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Mafia TWR Games Bonanza - Endgame: Mafia win - Epilogue Complete

Standing Out
Dec 9, 2015
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real ballsy of you to toy with both teams like that when we're guaranteed to still have a Night Phase

I wonder if an angry Vigi/scumteam will go after you for giving them a mini heart attack/trying to bait them View attachment 125571
Eh, at this point in the game vig has bigger fish to fry, and let's face it, there's people trying way harder to solve this game than I am, with better roles than me, that would be more pressing NKs at this point in time.
@Lone_Garurumon Did you feel funny last night?
Well I guess I was a kinda sleepy on account of accidentally staying up until two, but I get the feeling that's not what you're referring to. I was told absolutely nothing in my role PM since I get the feeling that's what you were referring to.
May 30, 2012
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Eh, at this point in the game vig has bigger fish to fry, and let's face it, there's people trying way harder to solve this game than I am, with better roles than me, that would be more pressing NKs at this point in time.

Well I guess I was a kinda sleepy on account of accidentally staying up until two, but I get the feeling that's not what you're referring to. I was told absolutely nothing in my role PM since I get the feeling that's what you were referring to.
How do you accidentally stay up to 2?
Head of Engineering
Dec 19, 2009
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Vote: Contrainer

I was roleblocked again last night :/.

Forgot I quoted this. You ignored my question on if you could confirm calvin used the Lrod
I think you are asking if I was redirected to Calvin on Night 1. I don't know if it was redirected, since I only get results if my action fails. I targeted FinalArcadia on N1 though, for what it's worth.
You can lynch me idc
But I'd rather Vote: jdthebud
And why is that?
Mechatronics Expert
Nov 18, 2014
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Please, make a case, anything.

Also, while I am here, Flavor update. Did not get as much work done on the Flavor as I had intended to this past weekend because of the sheer amount of time I spent at the currency exchange attempting to get new license plates for the van I acquired from my parents, and then the subsequent migraine that I got both from stress and exhaustion.
I finally got over the migraine today, and decided to spend the evening with my wife instead of writing Flavor.

Day one Flavor is up, though, and I’ve gotten a good chunk of Night one flavor written. I hope to have some time tomorrow night to work on more, but I did promise to start doing a bit of cleaning.
Bored and Boring
Apr 5, 2016
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Contrainer, just saying, not sure if you’ve been paying attention, but if you’re really Town your lynch will cost you and your team the game.
Day 5: The Terrible Trap
Minty fresh.
Oct 16, 2013
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Day 5: The Terrible Trap

The following morning, the remaining players gathered together except for jdthebud.
"Where's FinalArcadia?" wondered ExLight.
"And jd?" added Officer Snake.
Contrainer chuckled.
"Please," he said, scoffing, "if the past two days are any indication, FinalArcadia will come running out of the elevator and have some sort of evidence against jd."
"...so now you think FinalArcadia is guilty?" asked Pika_Pika42.
"It's the most logical conclusion at this point," mused Midorikawa.
"Let's not get too hasty," said Lone_Garurumon, "why don't we split up and try to find FinalArcadia and jd?"

As the group began to divide up, however, SoaringDylan and AussieEevee walked into the room.
"Glad you're all here," said AE, "we've just gotten word from Maniacal Engineer that FinalArcadia is out of the game."
"...and why isn't the big admin here to tell us that, himself?" demanded DarthWolf.
"He called me up, said something about the fate of the forums being at stake, and muttered about testing some new gizmo," said Dylan, rolling his eyes, "I'll see if I can track him down."

The Super Moderator and game host departed, leaving the players in an awkward situation.

"Well now," said ExLight, folding his arms and staring at Contrainer, "you're not looking so good right now. You pushed MegaPod hard yesterday, and now you've tried to distract us by pushing against FinalArcadia, when you knew she couldn't defend herself!"
"Hang on now," said Contrainer, "what about jdthebud? He hasn't even shown up yet today. That's very suspicious!"
"...that is true," concurred DarthWolf, "ME probably would have let Dylan know that jd was dead too if jd had been killed last night."
"Why don't you and I go check out jd's room," suggested Lone.
"Works for me," agreed Darth.

