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Mafia: TWR Games Bonanza - Endgame: Mafia win

Night 0: Let The Games...Begin
Vee Vee Eeeeveee!
Oct 16, 2013
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Night 0: Let The Games...Begin

Maniacal Engineer strode into the Fun and Games Administration Building as if he still owned the place. Truth be told, his promotion to admin meant that he'd given up direct control of Fun and Games, but he still popped by often enough to pester the staff members there.
He walked over to the reception desk, where DarthWolf was sitting, finishing a stack of waffles. The moderator looked up as the admin approached, and ME burst into laughter at his pink hair.
"What the heck happened to your hair?!" he asked, tears streaming down his face.
"...somebody pranked me," grumbled the master of waffles, still very sore about the subject. No matter how many times he washed his hair, the dye wouldn't come out.
"Oh yeah," said the mad scientist, standing up straight again, and barely managing to keep a straight face, "the pranking spree is actually what brought ME here today. Where's Dylan?"
"Upstairs," said the Dutch mod, gesturing with his thumb, "since you've abandoned us, I mean moved on to bigger and better things, he's taken up residence in your old office."
ME raised his eyebrow, but decided not to comment on Darth's derisive comment.

As he walked toward the elevator, he reached into his trench coat pocket, looking for the official documents he was supposed to be delivering to the sectional Super Moderator. As he pulled out the file, a loose scrap of paper fell from his pocket onto the ground.
"Hey wait!" called Darth, running over to grab the dropped paper, and attempting to stop the engineer, but it was too late. The elevator doors closed, carrying the engineer to the upper level.
The pink haired moderator looked at the scrap of paper he'd picked up.

"Masterfully Evil Plan," he read, "well, that doesn't bode poorly at all..."

The Dutch moderator pocketed the paper, resolving to look over it in more detail later. If Maniacal Engineer was plotting a nefarious scheme, he wanted to be the one who busted him!

Arriving at the office of SoaringDylan, Maniacal Engineer waltzed right in without knocking. The Super Moderator didn't even look up from his computer screen.
"Come right in, ME," he said sarcastically, "make yourself right at home."
The mad scientist walked over to the bar, poured himself a drink, sat down in one of the cushy chairs, and propped his feet up on Dylan's desk.
The Dutch Super Moderator rolled his eyes at ME's typical behavior.
"Careful, ME," he said, still not looking over at his guest/intruder, "one of these days I may outrank you."
The admin laughed.
"Like that would ever happen," he said, jokingly, taking a sip of his beverage.

Dylan finished up the report he was working on and closed his laptop, turning to face Maniacal Engineer for the first time since his arrival and noticing the drink in his hands.
He sighed.
"I don't know why you bother keeping your whiskey here," the Super Moderator said, "don't the admin bars have a better selection, anyway?"
"Of course they do," said ME, waving his hand dismissively, "but that's not the point. The point is that I like to have a stash available wherever I go."
Dylan rolled his eyes, decided, wisely, to drop the subject, and get to the matter at hand.
"So," he said, "what're the final numbers looking like after the prank wars?"
The engineer plopped the report up on Dylan's desk.
The Super Mod scanned the important details.
"No lasting damage done, but this is definitely something we'd like to avoid in the future," said ME, as Dylan read, "we've decided not to proceed with disciplinary actions against Lone_Garurumon, despite the fact that his carelessness started the fiasco."
Dylan nodded.
"I've had him on spam filter cleaning duty nonstop for the past week," the Dutch Super Mod stated, "I figured dealing with the stench of decaying spambots is punishment enough."
"Good man," said the engineer, raising his glass before taking another sip.

The duo sat in silence for a few moments, with ME occasionally drinking from his tumbler glass.
"...so," said the admin, "how've things been going since my promotion?"

AussieEevee wandered into The Situation Room, with a dangerous glint in his eyes. In his hand was a list of all of the games ever hosted in The War Room. He sat down at the bar, ordered a drink, and began underlining a few of the games while muttering to himself.
"Oh yes," he mumbled, underlining another game, "I think this one will do nicely."
He chuckled quietly as he schemed, drawing the attention of one of the bar's other occupants, Contrainer. Having witnessed firsthand the destructiveness of the Prank War, and believing AussieEevee to be planning another round of pranks, he quickly dialed up the F&G Admin Building.

"Fun and Games Administration Building, this is Rainbow Cloud speaking," said RC through Contrainer's phone, "what can we help you with today?"
"I think AussieEevee is planning another round of pranks," reported Contrainer, "he's currently in The Situation Room, and is acting very suspicious."
"Okay," said Rainbow Cloud, "we'll check it out immediately."

The phone rang on Dylan's desk, interrupting his conversation with ME.
The Super Mod picked up.
"Yes?" he said, and listened for a moment, "okay, I'll go investigate right away."
He hung up, and stood up from his desk.
"AussieEevee seems to be planning another round of pranks," he explained to his guest, "he's in The Situation Room. I'm going to check it out."
The admin finished his beverage in one last gulp and also stood up.
"I'll come with you," he said, "I've been bored out of my skull lately, anyway."
The duo exited out from Dylan's office and went out into the streets of Random Messages, wondering what sort of nonsense awaited them this time.

Role PMs are going out... now.

Due to the smaller than intended size of the game, this game is now NOC.

Day 1 starts on the 15th of September at 0:00 AWST.
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Day 1 begins: Meddling Staffers
Vee Vee Eeeeveee!
Oct 16, 2013
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Day 1: Meddling Staffers

Upon exiting the F&G Admin Building, Dylan turned to head toward the RM Light Rail station, but ME grabbed him by the shoulder.
"Hang on a sec," he said, "let's travel my way. It'll be much faster."
Before Dylan could object, Maniacal Engineer pressed a button on a clunky looking wrist watch on his right arm, and the duo disappeared.

They reappeared a few steps from the entrance to The Situation Room. Dylan stumbled forward as the mad scientist released his grip.
"Well, I'd call that a successful test," he said, pulling out a digital notepad and jotting something down.
Dylan shook his head to snap himself out of shock.
"A test?!" he exclaimed, "A TEST?!"
"Yep," said the admin, nodding, "I've never actually transported myself with another living object before."
"I COULD HAVE DIED!!!!!" shouted the Super Moderator.
"That outcome was statistically impossible," lectured ME, "after all, I based the transporter tech in my watch off of the very reliable transporter I had in my bionic arm. "
Still slightly fuming, the Dutch staffer decided to just let it go and carry on with the business at hand.

The duo entered The Situation Room and glanced around. Sure enough, in the corner at the bar was AussieEevee, doodling on a napkin and chuckling to himself. Dylan pulled up on the stool to his right, and ME plopped down on the stool to his left, signalling the bartender for a beer.

"Howdy there, AE," said the engineer, as the bartender slid the beer down the counter and into his hand, "what are you working on over there?"
The Australian jumped up at the intrusion, having been so engrossed in his task that he'd forgotten where he was and hadn't noticed the arrival of the staffers.
"Not planning on starting another Prank War, are you?" asked Dylan.
"Definitely not!" said AE, firmly, "I remember the embarrassment that blasted whoopee cushion caused me during the last wave of pranks. Not to mention the fact that, somehow, someone managed to break into my house to plant that whoopee cushion. I am not crazy enough to start another cascade of pranks and mischief. Though I wouldn't put it passed him."

The Australian pointed at Maniacal Engineer, who was doing his best to look innocent, and failing miserably.
"The admins don't want another Prank War," he said, simply.
"What are you working on, anyway?" inquired Dylan, quickly changing the subject back to the original matter.
"Oh, just an idea for a new Mafia game," said AE, unfolding the list he'd created, and smoothing out the napkins he'd been doodling on.
The admin and Super Mod looked over his shoulders.
"Interesting," said the mad scientist, "this looks like it could be fun. I want in."
"As do I," declared the master of sockpuppets.
AE sighed, as the staffers co-opted their way into his game.
"I don't have much of a choice about this, do I?" he said, resignedly.

DarthWolf sat in his office, examining the piece of paper dropped by Maniacal Engineer. In addition to its sinister title of "Masterfully Evil Plan," there were a lot of complicated mathematical calculations scrawled on the sheet. It was completely indecipherable to the moderator. In fact, attempting to understand the numbers was just giving him a massive headache. He decided to go help Lone with cleaning the spam filters, instead, taking pity on his colleague.

