in The War Room, we’ve had our games come and go, and now it is time to welcome everybody to the 2020 TWR awards! As always, around this time of year we take this opportunity to look back on the past season of TWR, and the moments, games, and players that made the season what it was! It goes without saying that this section of the forum would be nothing without you guys, and as such, we create these awards yearly to commemorate this. Votes will be open until the 14th August at 23:59 BST (A countdown can be found here), please make sure to read the rules below before you vote:

  1. Voters must have completed at least one of this season’s games, either through playing or hosting.
  2. Staff members are eligible to receive awards.
  3. Voters are not permitted to vote for themselves.
  4. You may not vote for best town/mafia performance if you were in that group in that game.
  5. Voting will be public and in this thread only. Voters can only vote for one person/game per category.
  6. Voters can give the reasoning behind their votes with a small explanation, but it's not mandatory.
  7. Two further awards - Best Player and Best Host - will be awarded to the person who accumulated the highest number of votes across the categories of the Player Tier and the Host Tier respectively. Should the winners of the Best Player Award and the Best Host Award win more than half the categories in their respective tier, they would solely win that respective award, and their other awards would go to the person that has garnered the second highest number of votes in those categories.
  8. You are not required to vote in all categories. If you like you can vote in one or you can vote in them all. As long as you vote only once, in each.
  9. If you wish to add to or change your votes after posting, please edit the original post and tag the moderators in a new post to notify them of the change.
  10. Only players whose first ever completed played mafia game was in this season are eligible for the Best New Player award. (See below)
  11. Only hosts whose first ever completed hosted mafia game was in this season are eligible for the Best New Host award. (See below)
  12. For the Most Sportsmanlike Conduct award, players that have subbed out of the game (as part of the sportsmanlike act itself) are eligible.
If you have any questions about what an award means or eligibility, just ask any of the mods.


Mafia Player Tier
-Best Single Town Performance
-Best Single Mafia Performance
-Best New Player
-Best Single Independent Performance
-Best Single Sub In Performance
-Most Sportsmanlike Conduct
-Most Entertaining Player
-Most Strategic Player
-Most Unlucky Player
-Best Save

Non-Mafia Player Tier
-Best Single Player Performance
-Most Entertaining Player
-Most Strategic Player
-Most Sportsmanlike Conduct
-Most Unlucky Player

Mafia Host Tier
-Best New Host
-Most Creative Host
-Most Entertaining Host
-Most Organised Host
-Fair Hosting Award
-Best Flavor Writer
-Best Original Game
-Best Custom Role Creator
-Host of the Best Mafia Game
-Host of the Best Bastard Game

Non-Mafia Host Tier
-Best New Host
-Most Creative Host
-Most Organised Host
-Most Entertaining Host
-Fair Hosting Award
-Host of the Best Non-Mafia Game

The War Room Tier
-Most friendly user
-Most committed user
-TWR Person of the Year

Team Tier
-Best Town Team Performance
-Best Mafia Team Performance
-Best Non-Mafia Team Performance

Mafia Games
kewl mafla - Contrainer
Jumanfia - DekuNut, funnier6
Star Trek Mafia - Zachie, Magnificent Entertainer
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Mafia - Calvinッ
Diamond is Unbreakable Mafia - littlegumball
Portal Mafia - funnier6
The Division Mafia - Pikochu
Build-It! II - Calvinッ
TWR Games Bonanza - Snowy
Pokemon The First Movie Mafia - Snowy, DarthWolf
The War Room Awards Mafia - DarthWolf
Mafia: The Gathering - Planechase - DekuNut
Mafiaholics Anonymous - funnier6
Cells at Work Mafia - ZinnLav, Parissong
Seraph of the End Mafia - ZinnLav, Doctor Floptopus
Pokemon Generation Four Mafia! - Calvinッ, Magnificent Entertainer
War of the Super-Men - DekuNut
A Perfectly Ordinary Game of Mafia - Lone_Garurumon, Crystal Onix
Mentor Mafia Game: Rainbow Rocket Strikes Back - DarthWolf, ZinnLav, Zachie, Magnificent Entertainer
The Best Anime SpongeMafia - funnier6
Hollywood Mafia - DarkGodRasul, DekuNut
One Night Ultimatae Werewolf - DarthWolf

Non Mafia Games
Scrabble - Contrainer
Connect 4 v3 - Max1996
Spyfall - Calvinッ
Secret Eevee - Snowy
War of the Elements v6 - Max1996
The Fantastic Forretress Face-Off - MegaPod
Codenames - Calvinッ
MCH’s Evil Tourney - ReturnofMCH, Lone_Garurumon
Wereword - DarthWolf
Pokemon Generational Murder Mystery - Soulmaster
Pokémon Generations - Find Mew! - Max1996
Pokemon Chess - Acrobatic Crobat
War of the Elements v7 Do-Over - Max1996
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Brutally Honest
Nov 6, 2018
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What does Best Save mean? What's the criteria?
Also who are the new Hosts and Players for this season, it's hard to remember.
Merciless Evaluation
Nov 18, 2014
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Check the Mentor game for new players, since I imagine it would have the highest concentration of new players in any game this season.
Sith Puppy
Dec 6, 2016
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What does Best Save mean? What's the criteria?
Also who are the new Hosts and Players for this season, it's hard to remember.
Best Save refers to those moments where someone did something to save a moment or the game where it would otherwise seem like it was lost. Does that clear it up enough?
I'll try to tackle the latter part later for you.
Last edited:
Sith Puppy
Dec 6, 2016
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The list of eligible new hosts for the mafia tier. The list is also in the OP. If you think you qualify for this, or you think you actually shouldn't be in this category, let us know.
@Crystal Onix
Sith Puppy
Dec 6, 2016
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We have decided to add another award
Best New Host - Non-Mafia Host Tier
This only seems fair with the Mafia Tier also having one and at the same time promoting non-mafia games.
There is only one eligible candidate though, giving an automatic victory by my vote
@Acrobatic Crobat
I've also added a list of eligible new mafia players (it better be worth it, given the time it took to confirm these players were actually new)
@Acrobatic Crobat
@captain chib
@ミ☆ ᴍyᴜᴍᴀ
@Frozen Fennec
@prog rocker
Again, if you think you should or shouldn't be in any of these lists, let us know