The F&G mods headed out.

jdthebud had been working all night, and was nearly done with his invention. A ray gun that would relay the thoughts of the target to the wielder of the weapon. He stretched for a moment, catching a glimpse of the clock. He nearly fell out of his chair when he saw what time it was.
"Damn!" he shouted, "I'm late!"
The engineer stood up and ran to his door, but when he tried to open it, he found that it had been locked. He was trapped. Stuck in his own room.
"Okay," he thought, "this is bad, but I can get out of this."
He pulled out his cellphone, intent on calling the F&G mods, but his phone was not detecting any signal.
"Well, that ain't good," he said.
jd paced about his room, looking around for anything he could use to unlock the door.

As Darth and Lone waited for the elevators to take them to the higher floors, they struck up a conversation.
"So, what did you end up doing with that bill from Mido yesterday?" asked LG.
"Oh, I paid her," assured the Sith Puppy, "Rainbow Cloud approved the expense."
"You know how we should get back at her?" prompted the Aussie.
"How?" asked Darth.
"We should bring her in as an F&G mod," chuckled Lone, "then she'll have to deal with the same bullshit we put up with constantly."
Darth laughed.
"Not a bad idea," he said, ruffling his pink hair, "but I think we've got too many staff members for that at the moment. Especially with ME still hanging around."

At that moment, the elevator door finally dinged and opened. The duo entered.

Dylan found Maniacal Engineer lurking by The Situation Room's pool, he was wearing his sunglasses, and appeared to be logged into the ACP. A frown was on his face, and he muttered something that sounded like: "you've gotta be fucking kidding ME."
Dylan walked up to the admin, and reached into his pocket, pulling out the scrap of paper ME had dropped.
"Up to no good as usual," he said, offering the paper back to the engineer.
The admin looked over at the Super Mod and accepted the paper.
"I have no idea what you're talking about," he said, "and I'm kinda busy at the moment."
The Super Mod shrugged.
"Whatever you say," he said, and walked away.
As soon as he left, a slight smirk appeared on ME's face, as he pocketed the paper.

"Look, I'm telling you that, regardless of jd being scum or not, Contrainer is guilty," pushed ExLight, "he remained in the background long enough to allow MegaPod to crucify himself, and was hoping to gain massive townie points for busting him."
"But how would that even work?!" exclaimed Contrainer, "once MegaPod flipped Town, wouldn't that make me look bad? Exactly like I do right now. I wouldn't gain townie points for leading a mislynch on a Town member!"
"On the contrary," chimed in Officer Snake, "since you pursued the lynch so aggressively, and since MegaPod was a credible threat to the Town, you had plausible deniability moving forward, and it would appear as though you were trying to eliminate someone very anti-town."
"That's a very good point," agreed Pika_Pika42.
"Wha-bu," stuttered Contrainer, "this is absolute nonsense! How can any of you possibly believe that?! Look, jd is the most suspicious right now. We should go after him."
"Distancing yourself from your scumbuddy isn't going to save him after your flip," said Ex.

Contrainer looked over to Midorikawa, attempting to appeal to reason.
"Surely you don't believe this hornswoggling," he said, desperately.
Mido thought for a moment, looking between Contrainer, who was sweating profusely, and ExLight, who nodded encouragingly.
"Actually," she said, "I find this theory to be very well founded and well reasoned."
"...you've gotta be kidding me," sighed the kewl player, facepalming.

As he sank against one of the walls, resigned to his fate, his thoughts rambled at about a hundred miles per hour.
"Okay," he thought, "this is bad, but at least I have my backup plan."
Unconsciously, he glanced up at the ventilation system.
"It's a bit harsh, but hopefully it will buy the Town the time they need to figure out what's going on here."

Darth and Lone arrived at jd's room. The Dutch mod raised his fist and knocked on the door. A loud thud was heard from in the room, before they heard scrambling.
"jd?" asked Lone, cautiously, trying the door knob. It was locked.
"jd, it's Darth and Lone," said Darth, "let us in!"
"I can't," came back the muffled reply from within, "the door is locked."
The F&G mods looked at each other, dumbfounded.
"...uhhhh, jd, you can't lock a hotel room from the outside," explained Lone.
"I know!" shouted jd, pounding his fist against the wall, "but somebody did. Please let me out of here."
"Door's locked at this end, too," said DarthWolf, "but I'm sure ME can help out with this. We'll go get him."
"Don't go anywhere," said the Goofy mod, snickering a bit.
"Ha ha, very funny," said the frustrated engineer. How was he supposed to get out of ME's shadow when he needed ME to bail him out?