The following day, AussieEevee made an announcement.
Hello, and welcome to the TWR Games Bonanza, a celebration of The War Room, and all its glory.

This game is in the Bonanza format. That means you submit to me a character, and I randomise the list of characters to get what faction they belong to. After that appropriate roles are assigned.

In this game, when you sign up, submit to me one of YOUR games that you have hosted here at TWR. You can do this via the forums VIA PRIVATE MESSAGE, or Discord. It must be a mafia game, must be a game you have hosted or cohosted, and must be complete, not in the queue, in development , cancelled or in progress.

When do submit this, please include a link to the game.

What I will do then, is… after I have RNGed the list, I will choose a character from that game that is appropriate for the faction (You won’t see an independent doctor, for example)

Please note that TWR Games Bonanza is not bastard. Meaning that only non-bastard roles from bastard games will be considered.

If you have not successfully hosted a completed game yet, you may choose and submit a game hosted by myself, or my moderator on duty (@?)

All submitted games will be listed in this post, as they are going to be part of the flavour.
You may talk about what game you submitted, but you may not talk about what game your character is from, nor may you talk about who hosted the game. You may not drop any hints towards your games moderator on duty either. The games location in this list is not alignment indicative… and will simply reflect the order in which the games were submitted.
Intrigued, several people stopped to listen to the announcement, and signed their names on the dotted line, to indicate their participation. It had been a while since a player participation game had happened, and they were looking forward to what the Australian had up his sleeve.
With the signatures and player submissions in hand, AE took the lists back to The Situation Room bar, where he hammered out the final details of his game...with Dylan and Maniacal Engineer looking over his shoulder the whole time.
After several hours, the game was complete.
It was time to play!

It is now day 1. Phase ends in 49 hours, at 0:00 on the 17th September 2019 AWST

(I'm starting the phase an hour early as I might not be here in an hour)
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Claiming clarification
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Oct 16, 2013
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@AussieEevee Rules say game submission claiming is allowed, but claiming what game your character is from is not. Since we can't claim what specific game the character is from, can we say "I'm the Miller, I'm from Calvin's game." as an example?
No. You cannot claim your host, game, or anything regarding your character. The only claiming you can do is role, team and which game YOU submitted. (You also cannot say if you got the role from your own submission)
Day 1 Votals
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Oct 16, 2013
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Stop stop stop. Wait wait! Hold it!

… I have the votals.

Max1996 4: Megapod, Pikochu, DarthWolf, FinalArcadia
Midorikawa 0:
Calvin 0:
Lone_Garurumon 0:
Megapod 1: Exlight
ZinnLav 1: Max1996
Officer Snake 0:
Pika_pika42 0:
Contrainer 1: jdthebud
DarthWolf 1:, Zinnlav
Jdthebud 1: Midorikawa
FinalArcadia 1:Officer Snake
Pikochu 0:
Exlight 1: Pika_pika42
AussieEevee 0:
Not Voting 3: Lone_Garurumon,, Calvin,, Contrainer
Current Lynch target: Max1996

You may now carry on. There is 24 hours (+15 minutes) left in this phase.
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Clarification 2
Vee Vee Eeeeveee!
Oct 16, 2013
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This question came up again, so I just want to state it very clearly to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

You can discuss submissions, you can confirm what game you submitted, you may talk about the roles in your game, and speculate on which role came from which game. You may also claim your own role.

The only claiming you cannot do is your character name, or the game your character came from. You cannot claim who hosted your game either.

For example, I cannot tell you that I am Doctor Tommy Oliver. I cannot tell you that my character is from Superhero Bonanza 2. I cannot tell you that my game was hosted by AussieEevee.

However, I can discuss whether or not Fruit Bowl mafia was submitted by Magnificent Entertainer, and whether or not the Orange character is in the game. No one can confirm if they have the Orange character or that they received Fruit Bowl Mafia, but I can speculate it.

I hope this clears up any confusion regarding claiming. Please let me know via your role PMs or discord if you have more questions.
Night 1: Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings
Vee Vee Eeeeveee!
Oct 16, 2013
Reaction score

Max1996 9: Megapod, Pikochu, DarthWolf, FinalArcadia, Pika_pika42, Lone_Garurumon, Exlight, Calvin, Contrainer
Midorikawa 0:
Calvin 0:
Lone_Garurumon 0:
Megapod 0:
ZinnLav 1: Max1996
Officer Snake 0:
Pika_pika42 0:
Contrainer 1: Midorikawa
DarthWolf 1:, Zinnlav
Jdthebud 0:
FinalArcadia 1:Officer Snake
Pikochu 0:
Exlight 0:
AussieEevee 0:
Not Voting 1:,, jdthebud
Current Lynch target: Max1996

Night 1: Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings

The roles and factions were quickly distributed under the watchful eyes of AussieEevee and SoaringDylan. Maniacal Engineer, meanwhile, had stepped away to, as he put it: "attend to some important admin business." Dylan was pretty sure he had seem the mad scientist snoozing in one of The Situation Room's rental suites.

Meanwhile, the players, split off into different groups to chat among themselves.
DarthWolf and Lone_Garurumon, having arrived together after finishing cleaning the spam filters, sat down at one of the booths in TSR's bar.
"Thanks for helping me out with those spam filters," LG said, "the stench was getting unbearable."
"You'd think that you'd have gotten used to it after a while," mused DarthWolf, tapping his chin thoughtfully.
Truth be told, he'd only joined the game as a pretense for keeping an eye on Maniacal Engineer, being convinced that the AdMEnistrator was up to no good.
"Nah," said the Aussie mod, shaking his head. "Unfortunately, they all have unique stenches, so it's impossible to get used to it."
"That sucks," remarked Darth, casually.

Pika_Pika42 and Pikochu plopped themselves down at the bar and began their standard argument over who the "real" Pikachu was.
"Clearly it's me!" remarked Pikochu, "my name is a lot closer to the actual Pokemon's name!"
"Nonsense!" countered Pika_Pika42, "you substituted an 'o' for an 'a'. Pikachu's iconic cries involve saying variants of 'Pika' over and over again. Therefore, I am the real Pikachu."
"Not so fast," declared Pikochu, "a lot of Pikachu's cried also involve shouting the 'chu' over and over again, but that's completely absent from your name. Also, since when do Pikachu have numerals in their names?"
"Nicknames can use numerals," reminded Pika_Pika42.
This went on for hours.

FinalArcadia, Midorikawa, ZinnLav, and ExLight all lounged around near the fireplace, discussing Danganronpa, but since ME knows little to nothing about this particular topic, their conversation will be left to your imagination. THIS IS NOT WELCOME IN A SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT!!!!

Officer Snake, Contrainer, Calvin ッ, and jdthebud stepped outside for some fresh air. They laid back on the grass and watched the clouds go by.
"Look!" exclaimed Calvin, "that cloud looks like a shuriken!"
"And that cloud looks like a steam engine," added jd, pointing at a different cloud.
"A steam engine?!" exclaimed Snake, "how do you figure that?"
"Well, you can see the piston over there, in the cylinder," said the engineer, "then you can see the steam intake over there and the exhaust over there."
"You're a loony," said Contrainer.

MegaPod wandered over to a poster labeled: "The Hunt for the Shiny Cosmog," which was advertising an upcoming movie that would be playing in the near future.
MegaPod was stunned. Someone had stolen his idea! But who? Who would dare?!
"I'm directing this," said Max1996, walking over to join MP and gesturing to his name on the poster."
"...I see," said MegaPod, noncommittally. He walked away and joined the group outside for a moment, whispering in Container's ear. MP wandered off to join another group while Contrainer relayed the message to those around him. Calvin frowned.

MP whispered into FinalArcadia's ear, as he stopped by to join the group discussing Danganronpa, but she merely scowled for a moment, shrugged, and then rejoined her conversation without passing along the message. Curious, ExLight walked over to MP, as he was departing, asked him a question. MegaPod answered, and ExLight walked back to the others, deep in thought.

"Your ears aren't pointy enough!" exclaimed Pikochu.
"Well your tail isn't shaped correctly!" countered Pika_Pika42.
The two of them used Growl on each other, but both refused to give an inch.
"Gentlemen, please!" said MegaPod, walking up to them, "there are much more serious topics we could be discussing right now!"
MegaPod explained his situation to the two electric rodents, both of whom agreed to help him.

