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Mafia TWR Games Bonanza - Endgame: Mafia win - Epilogue Complete

Bored and Boring
Apr 5, 2016
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when his role had a useful effect upon death
it was useful for whoever killed them
if he was killed during the Night Phase then Day phase would be skipped and Mafia could kill again

Yeah so that's the thing. I stated my suspicion on FA explicitly in the case mafia knew my role so they wouldn't think I'd target FA as I didn't trust her. Yet you still went for it. Why?
eh, just because someone says they don't trust someone doesn't mean they're telling the truth
she was the optimal choice anyway

Why does everyone hate me and want to kill me:cry:
lmao they don't hate you :bulbaLove:
they're just afraid of your high skill
Sith Puppy
Dec 6, 2016
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Lol. I find that I get suspected more as town than mafia. Though I think that’s because I play more recklessly as town.
Exactly this. Although I've made some reckless moves you can only make as scum. I'm mkre consistently reckless as town I guess.
eh, just because someone says they don't trust someone doesn't mean they're telling the truth
she was the optimal choice anyway
Well I didn't keep the strongman in mind then so it makes sense that you shot her.
It's funny how you said you wanted to get as much info but what did you do with it? You found doc but didn't do anything with it
Epilogue: Victorious Return
Mechatronics Expert
Nov 18, 2014
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Thank you all for your patience. Flavor text is now completed. Please make sure to read all of the Endgame Flavor Text, and enjoy the epilogue, below.
Once again, I apologize for this taking so long, and I hope that the story ends up being worth the wait.

Epilogue: Victorious Return

Maniacal Engineer strolled out of the F&G Administration Building, accompanied by DarthWolf, Lone_Garurumon, and SoaringDylan.
With one last wave, he activated his personal teleporter, and vanished.

"Well, there he goes again," said Lone_Garurumon.
"Good riddance," muttered DarthWolf.

ME reappeared just outside of the Admin Sanctum. He entered his code into the panel on the outer wall, placed his hand on the scanner, and was admitted into the admin territory. As he input his digital card into the reader to extend the drawbridge to cross the moat to get into the Administration Headquarters Building, he noticed the moat's inhabitants seemed slightly restless.
"Not this time," he chuckled, tossing the sharks with laser beams on their heads a severed limb from a nearby bucket.

He whistled merrily as he crossed the bridge and entered the building. Immediately as the door opened, four sets of eyes glared at him.
"Hey guys," said the engineer, cheerfully, as he hanged his trench coat on the rack.
"Well, well, well," said Zexy, "look who finally decided to show up."
"Are you finally done lollygagging in F&G?" asked diamondpearl867.
"Hey, now," said ME, "lollygagging is quite the accusation."
"If the boot fits," remarked Neo Blaze.
"Come on now, guys," sighed Hidden Mew, "let's at least give him the benefit of the doubt."
"Thank you," said the mad scientist, nodding at the senior admin.
"Fine," said an exasperated Zexy, "let's have a formal performance review."
Blaze and DP agreed, and the group moved into the large conference room on the top floor. Momentous decisions were made in this room. People's fates were decided, and the future of the forum was deliberated.

Maniacal Engineer looked around the table. Hidden Mew sat at the head, usually reserved for the Head Administrator. Zexy, diamondpearl876, and Neo Blaze flanked her, and he was by himself at the foot of the table.
"...where's Enzap?" he wondered.
"Enzap is currently in a meeting with the rest of the senior staff members," replied Neo Blaze, "we're still working out the details of his recent promotion."
"...which you would have known if you'd been at the office lately," added Zexy snidely.
"And you needed me to do what, exactly?" asked ME, reclining in his seat.
"...well, nothing," muttered Zexy, "the workload was very manageable, but that's not the point."
"It kinda is," retorted the mad scientist, "because that means that I was more productive by being out in the field than I would have been if I'd stayed in the office."
"Still," said DP876, "you know how abrupt the transition of power was between dig and Enzap. It would have been nice to have an additional set of hands to help dealing with the consequences of that."
"What consequences, DP?" asked ME, "if you're talking about us figuring out our particular roles on the admin staff, might I point out that, since we were just promoted, we were kinda trying to determine that, anyway. Besides, by taking decisive action, I've designated myself as the admin for fieldwork and special projects."
"Decisive action?! Fieldwork?!" scorned Zexy, "you goofed around in F&G for a week, and that's what you're calling it?"
"I happened to be following up on the recent bout of pranks that had been happening in Fun and Games, thank you very much," said the Chicagoan, "it so happened that, while I was in the office with Dylan, delivering the paperwork and the final admin verdict, he got a call about another possible prank war. Naturally, since we had a vested interest in nipping that in the bud, I made the decision to stick around and assist the F&G staff in this matter, lending them admin authority and my personal experience as the former Section Head of F&G."
"...and how long did it take you to determine that the so-called second set of pranks was just an overreaction?" asked Hidden Mew, looking up from the pad she had been taking notes in.
"Well, Dylan and I headed straight to The Situation Room, and discovered immediately that the hubbub was just over a new Mafia game being created by AussieEevee," replied the engineer.
"...so, in other words, you resolved the issue in about five minutes," said Neo Blaze, dryly.
"Yes, and no," said ME, "there was no threat of pranks from AussieEevee, but I noticed that a few of the users who were joining his game seemed to be up to no good, and that's why I stuck around."
"And did it turn out that they were up to no good?" asked diamondpearl.
"Aye," affirmed the mad scientist, "they tried hiding axes and explosives in rooms that their fellow users were staying in for the duration of the game. Luckily, I was able to prevent any deaths from occurring due to these incidents, and everything resumed as normal when the game ended. Rest assured, I dealt with the responsible users, as well."
"But you should have consulted with us as soon as you noticed what was happening," chided Hidden Mew.
"It wasn't necessary," said the engineer, shaking his head, "a quick phone call to Enzap explained the situation, and I got his okay to stay for as long as I deemed necessary. I didn't want to get the whole admin team involved, since, as y'all so eloquently brought up, it's been a little hectic here because of the recent power transfer."