Having summarily decided to lynch Contrainer, even in the absence of Lone, Darth, and jd, the remaining players took their decision to AussieEevee.
"Okay," said the game host, "I'll let ME know."

He pulled out his cellphone and dialed up the admin's number.
"Yo," said the admin, picking up after the first ring, "I'm a little busy right now, so please make this quick."
"Busy, sure," said the fluffy Pokemon, "what drink are you on now?"
"None, if you must know" said the mad scientist, impatiently "I've been attending to important admin business. What do you need?"
Taken aback by ME's bluntness, AE told him about the players' decision. There was a moment of silence.
"Okay," said the AdMEnistrator, "I'll take care of that in exactly five minutes. In the meantime, please text Dylan and put on the masks I left for you both under the third stool at the bar."
He hung up, leaving a very confused Eevee, who followed ME's instructions and texted Dylan.
The two of them met up at the entrance to the bar, and walked over to the third stool.
Dylan reached under it and pulled out a pair of gas masks.
"What?" asked AE.
"Don't question it," said Dylan, slipping on the mask. AE shrugged and followed suit.
Dylan glanced at his watch. Five seconds later, gas canisters concealed in the hotel's ventilation system began venting their contents into every room.
All across the hotel, the players were immediately knocked out. Instantly, the windows were all remotely accessed, and the gas was vented from the building.
AE pulled off his mask and immediately redialed the admin.
"ME, you maniac!" he shouted, as soon as the admin picked up.
"Wasn't ME," replied the former F&G Boss, "Contrainer rigged a trap that would automatically trigger the canisters as soon as he was sent to the lava-tory."

The game host and Super Mod wandered through the hotel, seeing all the unconscious players.
"...well, I guess things are paused for the moment," AussieEevee said.
"They'll be okay," assured the engineer, "it's just a little knockout gas. They should wake up in about 12 hours. In the meantime, I can catch up on some important admin work."
"...you mean you actually do work?" asked an exasperated Dylan.
"Har har," said the admin, "very funny."
"How'd you know about the gas?" wondered the game host.
"ACP," explained the mad scientist, "I can keep an eye on everything going on with this baby."
"...that seems a tad broken," muttered AE.
"Perks of being an admin," said ME, smugly, "oh. I should probably unlock jd's room before everyone wakes up." He hung up.
"...I can't believe they promoted him," sighed Dylan.

Contrainer was lynched. He was
Dear Contrainer,

You are Beans from Hunter x Hunter Mafia. Beans was originally played by Funnier6. Hunter x Hunter Mafia was hosted by jdthebud in February 2018.

Hunter x Hunter Mafia said:
funnier6, you are Beans.


Beans is the personal secretary of the Chairman of the Hunter's Association. He is hardworking and very dedicated to his role.

You are very enthusiastic and good at your job, and anyone who is part of the day-to-day operations of the Hunter's Association knows you are an indispensable lynchpin.

As such, you are the Secretary. If you are lynched or killed, the following night phase will be skipped.

You are aligned with the Hunter's Association, and win when all forces opposing it are dead, while at least one member is alive.
You are the secretary. If you are lynched or killed, the following phase will be skipped.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop this from happening
Beans from Hunter x Hunter Mafia, originally hosted by jdthebud. The town secretary.

It is now Day 5. Phase ends at 0:00 on the 28th of September 2019.

If scum is not lynched this phase, this WILL be the last phase of the game.
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Bored and Boring
Apr 5, 2016
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that explains a lot
although I still wish contrainer had elaborated his readlist more
Standing Out
Dec 9, 2015
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At least it's not the worst fuck up that could've been made. At the very least there's one final shot at this.

Officer Snake

Looking at this, at least one scum member is playing a solid power-wolf game. They should ideally be the last one we try and take down, once the pools shrunk so they're easier to identify.
At this point Snake truly seems like the most probable one here, with jd up at second place. Whichever one you guys wanna go for I'll follow, but they seem most likely.
Bored and Boring
Apr 5, 2016
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I agree with a massclaim.

I'm the 1x Bodyguard, my role was slightly altered.

I didn't use my shot yet.
Bored and Boring
Apr 5, 2016
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Did everyone claim their submitted games too?
May 30, 2012
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For Pete’s Sake!

Why can’t anyone actually claim properly?

Well at least we have another lynch phase.

My game was eeveelution. It was Xinnlavs role.