"...so, ME as an admin," said Lone_Garurumon, "pretty scary, eh?"
"I really don't know what they were thinking, promoting him out of Fun and Games," sighed DarthWolf, "the man is extremely unstable and very dangerous. It was bad enough when he just had control over one section, but now he has backdoor access to all of the admin logs and the ability to modify other users. I can't see him not abusing this power."
Lone thought for a moment.
"Y'know," he said, "since ME does have the power to modify other users at will, maybe he can get rid of your pink hair..."
"There's an idea," said Darth, "but I don't really know if I can trust him..."
"Who else are you going to get?" prompted the Aussie, "Zexy would probably bungle things up and Enzap is too busy having just been instated as the Head Admin with no warning."
"...I mean, there's always Neo Blaze or diamondpearl876..." mused the Dutch mod.
MegaPod approached their booth, tabling this line of thought for the moment.
"What can we do for you?" asked LG, seeing MegaPod's upset expression.
"Max has stolen an idea from me and is taking credit for it," accused MegaPod.
"This is serious," said DarthWolf, "we'll take care of it immediately."

With enough people backing him, including two sectional staffers, MegaPod's report was brought straight to the nearest authority, Maniacal Engineer, who had emerged from the suite he'd stepped into.
The admin shrugged and put on a pair of sunglasses.
"Okay," he said, opening up the ACP using a computer in his lenses.
Instantly, Max1996 was struck down by a bolt from the heavens.

Max1996 was lynched.
Dear Max1996,

You are Kaede from Danganronpa Mafia. Kaede was originally played by DarthWolf, and Danganronpa Mafia was hosted by Max1996 in July 2018

Danganronpa Mafia said:
Dear DarthWolf, you are Kaede Akamatsu.


You are the Ultimate Pianist.

In the first Chapter of Danganronpa V3, you set up a path for an iron ball to land on someone’s head, planning to kill the mastermind of the killing game, though Rantaro died instead. During the Class Trial that followed, you were discovered and executed. However, in Chapter 6 it was revealed that your setup failed, albeit barely, right before the mastermind themselves committed the murder using an identical iron ball. As such, you are the Miller. When the Cop checks your alignment, it will come back as being Mafia-aligned.

Because of your skills at playing the piano, you are the Musician/Singer. When you get Nightkilled, Mafia is informed of a role Town has.

You are Town-aligned and win when all Mafia-aligned players are dead.
You are the Musician. When you are nightkilled, the mafia will be informed of a role town has.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop this from happening
He was Kaede from Danganronpa Mafia, hosted by Max1996. The Town Musician.

MegaPod took a closer look at the poster Max had been showing him. At the very bottom, the poster said: "Based on Capture the Shiny Victini, created by MegaPod."
"...oops," he said, as everyone else glared at him.

It is now Night 1. Phase ends at 0:00 on the 18th of September, AWST.
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Day 2: One Down
Vee Vee Eeeeveee!
Oct 16, 2013
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Day 2: One Down

"W-w-wait a second!" stammered MegaPod, "maybe I was wrong, but I wasn't the one who vaporized Max. ME did!"
"Relax," said the AdMEnistrator, casually, "Max isn't vaporized. I just sent him to the lava-tory. That's all."
"The lava-tory," said DarthWolf, "you mean the place where you send people to be melted while they're still alive?"
"That's the place," confirmed the admin, cheerfully, "but it's currently under new management. Now the lava is actually all contained under an extremely thick Pyrax glass floor that I was commissioned to design by Dylan. Personally, I liked it better when the victims were burned to a cinder instantly, but that's not my call anymore."
"...so Max is okay?" asked Lone_Garurumon.
"Perfectly fine, and perfectly safe," assured Dylan, "but he can't return to the game at this point."

Somewhat reassured, the remaining players went into their respective rooms to ponder their plans for the night.

Midorikawa stayed in and called Zexy, who was spending the night covering for Maniacal Engineer, who should have returned to the Admin Headquarters several hours earlier.
"...so what's keeping him?" wondered the Greek admin.
"Oh, he got sidetracked and is hosting a mafia game with Dylan and AussieEevee," replied Mido.
"Typical," Zexy snorted, "we never should have let him go back to F&G, even if it was just for a quick assignment."
"I mean, do you really need him right now?" asked Mido, "you've got two other admins."
"dig's departure as Head Admin was a bit abrupt," said Zexy, in a bit of an understatement, "we're trying to get our bearings, and it would be nice to have all hands on deck."
"You, Enzap, and dig all knew about ME's reliability as Section Head before you promoted him," replied Mido, shrugging, "you knew what you were getting into."
Zexy sighed.
"Look, I can't deny that the man is a genius," he admitted, "in a little over a week since he's been promoted to admin, he's already made some pretty great technological innovations, but most of those are still in the testing phase. He's been using my zombies as test subjects, and he's a complete flake when it comes to doing actual work."
"Well, is there actually enough work to keep him from being bored?" wondered Mido.
"Enzap has a couple of projects that he thinks will keep ME's interest," stated Zexy, "but that's neither here nor there."
Mido shrugged and decided to change the subject.
"I didn't call you to just talk about ME all night," she said, "I miss you. I feel like I never see you anymore."
Zexy ran a hand through his hair.
"I know," he said, sighing, "being an admin keeps me busy, but I'll try to stop by F&G in the near future. Heck, after this debacle, I think I can arrange to be the one who takes F&G related assignments."
"I'd like that," said TWR's sexiest player, smiling.

Lone_Garurumon fell asleep fairly early, but his dreams were fraught with decaying spambot Zombies.
He tossed and turned feverishly, muttering all the while.
"No. No. Stay away!"

MegaPod paced around his room for a while, cursing his short fuse from earlier.
"I shouldn't have blown up on Max," he said, "that was extremely irresponsible of me. Especially without double checking the facts first."
He pounded his fist on the desk.
"Okay," he declared, "from now on, I will make sure to be more careful and check every possibility before exploding."
With that resolved, he sat and read for a while.

Curiously, ZinnLav found an axe in his suite, which he immediately disposed of by throwing it out the nearest window.
"Wouldn't want to axeidentally kill anybody," he said.
As he walked into the bedroom, he found the room full to bursting with axes.
Well, this certainly is a pain in the axe..." he remarked, "clearly room service around here doesn't make the cut."
He sighed and began to dispose of the axes in any way he possibly could, including flushing them down the toilet.
"Next time, I'll specifically axe the front desk for an axe free room," he muttered.

Officer Snake, Pikochu, and Contrainer all stayed in for a bit, but decided to meet up for drinks in the bar. They sat and chatted for a while, discussing the recent fate of Max.
"I think MegaPod is kinda suspicious for pushing us all to act against Max," Snake said.
"ye," agreed Contrainer, "that wuzn't kewl, man."
"...would you stop talking like that?" asked Piko, rolling his eyes and taking a swig of his beer.
"...sorry," apologized Contrainer.

Surprisingly, DarthWolf decided to hang out with Maniacal Engineer that night. The mad scientist was confused and slightly irked.
"Why are you following ME around?" he asked, raising an eyebrow, as the waffle enthusiast tailed him around the park for a third time.
"It's been a while since we've hung out together," said Darth, in what he hoped was an innocent voice.
"Bullshit," stated the engineer, "you think I'm up to no good again, and you want to be the one to stop ME if I am or you want something from ME."
The Dutch mod thought about denying it but decided it was pointless, so he just shrugged noncommittally.
The AdMEnistrator turned toward his former moderator and poked him in the chest.
"Now look here, bub," he said, firmly, "may I remind you that the last time I was 'up to no good' it was to save my own life. The administration team not only found that all of my actions were completely justified given the circumstances, they decided to promote ME, as well. I am an administrator, and I expect to be treated with the respect that position deserves."
"You expect to be treated with the respect befitting the position, and yet you're slacking off here instead of doing admin work," thought the Sith Puppy, treasonously.
ME retracted his finger, and turned back toward TSR's bar.
"Besides," he said, walking away from the mod, "if I was 'up to no good' who would stop ME? You? Hardly. You're no threat whatsoever."
Darth ruffled his pink hair and sighed before following ME. A night of booze and drunkenness awaited.

jdthebud spent the night tinkering in his room. With Maniacal Engineer mostly gone from Fun and Games and The War Room, he aimed to become the Section's premier mechanical engineer.
"...maybe I should apply to be F&G staff," he muttered, as he attached a servo motor to a joint in a robotic arm, "then I'd get access to ME's R&D plant in The F&G Administration Building."
He looked over his blueprints, and sighed. He still needed to acquire a lot of the parts.