The AdMEnistrator leaned back and plopped his feet up on the conference table.
"Are we done here, yet?" he asked, "I could really use a drink, and I should get back to my lab. I've almost figured out how to boost the power of my mini-battery without decreasing its lifespan."
Zexy's mouth dropped.
"Y-y-you," he stuttered.
ME sighed.
"Zexy, you knew exactly what you were getting into when you promoted me," he said, "and you chose to do it, anyway. If you have a problem with my particular style of doing things, take it up with the bossman."
With that, the engineer stood up and walked out of the room, leaving stunned silence behind.
"...well, I guess meeting adjourned," said Hidden Mew, sheepishly.

Having returned home for the night, Maniacal Engineer sat at his desk, typing on his laptop with one hand and holding a bottle of New Glarus Spotted Cow in the other. Since moving into the admin residency, his accommodations had vastly improved. He mused about the events of the past week as he sipped his beer. Things were certainly going according to plan.
His thoughts were interrupted, as the giant television screen on his wall powered on of its own accord. Immediately, ME sprang to attention, nearly dropping his beer, as a shadowy figure appeared on the monitor.
"You didn't tell me you were coming back," said the mysterious entity, chidingly, "I could have arranged for a much less confrontational welcome."
"Hey, it was no sweat," said the engineer, waving his hand dismissively, "I had them all eating out of my hand before the performance review was over."
"It was still a breach of protocol," reminded the figure, "you haven't forgotten the terms of our arrangement, have you?"
"No," said the mad scientist, quickly, "not at all. I just heard that you were busy and that things are a little chaotic right now. I figured you wouldn't want me to bother you when I could handle things myself. That's all."
"Good," said the shadowy being, "I would hate to hit a snag at this critical juncture. I know you'd have preferred to keep a lower profile and remain the Fun and Games Section Head, but Zexy was proving to be more inept than I had anticipated, necessitating your promotion."
"I completely understand," said the admin, "whatever role you need me to play in the mission, you can count on me."
"Glad to hear it," said the voice, "because there are great plans in the works for you. Great plans, indeed."
ME gulped, as the figure leaned closer to the screen.
"So now," said the shadowy being, "what news do you have to report?"
Maniacal Engineer smiled and pulled the scrap of paper from his pocket.
"The very best," he said, "Dylan has passed the test."
"Excellent," said the mysterious being, "he will be of great use to us."
"Shall I begin to arrange for his recruitment and promotion?" asked the admin, rubbing his hands together.
"Not yet," replied the unknown entity, "we have enough rookie admins as is, and moving so fast would draw unnecessary suspicion."
"So, where should we go from here?" inquired the engineer.
"I want you to carry on as you have been, and continue to excel in your new position," answered the mysterious shadow, "you passed the admin trial with flying colors and faster than any other admin in Bulba history, but you cannot rest on your laurels."
"So you want me to start pitching in and doing actual admin work," surmised the AdMEnistrator.
"There are a couple of special projects in the works," the figure revealed, "leading and coordinating those projects will allow you to distinguish yourself from your fellow admins. That will help advance our cause."
"I understand," confirmed ME, "I will not fail you."
"I know you won't, my boy," stated the figure, fondly, "I am aware of your capabilities, and I am very glad to have someone of your skill at my disposal. I'm proud of you."
"Thank you," said the engineer, slightly embarrassed, "that means a lot coming from you."
"Very well," said the shadowy entity, "I will take my leave of you. There are other matters I must attend to. Good work, as always."

The television shut down as the transmission was terminated.

Maniacal Engineer walked over to his fridge, grabbed another beer, and sat down on his recliner. As he turned on the TV to watch Jurassic Park, ME smirked.

Things were about to get very interesting.