FinalArcadia noticed that there was a Yu-Gi-Oh GX marathon playing on The Card Games Channel, grabbed a bowl of popcorn, and settled in for the night. As the theme song played, she couldn't help but sing along.
"Chilling out with your crew at the schoolyard. Finding trouble, never working too hard."

Pika_Pika42 and ExLight decided to spend the night playing video games, and went head-to-head in Smash Brothers, Mart Kart, and even played a few rounds of competitive Pokemon Battling.
"Awwww man!" grumbled Pika, after losing again at Pokemon battling.
"...you do know that having a team consisting of just Pikaclones isn't competitively viable at all, right?" asked Ex.
"Quiet, you!" countered Pika.
"Brilliant retort," snorted Ex, rolling his eyes.

Meanwhile, Calvin ッwas having a rough night. He'd been staying in his room, when, suddenly, he found that he couldn't talk normally anymore.
"Wut's rong with me? Tawking like this izn't kewl at all," he said, "but I kan't help it. Sumting iz cuntrolling me."

And, because of the sheer embarrassment at the thought of having to spend the rest of his life talking like that, Calvin ッ died.

Dear Calvin,

You are ash catsup from kewl Mafia. Ash catsup was played by kristl ahnicks. The game kewl mafia was hosted by Contrainer in July 2019.

kewl mafia said:
Hello kristl ahnicks, ur ash catsup!
ash catsup is the mane karrackter of the pokmon anme. he haz a lot of kewl pokmon that can do difrent stuf.
so ur the jak of all trads. u hav varies powrs.
sum pokmon u hav r rlly stronk. So ur a 1x vijilontay. u can kil a playr.
u hav a kewl pokdex that shoze u wut pokmon evry buddy haz. so ur the 1x voyer. u can see wut actins r uzed on sum buddy, but not who usd it.
u hav a coot pikachu. so ur the 1x litnin rod. u can redrect evry actin to u.
ur alined with the kewl ppl and win when all threts to ur fackshin r oofed.
You are the JOAT. Powers:
1x Vigilante (Attempt to kill a player)
1x Voyeur (Allows you to see what actions are used on someone, but not who used it)
1x Lightning Rod (Attracts all night roles towards you)

You may use one power per night.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop this from happening.
Calvin has been killed. They were ash catsup from kewl mafia, hosted by Contrainer. The town JOAT.

Daybreak came, and the staffers checked up on all of the players. Dylan found Calvin ッ dead in his room.
"One down..." he said, ominously.

It is now Day 2. Phase ends at 0:00 on the 20th.
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Day 2.75 Votals
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Oct 16, 2013
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@AussieEevee are people allowed to claim their role got altered?
I'll allow it, as long as they do not indicate which game, character or host their role comes from.

Could we get a vote count?
Pikochu : Megapod, Contrainer, jdthebud, ZinnLav,
Megapod: Pika_pika42, FinalArcadia
Zinnlav: Darthwolf, Midorikawa, Lone_Garurumon, Exlight
Not voting: Officer Snake, Pikochu
Night 2: Paranoia Reigns
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Oct 16, 2013
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Night 2: Paranoia Reigns

News of Calvin ッ's death spread like wildfire through The Situation Room. Quickly, Maniacal Engineer was summoned to perform a log check as to the cause of death.
"Hmmmmm..." said the admin, reading the logs through his digital sunglasses, "seems like Calvin ッ contracted a bizarre speech impeding virus before he died. I think it's called...'kewl speek,' but I have no idea what that means."
He shrugged noncommittally and logged out of the ACP. Not quick enough, as it happened. His sunglasses ringed an instant after his logout. Caller ID flashed a username to ME through the sunglasses, and the admin visibly paled.
"I've got to take this call," he said, stepping away, "please excuse ME."

With the admin gone, the players started discussing the possibilities for Calvin's unfortunate demise.

"It had to be Pikochu's doing!" accused Contrainer, "he hates kewl speek and would have used it as a method to torture and kill his victims."
"...that makes no sense," argued Pikochu, sweatdropping, "if I hate it so much, I'd try to stay as far away from it as possible."
"Piko, please," said Pika_Pika42, "I knew you were suspicious from the start!"
"I was there when Pikochu declared his hatred for kewl speek," confirmed Officer Snake, "he's guilty!"
"Guys, this is ridiculous!" cried Pikochu, "I only said that I find kewl speek annoying. I didn't use it to kill anyone!"
"Ah, but you're one of the few people here with the programming skills to create such a virus in the first place," countered jdthebud.

With a group of people mobbing against him, things seemed fairly hopeless for the electric rodent. Suddenly, there came a scream from the women's restroom, and FinalArcadia came flying out.

"Guys!" she shouted, "I just tried flushing the toilet, and it clogged up. When I tried to unclog it, I found an axe!"
"...you found a what?!" asked DarthWolf, who had wandered in carrying a massive plate of his favorite breakfast treat.
"An axe!" axeclaimed FA.
"...well, that's certainly something you don't hear every day," said Lone_Garurumon.
He turned to Midorikawa.
"Midori, I know you're not a staff member in this section, but since Darth and I would both probably get yelled at by ME if he saw us in the girl's bathroom, would you go check things out there?" he asked.
"Sure," agreed Mido, and she accompanied FinalArcadia back into the restroom.
"See, there?" said FA, pointing into a stall.
Sure enough, a large axe was floating in the toilet bowl.
"...what the hell?!" said Mido.

Meanwhile, in light of this newest evidence, the players were doing some reevaluations.
"Hmmmmm..." said MegaPod, "if I'm not mistaken, Zinn's room is located right above that restroom, so, logically, the axe would have gotten stuck when being flushed down Zinn's toilet."
"...or anybody else's toilet in the rooms above mine," countered ZinnLav.
"But it's more likely that the axe would have gotten stuck in one of the other rooms before making it all the way down to the ground floor," remarked ExLight, "so it's most likely to have come from your room."

At this point, Mido and FA returned from the bathroom, and Mido confirmed that the axe was indeed there.
"Well now," said Lone, "this does cast a bad light on ZinnLav."
"Agreed," affirmed Darth, "we should axemine Zinn's room."
"But, but," protested the Discord mod.

Lone_Garurumon led a group into Zinn's suite, while DarthWolf took another group to snoop around outside Zinn's window. Dylan stood guard over the Discord mod.

"This is ridiculous," grumbled Zinn, infuriated that he'd been setup.

Sure enough, Lone's team found a couple of axes stuffed under the couch cushions and under the bed, and Darth's squad found a few axes in the bushes directly underneath Zinn's window.
The groups met up back in the lobby, glaring at Zinn.

"Can't you see this is all a misunderstanding?" he said exaxeperatedly, "I'm being setup. This is all just based on paranoia from a previous mafia game. A prank gone wrong."
"Pranks are prohibited here, since the Prank War," remarked DarthWolf, "nice try, though."
"I'm afraid we're going to have to axe you to leave," said Dylan, pushing a button.
Instantly, a trapdoor opened underneath ZinnLav, causing him to fall to his doom. aka into the lava-tory.

Zinnlav was lynched.

Dear ZinnLav,

You are Midnight the Umbreon from Eeveelution Mafia. Midnight was originally played by Soulmaster. Eeveelution Mafia was hosted by Midorikawa in June 2013.

Eeveelution Mafia said:
Dear Soulmaster

You are Midnight the Umbreon.

You're named after the time of day in which you evolved in, and your type. Midnight also tends to be a dark time during the night and therefore referencing Umbreon's color, which is obviously black.

You have an interesting name, but no interesting abilities. You are just Vanilla.

You are aligned with the town, and win when all threats are eliminated.
Oddly enough, you are vanilla. You have no powers other than your vote.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop this from happening

Midnight Umbreon, from Eeveelution Mafia originally hosted by Midorikawa. The town vanilla.

Maniacal Engineer stood alone in a side room, listening to the person at the other end of the line.
"Yeah" he said, "I understand. Yeah, I'm keeping an eye on them."
He listened for a few more minutes.
"Pretty disappointed, actually," he replied.
The caller spoke again.
"Yeah, I agree, but let's wait a little longer. Dylan shows some promise," said the engineer.
He waited a moment until the caller finished talking.
"I understand," he said, "but it would be best if you didn't contact me again until I'm done here. It would only cause more suspicion."
The caller spoke briefly.
"Okay, much appreciated," responded the mad scientist, "I'll be back as soon as I can."
The caller bade him farewell, and the engineer hung up the phone, and walked back into the lobby.

"Sorry about that," he said, smiling, "what did I miss?"
It is now Night 2. Phase ends at 0:00 on the 21st of September.
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Day 3: Quashing Resistance
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Oct 16, 2013
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Day 3: Quashing Resistance

After the traumatic events of the day, Midorikawa took FinalArcadia aside and scheduled a spa day for the two of them. They spent the remainder of the day being pampered in the excellent facilities in The Situation Room's spa and massage parlor.
"Thanks for this," said FinalArcadia, "I can literally feel the stress melting away from me."
"It's my pleasure," said Midorikawa, chuckling "I'm going to bill the War Room staff for the expenses, anyway."
"Really?" asked FA.
"Well, yeah," replied the RP Mod, "after all, the reason you're stressed out so much is because of an axe in the toilet. They're responsible for maintaining TSR."
FA thought about it for a moment, before laughing.
"I suppose you're right," she said, "but be careful of the criticisms, they might decide that the best response would be to draft you into the F&G mod squad."
"Nah," said Mido, waving away the concern, "they've got enough staffers, especially since ME refuses to leave."
The ladies shared a laugh and continued their day of spa treatments.

After his failed confrontation of Maniacal Engineer the night before, DarthWolf had decided that maybe, just maybe, he was out of his league in dealing with the AdMEnistrator on his own. He'd sequestered himself in a corner with Lone_Garurumon and SoaringDylan and showed them the scrap of paper that ME had dropped.

"Masterfully Evil Plan?" said LG, scratching his head in curiosity, "what's that all about?"
"No idea," admitted Darth, "the rest of the sheet is covered with mathematical equations, and I can't figure out what they mean."
"...have you considered the idea that ME is trolling you?" inquired Dylan, "that this actually means nothing."
The Dutch moderator waffled for a moment.
"...no I haven't," he said, looking down at the ground and ruffling his pink hair, "but I thought ME said that pranks were forbidden."
The Dutch Super Mod sighed.
"Well, on that end, technically trolling is slightly different from a prank, and besides, we both know that ME bends the rules when it suits him," he said.
"And yet, somehow, he ended up being promoted to administrator," said the Aussie mod, "I have to wonder how that happened."
"I mean, technically we never saw the meeting that decision occurred in," Darth said, speculatively, "it's possible that ME didn't leave them any choice in the matter. He either blackmailed or bribed them all."
"Whoa there," said Dylan, holding up his hands to quash this particular line of thought, "ME may be many things, but he also tries to avoid responsibility like the plague. No way he'd have bribed or blackmailed the admins into promoting him. If he needed admin powers that badly, he'd have just blackmailed them into letting him use the powers without the title or using the powers for him."
Darth sighed.
"Okay, that's fair," he said, "but we can't just assume that this means nothing."
"Fine," said Dylan, "then let's try to figure out what this could mean."
The F&G staffers huddled together, attempting to decipher the code.

ExLight sat on a bench in TWR's park, feeding the birds.
Officer Snake came up and sat next to him, pulling out a newspaper and starting to read it.
Several minutes later, Pika_Pika42 sat on a bench at the opposite end of the park and pulled out his cellphone.

"So, what's the plan?" asked ExLight, out of the corner of his mouth.
"Our earlier attempt failed," replied Officer Snake, covering his speech with a rustling of the newspaper, "but he's still a threat to our cause."
"We need to eliminate him immediately," texted Pika, from across the park.
The other two nodded, and Pika put his phone back in his pocket and walked away.
A few minutes later, his bag of birdseed empty, ExLight also departed.
Snake turned another page of the newspaper and remained in the park.

MegaPod had once again retreated into his room.
"No, no, no!" he exclaimed, punching the wall, "this is not how things are supposed to be going!"
He breathed deeply for a few moments, before regaining his composure.
"I can't keep jumping to conclusions," he said, "that ends badly for everyone. I need to be a lot more careful moving forward, so that I don't accidentally blow up in anyone's face."
The Cocoon Pokemon decided that a nice stress relieving night in his room was in order, and so he sat and read some books while listening to upbeat and cheerful music.

jdthebud met up with Pikochu at The Round Table.
"So, jd, what can I do for you?" asked the electric rodent.
"Well, I'm looking to acquire some parts to finish building a robotic arm," replied the mechanical engineer.
"I see," said Piko astutely, "looking to replace ME now that he's moved on to bigger and better things."
"Well, I figured that it's always a good idea to have an engineer or two hanging around," muttered jd.

Pikochu took the list of parts from jd and began looking it over.
"Yeah, this shouldn't be a problem," he said, "I can have pretty much all of this by tomorrow."
He paused for a moment an furrowed his brow, as if he wanted to say something else.
jd noticed.
"What's up?" he asked.
"Well," began Piko, hesitantly, "if you want my personal opinion, robotic arms are old hat at this point."
"How do you figure?" asked jd, surprised, "I figured they were cutting edge technology."
"Yeah, they are," agreed the Californian, "but it's also something that ME has already done before. If you're looking distinguish yourself from him, and get out of his shadow, you should try inventing something else."
jd thought for a moment.
"You're right," he said, taking back the list of parts from Pikochu, "I need to go back to the drawing board, but thanks for the advice."
"Anytime," the electric rodent said, waving as jd stood up and left.

He sat in silence for a few moments, before taking out a beer and gulping it down.
After a few moments, he too stood up and left, not noticing the shadowy figures sneaking up behind him.

Maniacal Engineer lounged lazily at TSR's bar, probably on his fifth drink, but nobody was counting. AussieEevee walked over to him.
"So, uhhhhhh, don't take this the wrong way, but isn't there any admin work you're supposed to be doing?" the Australian fox inquired.
"Nah," said ME, waving his hand dismissively, "the others will have all of the day-to-day business under control, and I set my own schedule when it comes to R&D projects."
"Then why did they bother promoting you to admin?" wondered AE, "if they can handle the day-to-day projects for maintaining the forums on their own, why do they need you?"
"For the special projects, of course," said the mad scientist, taking a gulp of his beer, "I mean, my leadership and technological skills are beyond reproach, as I demonstrated in my capacity as F&G's Section Head. The promotion to admin simply allows ME to have access to more resources and do more good for the forums at large, instead of just for one section."
"How do you figure?" asked AussieEevee.
"My main job as an administrator is to develop new and sustainable technologies for the betterment of the forum," replied the engineer, "our glorious new Head Administrator, Enzap, has also said that he's going to put ME in charge of a couple of logistical projects in the near future, but until those happen, I'm pretty much free to do as I please."
"...well, that certainly sounds frightening," said AE, shuddering at the thought of Maniacal Engineer with admin powers and none of the responsibilities.
"Not at all," said ME, finishing his beverage and signalling for another, "on the contrary, the forums as a whole will benefit from this arrangement."

As the bartender slid ME's drink down the bar, a piercing scream rattled the glasses.
Contrainer ran into the bar, still screaming, and dashed up to ME, who couldn't help but notice the commotion.
He sighed, exasperated.
"What can I do for you?" he asked the panicking user.
"I-I-I found a b-body!" stammered Contrainer, still shaken at the experience.
"Where?" asked AE, standing up and looking Contrainer in the eyes.
"At The Round Table," replied the kewl user, "it's Pikochu."
"...so lemme get this straight," said the mad scientist, "you found Pikochu's body by The Round Table, and your first instinct was to start screaming and run to the nearest bar?"
"I figured I'd find you here," replied Contrainer.
"...touche," said ME, sighing and setting down his unfinished drink, "very well, I'll look into this."

The admin stood up, stretched, and wandered out into the night.
Sure enough, upon arriving at The Round Table, he found Pikochu's body.

"Well, that's unfortunate," he said.

Pikochu has been killed. They were:

Dear Pikochu,

You are Larry Jones from Capture the Shiny Victini Mafia. Larry Jones was originally played by jdthebud, Capture the Shiny Victini Mafia was Megapod in June 2018.

Capture the Shiny Victini Mafia said:
Dear jdthebud, you are Larry Jones, one of MassiveShock11’s characters in Capture the Shiny Victini. Larry Jones is a scientist employed by the Black Mareep Corporation, a company specialised in developing futuristic technology. After getting fired for inadvertently causing a Cofagrigus to rampage in his laboratory, Larry was re-hired by the Black Mareep Corporation CEO, Frank, and tasked with obtaining the shiny Victini for research purposes. Larry was at one point revealed to be the inventor of the Dialgloves, the time-travel devices first seen used by the Ditto-nator to bring all of the game's players into the future. Larry has also been seen using other fancy gadgets to do his work, such as a flashbang grenade with mind-clearing properties and a Hyper Beam Cannon. He gets around with his signature Pokémon, a Goodra that has curiously developed wings and the capability to fly due to a genetic mutation.

Since you have an arsenal of specialised gadgets at your disposal, you are the Town Inventor. You start the game with 1×Dialgloves, 1×Flashbang,and 1×Hyper Beam Cannon. Once a Night, you may give one of your inventions to another player. Once recieved, the invention may be subsequently used once by the recipient instead of their normal action. The inventions' powers, once given to a player, are as follows:

You have received Dialgloves! This time-travel device provides you with 1×Phase Resetter. Once during any phase of the game, you may reset. This will undo all of the events (Night actions, lynches etc.) of the previous Day phase and Night phase, and the game will resume from one full Day/Night cycle before the item's use.

You have received a Flashbang! This is a special version of the weapon with mind-clearing properties, so it provides you with a combined 1×Roleblocker/Psychiatrist. One Night phase during the game, you may select a player to stun instead of using your normal Night action. Your target will be prevented from using their own action that Night. Additionally, if your target is a Serial Killer, they will be reverted into a Town player.

You have received a Hyper Beam Cannon! This powerful weapon provides you with 1×Vigilante. One Night phase during the game, you may select a player to kill instead of using your normal Night action.

You are sided with the Town, and win once the Mafia and all other opposing factions are eliminated.
You are the Inventor. At night, you may create and pass one of the items listed in this role PM to a player. Each item can only be created once.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop this from happening

Larry Jones from Capture the Shiny Victini Mafia, originally hosted by megapod. The Town Inventor.

It is now Day 3. Phase ends at 0:00 on the 23rd September AWST.
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Day 3.75 Votals
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Oct 16, 2013
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@AussieEevee can we get a vote count?
I'm not going to provide one of these in every phase.

Megapod: FinalArcadia, Exlight, Lone_Garurumon
jdthebud: pika_pika42
Officer Snake: Jdthebud
Contrainer: Megapod
Exlight: Midorikawa
Night 3: Rinse and Repeat
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Oct 16, 2013
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Night 3: Rinse and Repeat

News of Pikochu's untimely demise spread quickly, and the remaining users gathered in The Round Table to watch Maniacal Engineer examine the body. They waited with bated breath for the results of the examination.
The mad scientist logged out of the ACP with a somber look on his face, turned to AussieEevee, and nodded.
The game host turned to the gathered group.
"Pikochu has been nightkilled," he said, "he is now out of the game."
"Never mind that!" shouted ExLight, "tell us how he died."
"I can't," said ME, simply.
"What do you mean, you can't?" demanded Pika_Pika42, "you just looked through all the ACP logs, so you know."
"I'm afraid that's classified information," said the admin.
He turned to head back to the bar, but was accosted by Officer Snake.
"Look, bub," he said, "I might not be a real police officer, but you are a real administrator. Now, a user is dead. Do your damn job, and help us figure out why!"
The engineer muttered for a bit, before sighing.
"I can't tell you how he died," he repeated, "but I will tell you that what happened was not an accident."

With that, the AdMEnistrator walked off into the night, his trench coat fluttering a bit in the breeze.

"...well that was a whole lot of nothing," grumbled ExLight, "how are we supposed to know who killed Piko?"

Contrainer stepped forward.
"I think it was MegaPod," he said, "think about it. He's been behind all of the recent attacks on fellow townies, and has led or been a massive part of the mislynches the past few days."

All eyes turned on MegaPod.

"...you know, that is true," said PP42.
"It is most suspicious," agreed Snake.

"Now hang on, everyone," said MegaPod, raising his hands defensively, "let's not all jump to conclusions here. I admit, I was wrong about Max and Zinn, but those were honest mistakes. Especially Zinn."

"Well, if you're not a good lynch candidate today, who would you recommend?" asked jdthebud.
"Who do you find most suspicious right now?" wondered DarthWolf.

The cocoon Pokemon opened his mouth to reply, but paused for a moment, thinking.
"Jumping to conclusions in the past has led to massive errors in judgment on my part. I need to stop and think about this before I get myself, and the town, into more hot water."

"Uhhhhhh...I can't think of anyone right now," he said, "but I suggest that we all take a few moments to think this over. Let's all go back to our rooms and sleep on this. We can decide tomorrow morning," he recommended.

Grudgingly, the group agreed, and they all dispersed, heading back to The Situation Room...or at least most of them did.

ExLight lingered back for a moment, and took out his phone.
Pika_Pika stopped in the bathroom on his way back up the stairs.
Officer Snake retreated to the safety of his room.

"...sooooo what now?"
"pretty obvious. town seems to be leaning to a MegaPod lynch. I suggest we nudge them, ever so slightly, in that direction."
"Agreed. I can make the arrangements."

As the group headed their separate ways, Midorikawa sprinted to catch up to DarthWolf and Lone_Garurumon, who were planning on wifi battling their Pokemon teams from X and Y.
"My Mega Lucario will defeat yours," remarked LG.
"Dream on!" scoffed Darth, "I've trained mine to absolute perfection. There's no way you can win!"
"Hey guys, wait up!" shouted Mido, catching up to them.
"What's up?" asked LG, raising an eyebrow.
"I just wanted to give you this," said TWR's sexiest player, pulling out a sheet of paper.
She passed it over to DarthWolf, and dashed away before either F&G Mod realized what was happening.
The Dutch mod looked at the piece of paper in his hands.
"What the?!" he yelled.
"What is it?" asked LG, leaning in to take a look.
The paper was a $500 bill for Mido and FinalArcadia's spa day.
"...you've got to be kidding me!" exclaimed DarthWolf, as LG facepalmed.

jdthebud sat at his desk in his room with a notepad in front of him, tapping his chin with a pencil.
"Let's see," he mused, "what kinds of inventions can I create that ME hasn't already done?"

MegaPod had turned in for the night. He too sat at his desk, but he kept reviewing the logs from the past couple of days. Trying to find suspicious actions.
"Well, Contrainer kinda acted a little oddly," he muttered, but then shook his head, "I don't want to jump to conclusions. That could have simply been a misunderstanding."
He skimmed a bit further.
"ExLight's been a bit pushy," noted the cocoon Pokemon, "but he could just as easily be a Town member, desperate to find the villains."
No matter who he looked at, there was something slightly off, but it was easily explainable from a Townie standpoint.
"Hmmmmm..." thought MegaPod, "this may be harder than I thought."

The next day dawned, and MegaPod had stayed up all night, but hadn't come to any conclusions. He left his room early, to get some caffeine and breakfast, to hopefully clear his thoughts a little. He didn't notice somebody skulking around the hallway.

FinalArcadia sat in her room quietly, having just woken up. Still feeling relaxed from the spa treatments the day before, she laid down quietly and let the stress melt away.
Suddenly, a loud explosion from the room next door shocked her awake. Instantly, alert, she dashed out of bed and ran into the hallway, after putting on a bathrobe.
The door to the next room over was hanging by a single hinge. She pushed it open and went inside.

"Hello?" she called, "is anybody in here?"

Looking around for a bit, she noticed that the explosion was courtesy of a chemical reaction cause by the accidental ignition of Trinitrotoluene, courtesy of a short circuit in the room's heater.
Further investigation revealed drawers full of TNT and other explosive compounds, and bomb making materials, such as detonators and igniters, stashed under the mattress.
A chill ran down FA's spine, and she quickly exited the room.

Moments later, MegaPod returned to his room, only to find it completely blown apart.

"...well this doesn't bode well," he said, stepping inside to investigate.

FinalArcadia ran down the stairs, instead of waiting for the elevator, until she arrived in the complimentary breakfast area. There she found DarthWolf chowing down on a massive stack of waffles.
She walked up to the table. DarthWolf looked up from his breakfast treat.
"I just found explosives in MegaPod's room," she reported, "he damn near blew up The Situation Room."
"...so that's what that was," remarked the Dutch Moderator, "I thought ME was testing out another one of his crazy inventions."
A shadow fell over the moderator as a figure approached him from behind.
"My 'crazy' inventions, as you put it, are actually helping to make many people's lives a lot easier, young Darthy," said Maniacal Engineer, who was carrying a plate of flapjacks and a cup of black tea.
He sat down next to the mod, uninvited, and began scarfing down his breakfast.
"Now then," he said, with a full mouth, "what's this about explosives?"

FinalArcadia related how she was shaken awake by the noise and how she had investigated the room to see if MegaPod was injured, only to find a horde of explosive compounds and bomb making materials.

"This is serious," said the engineer, holding his chin thoughtfully.
"...so, what are you going to do about it?" demanded DarthWolf.
"ME?" asked the mad scientist, "absolutely nothing at all."
He resumed eating, as Darth and FA looked at him, completely exasperated.
"Nothing?" exclaimed Darth, "a bomb goes off in The Situation Room, and you're not going to do anything about it at all?"
"Correct," said ME, taking a sip of his tea.
"But," began DarthWolf.
The admin looked up from his food and pointed his fork at the F&G staffer.
"This happened in your section, so it's your responsibility to deal with it," he said, "Lord Arceus knows that I had to deal with much worse when I was still sectional staff here. If you can't handle a simple explosion, what good are you?"
With that, the engineer finished eating, tossed his napkin into the garbage can, and walked away.
"...fat lotta help he is," muttered Darth.
The Sith Puppy sighed and pulled out his cellphone, speed dialing Lone.
"Hey, LG," he said, "we've got a situation."

By the time MegaPod had examined his room to discover the setup and dashed downstairs, the remaining players had all gathered in the lobby.
"Hey, guys, you'll never believe what just happened!" he exclaimed, as he ran in.
The players glared at him.
"...what?" he asked, paling slightly.
"You're in a lot of trouble," said Lone_Garurumon, "attempting to blow up The Situation Room is a serious crime, though I imagine your intended target was one of us."
"We've finally caught you, scum!" said ExLight, a devious glint in his eyes.
"You can't wriggle your way out of this one," said Contrainer, "I told everyone you were scum last night, but they didn't believe me."
"This explains why he wanted us to wait another night before lynching him," added jd, "so he could finish building his bomb."

"Hey, hey now," said MegaPod, backing away from the accusations, "can't you all see that this is a setup? Just like with Zinn and the axes."
"Yeah right," scoffed Pika_Pika42, "like the Mafia would try the same dirty trick twice in a row."
"Face it," said DarthWolf, "your little scheme blew up in your face."
Everyone groaned at Darth's pun.

"You've been hanging out with ME too much," stated FinalArcadia, looking disapprovingly at Darth.
"You have to believe me!" said MegaPod, desperately.
"Okay," said Officer Snake, "if you're being setup, then who do you think is setting you up."

A dozen thoughts went through the cocoon Pokemon's head, but he was hesitant to act on any of them.
"Well, I...I don't know," he stammered, sheepishly, "I don't find anyone suspicious right now."
"Can we just lynch him already?" sighed Midorikawa, "this is just pathetic."

The other players agreed, and voted to eliminate MegaPod.
They brought their decision to SoaringDylan.
"Okay," he said, "if you say so."

He pushed a button, and a trap door opened under MegaPod, taking him to the lava-tory.

Megapod has been lynched. He was

Dear Megapod,

You are Elizabeth from Black Butler Mafia. Elizabeth was originally played by Parissong. Black Butler Mafia was hosted by ZinnLav in June 2019.

Black Butler Mafia said:
Dear Parissong,

You are Elizabeth Midford, she insists to be called Lizzie by her fiance, Ciel Phantomhive.

“I am the daughter of the Leader of the British Knights, Marquess Alexis Leon Midford: Elizabeth! The wife of the Queen's Watchdog!"

Spoiler: Flavour & Character Background

Because you are secretly trained in combat, you are a Bomb and will take down anyone who attacks you in the night, though you will also die in the process if this happens.

You are Town and win when all threats to you have been wiped out.
You are the bomb. If you are killed at night, you will explode and take your attacker with you.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop this from happening
Elizabeth from Black Butler Mafia, originally hosted by ZinnLav. The town Bomb.

"...oh," said Pika_Pika42, "I guess they would pull that same trick twice in a row."

It is now night 3. Phase ends at 0:00 on the 24th, AWST.
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Day 4
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Oct 16, 2013
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(Flavour later)

FinalArcadia was killed. They were
Dear FinalArcadia.

You are Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed Mafia. Lacus was originally played by Zexy. Gundam Seed Mafia was hosted by FinalArcadia in May 2014.

Gundam Seed Mafia said:
Lacus Clyne

Mobile Suit: N/A

”What is it you believe in? What is it you're fighting for now? Is it for that medal you received? Or your father's orders?”

A popular singer on the PLANTs, the daughter of the former PLANT chairman Siegel Clyne, and arranged fiancé to Athrun. Lacus is hardly ever far from her Haro companions, and she has a kind, peace-loving heart.

However, despite her soft-spoken and somewhat meek appearance, she holds strong to her beliefs and is unshakable in them. Lacus is willing to speak out against those she believes to be harming the world, and eventually she comes to realize that fighting is sometimes necessary to achieve an eventual peace.

Lacus becomes instrumental to many others for realizing that perhaps their enemy is not who/what it initially seemed, and she gifts Kira with the Freedom Gundam to help him reach his goals and ideals.

Preferring to settle things on civil terms and abhorring needless killing, you are a governor. Once in the game, you may send a PM during a day phase titled “Stop Lynch” to do just that. Nobody will be lynched that phase, and you may use this no matter who has the most votes at the time.

You are allied with the Three Ships Alliance. You win when all members of the Warring Forces are eliminated.
Good luck, and have fun!
You are the governor. Once during the game, during the day, you may send the host a PM saying “Stop Lynch” and the day will end in a no lynch.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop this from happening
Lacus from Gundam Seed Mafia, originally hosted by FinalArcadia.

It is now Day 4. Phase ends at 0:00 on the 26th September.

This could be the final phase of the game.
Day 5
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Oct 16, 2013
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Contrainer was lynched. He was
Dear Contrainer,

You are Beans from Hunter x Hunter Mafia. Beans was originally played by Funnier6. Hunter x Hunter Mafia was hosted by jdthebud in February 2018.

Hunter x Hunter Mafia said:
funnier6, you are Beans.


Beans is the personal secretary of the Chairman of the Hunter's Association. He is hardworking and very dedicated to his role.

You are very enthusiastic and good at your job, and anyone who is part of the day-to-day operations of the Hunter's Association knows you are an indispensable lynchpin.

As such, you are the Secretary. If you are lynched or killed, the following night phase will be skipped.

You are aligned with the Hunter's Association, and win when all forces opposing it are dead, while at least one member is alive.
You are the secretary. If you are lynched or killed, the following phase will be skipped.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop this from happening
Beans from Hunter x Hunter Mafia, originally hosted by jdthebud. The town secretary.

It is now Day 5. Phase ends at 0:00 on the 28th of September 2019.

If scum is not lynched this phase, this WILL be the last phase of the game.
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Oct 16, 2013
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Jdthebud was lynched. He was
Dear jdthebud,

You are Hikari from Digi-mafia. Hikari was originally played by Darthwolf, and the game was hosted by Lone_garurumon in October 2017

digi-mafia said:
“Hi there DarthWolf, you are Hikari “Kari” Yagami.

You are, along with Takeru, the youngest of the Digidestined, and bear the Crest of Light. You were actually a late addition to the team, and originally weren’t going to even be a Digidestined, but the writers liked your character, so they made you one. You joined the team after/during Vamdemon’s attack on the “real” world, where you met with your Digimon partner, Tailmon/Gatomon.

Speaking or your role, you’re a rather pure and innocent young child, as such, you’re able to approach someone and interact with them to see whether they’re good or bad, plus you sometimes get possessed by all knowing sparkly lights, so that helps too. You are a Cop, each night, you can target a player and learn their alignment. You can do this by typing “Approach <Player>” into your Role-PM.

You are aligned with the Digidestined and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated.”
You are the cop. Each night, you may investigate a player to learn their alignment.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop this from happening
Hikari from Digi-mafia, originally hosted by Lone_Garurumon. The town cop.

Because Scum can now control the vote, they have won.

Dear Officer Snake,

You are Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars Mafia. Palpatine was originally played by Midorikawa. Star Wars Mafia was hosted by DarthWolf in May 2017.

Star Wars Mafia said:
Dear Midorikawa,

You are Emperor Palpatine

”And now, young Skywalker... you will die.” - Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Spoiler: ”Image”

You are a Sith Lord. You successfully went from senator of the Republic to chancellor to emperor of your own Galactic Empire. None knew that you were a Sith lord in hiding, a master of deception. You showed to be a strong sith, being able to defeat groups of jedi and some of the strongest Jedi masters.

Because of this, you are the Godfather. Any alignment check on you will result as Town.
You are also the Roleblocker. Every night you can target a player with the command ”Block: <PLAYER>” to block their power(s) for that night.

You are aligned with the Galactic Empire and you win when all opposing factions are eliminated.
You are the Godfather. You will show up as town in cop checks.

You are the roleblocker. You may target a player and prevent them from using their role. This power may be used in any phase except Night 0.

You are aligned with Mafia, and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated, or nothing can stop this from happening.
Officer Snake has won the game. He was Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars Mafia, Originally hosted by Darthwolf. The scum godfather + roleblock

Dear Exlight,

You are Shuppet from Pokemon Generation Three Mafia. Shuppet was originally played by Megapod. Pokemon Generation Three Mafia was hosted by Calvin in May 2019.

Pokemon Generations Three Mafia said:
Dear Megapod,

You are Shuppet! The Puppet Pokemon!

You are a ghost type that originated in Hoenn. Your actions are the following:

Night Shade: Player name
This is a ghost type 1HP damage move. This will deal 1HP damage to whoever you target. Taking type effectiveness into account.

Your evolution is a chance effect every night.

Besides this, being Ghost Type, you are passively immune to normal type attacks.

Besides these moves, you have the ability of Frisk, this will let you receive a PM when an item is found. The only info you will get is shown like so, "An item has been found!". (This ability was introduced in Generation IV however)

You are sided with the Deoxys' Forces (MAFIA), You win when the town is destroyed.
Due to your Night Shade ability. You are the 1x Strongman. If you use this with the nightkill, you will break through any defense the target has.

Due to your Frisk ability, you are the rolecop. You can check what role the target has.

You are aligned with Mafia and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated, or nothing can stop this from happening.
Exlight has won the game. He was Shuppet from Generation Three Mafia, Originally hosted by Calvin. The scum strongman + rolecop

Dear Pika_pika42,

You are Aries from Zodiacs Mafia. Aries was originally played by Max1996. Zodiac Mafia was hosted by Pika_pika42 in June 2018.

Zodiacs Mafia said:
Dear Max1996, you are Aries - The God of War

Spoiler: Aries
The pioneer and trailblazer of the horoscope wheel, Aries energy helps us initiate, fight for our beliefs and fearlessly put ourselves out there.

Aries is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac. People born during the period from March 21 to April 19 are said to be covered under the Aries zodiac. The Zodiac Symbol of Aries is the Ram and the Zodiac Element of Aries is Fire. Since Aries is the first sign, they are often treated as the Leader of the Zodiac. Their secret wish is to be number one in whatever they do.

While Aries can be energetic, encouraging, unstoppable, bold, devoted, heroic and caring on their good day, they can also be proud, self-centered, impulsive, bossy, stubborn, reckless and jealous on their bad day.

Since Aries is considered as the "Leader of the Zodiac", you are the Godfather. Also, since Aries is quite a sport enthusiast and loves adventures, you are a 1x Ninja. Aries has a very strong personality, for this reason you are 2x Strongman. You cannot use both of these kill methods on the same night.

During one night phase in the game, you may submit the following action if you are making the nightkill during that night; Ninja Kill: [PLAYER] in order to kill that player without the action being visible to anyone else.

You are also the Godfather and will appear as being town aligned when you are checked.

During two night phases in the game, you may submit the following action if you are making the nightkill during that night; Strongman Kill: [PLAYER] in order to break through any protection while performing the kill.

Therefore, you are the Godfather + 1x Ninja + 1x Strongman

You are aligned with the Mafia and win when all opposing factions have been eliminated, or nothing can stop this from happening
You are the 1x Ninja. If you use this role with the night kill, you will be undetectable.

You are aligned with Mafia and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop this from happening.
Pika_pika42 has won the game. He was Aries from Zodiac Mafia, originally hosted by Pika_pika42.The scum ninja

Dear Lone_Garurumon,

You are Noel Takao from Lupranger vs Patranger mafia. Noel was originally played by Lone_Garurumon. Lupinranger vs Patranger was hosted by AussieEevee in March 2019 (Submitted by Exlight)

Lupinranger vs Patranger Mafia said:
You are

Noel Takao. Lupin X and Patren X

You are a mystery, but what we do know is that your treasure allows you to switch teams between both ranger teams.

You are the team switcher. During Night 0, Day 1 or Night 1, you may choose either the LupinRanger or the PatRanger. If you do not, you will die at the end of Night 1.

You have no wincon, and need to choose between LupinRanger or PatRanger before D2 (This can be done N0, D1 or N1). When you join their team, you will inherit their wincon and gain a power for their team.

You have transformed into Lupin X.

You have gained the ability Thief. During the night, you can target another player... If they receive a result from their own powers, you will also receive this result.

You are now a member of the Kaitou Sentai LupinRanger. You win if the Gangler are defeated and at least one LupinRanger remains (You now count towards this). You also gain the powers of defeated PatRangers if you are the first on their lynch bandwagon.
You are the survivor. You win if you are still alive at the end of the game.
Lone_Garurumon has won the game. He was Noel Takao from Lupinranger vs Patranger, originally hosted by AussieEevee (Submitted by Exlight) The survivor

The town has been defeated.

Dear Darthwolf,

You are Tooma (Lupinblue) from LupinRanger vs Patranger mafia. Tooma was originally played by Megapod. Lupinranger vs Patranger was hosted by AussieEevee in March 2019. (Submitted by Officer Snake)

LupinRanger vs Patranger mafia said:
Tooma Yoimachi, LupinBlue

Some time ago, Tooma worked as a chef in a famous restaurant, but quit the job later on. One year later, he began working at the Bistrot Jurer.

In 2017, Tooma lost his fiancée Aya Ohira to Zamigo Delma. Provided with a VS Changer by Kogure, butler to the descendant of the legendary thief Arsène Lupin, Tooma was promised that, by becoming one of the Lupinrangers and reclaiming the Lupin Collection, he would be able to grant his wish and bring back who he had lost. Becoming Lupin Blue, Tooma joined Red and Yellow, Kairi Yano and Umika Hayami, with whom he made the promise to claim their wish

Due to amazing food having the ability to make people feel better, you are the Doctor. Once per night, you may select a player and you will attempt to protect that player for the night.

You are a member of Kaitou Sentai LupinRanger and win when the Gangler have been defeated and at least one LupinRanger remains.
You are the doctor. During the night, you can protect another player.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop this from happening
DarthWolf has lost the game. They were Tooma from Lupinranger vs Patranger, originally hosted by AussieEevee (Submitted by Officer Snake) The town doctor.

Dear Midorikawa,

You are Uranium from Periodic Table Mafia. Uranium was originally played by Jackatlasred, and Periodic Table Mafia was hosted by Pikochu in March 2017

Periodic Table Mafia said:
Dear jackatlasred.

You are Uranium. You are an actinide, with an atomic number of 92. You were named after the planet, Uranus, and were discovered in 1789. You are quite radioactive; a trait that is used quite heavily in nuclear fuel and weaponry. However, your other isotopes can be used in the production of armour and as counterweights in aircraft due to their density. You can find more information here: Uranium - Element information, properties and uses | Periodic Table

Because of the common misunderstanding, you are a miller. If you are alignment checked, you will return as Mafia aligned.

In short, you are a Miller allied with the town, and you win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated.
You are the miller. You will show up as scum in all cop checks.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated or nothing can stop this from happening
Midorikawa has lost the game. They were Uranium from Periodic Table Mafia, Originally hosted by Pikochu. The town Miller.

Did you enjoy the game?
What are your thoughts on the story (so far), written by the amazing @Magnificent Entertainer?
Would you do anything differently?
What do you think of the games setup?
Would you play another TWR Games Bonanza?
Any other commands?

Thanks for playing. I hope to see you again.
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