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Mafia TWR Season '16 Mafia - 9/5/16 - ENDGAME: Everybody Was Elieson... before War Room Day (TOWN WIN)

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Fire Chicken
Jun 9, 2012
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July 2015… it was a calm era for the War Room who had just come Back to Basics... But Ze-XY was back! TWR became full of modkills and Random Messages… it was complete Chaos. TWR was lucky to have survived in One Piece.The chaos was even bigger than the time that Twitch played Pokemon or any other Video Game.

The Masters of the Whoniverse became alarmed at TWR’s state and green-lighted the beginning of “Operation: XenForo” as well as the spread of “the Elieson virus” but it didn’t achieve much. Even the AussieVerse got caught in the commotion, with Jasmine Veila trying to write murder on everyone.

By Christmas, the boss Enzap decided to get involved (but ended up being just a scummy noob that got lynched) while TheCapsFan grew fed up of it all and unleashed his ironclad game schedule. Nonetheless, the insanity continued, as all the Fire Emblem Protagonists did show up at once for some reason and roles as benign as Survivor did actually reveal entire scum teams to the town.

Elieson then tried to stop this by having Mafia being Friendship and had Caps and Zexy push scummy friendship for his sake. They succeeded, but what we got was not a reformed TWR but rather… a fruit bowl with chocolate and peanuts in it. After yet another failure, Kakashi Hatake had another plan: “Let’s Build-It from scratch”. But ME didn’t like the idea…

Zexy tried to fix things with Chess while Elie just renamed The War Room to Super War Room and hosted a Mafia Mafia based on that. Leetic asked for help from Monty Python. Once again, nothing.

And then Enzap finally got it right; he promoted ME, Caps and Zexy to moderators. While some unusual occurrences persisted, such as Pokemon’s Generation One coming back and lasting a bit too long before going back to its place in time or the AussieVerse having to deal with yet another killer, the new mods managed to enforce the Rise of New World Order, with some help from mentors from other sites.

It wouldn’t last long as ME Regenerated back to Random Punster and then to 10 identically-looking MEs. It was All About ME those days, but with the help of 8 MEs and the other users it was all fixed in the end.Or so it seemed, for there was a little complication that took the staff too long to notice.

The Elieson virus has spread too much and everybody had become mafia.The AussieVerse was struck by yet another killer but this time Zexy was watching the events ensuring they would go smoothly.

After all the killing, only The 100 remained.But since they were too few for the scheduled US Presidential Election 2016 to run properly, the TWR staff forced the section to travel back in time to a point. Yet there were still some Corrupt?! people remaining.

The Elieson virus somehow reached the MCH Multiverse where it would cause True Lust to whoever would get infected. A Survival Game was fought so it could be exterminated, but it persisted even after the game’s end, yet in a much less lethal way… everyone has become lazy mafia now. So lazy they wouldn’t even submit their nightkills.

It is now August 1st, 2016. TWR is peaceful once again and the TWR staff forced the Season to end there to get some peace and quiet. But Enzap had other plans...

Welcome to TWR Season ’16 Mafia, a special occasion game hosted by Caps (@TheCapsFan; ) and yours truly. In this game we will thank this season’s mafia game hosts and commemorate their best games, as each and every one of them will get a role PM after them with a role from a game of theirs.

The game will obviously be a mishmash of all the memorable (and sometimes crazy) roles we’ve got this year. As such it shall be Role Madness. Even though the hosts are 17 this game will have only 16 players. That is because 2 of our hosts have only co-hosted a single game together (Christmas Mafia) and the role PM in their case will be joint. We’d also rather have 16 players in the Season ’16 game. Yay for aligning numbers :)

1. Forum Rules and War Room Rules apply.
2. Day phases will last 48 hours and Night phases will last 24 hours. Votes and actions will be locked as soon as the deadline for each phase passes. Votes/actions at :00 count, those at :01 don't. If we are sure that we won't be able to update we may extend the phase in question straight from the beginning.
3. Please be active. You may be subbed out at our discretion. If no sub is available to take your place, you may be modkilled.
4. All kinds of claiming are allowed. No quoting of role PMs or screenshots, though (the quoting part includes exact wincon wording).
5. If you change your username mid-game, please state your old and new ones in-thread and mention the hosts.
6. To vote, use the following format: "VOTE: Zexy". To unvote, use "UNVOTE: Zexy".
7. Outside communication is NOT allowed with a few exceptions we will make sure to note .
8. Rules are subject to change. We will make sure to mention you if that happens, but since mentions don't work sometimes, please keep your eyes open.
9. Please, let's keep it civil. It is just a game.
10. The most important rule. Have fun!

1 @Lunaala; TheCapsFan (Fire Emblem Protagonist Mafia) - Spy - Killed Night 3- WON THE GAME!
2 @Midorikawa; Life (One Piece: Alabasta Mafia) - Tracker - Killed Night 2- WON THE GAME!
3 @Elieson;
Zexy (Video Games Mafia) - 1x Lightningrod - Killed Night 1- WON THE GAME!
4 @Slife; @Alex Kaz Molten Eevee (Murder, She Wrote) - Jasmine Veila - Modkilled Night 5
5 @HumanDawn; Eye Gel (Pokemon XY Mafia) - 1x Oblivion Wing - Killed Night 4- WON THE GAME!
6 @Sunsette; Elieson (Super War Room Mafia Mafia) - Musician - Lynched Day 5
7 @Soulmaster; Doctor Floptopus (Masters of the Whoniverse) - Vote Stacker - Lynched Day 2- WON THE GAME!
8 @Molten Eevee; Maniacal Engineer (It's All About ME Mafia) - Jester - Lynched Day 3 - WON THE GAME!
9 @jdthebud frozen.palisades (Paragon: Rise of New World Order) - Vanilla - Survived - WON THE GAME!

10 @leetic; @Elieson; DrumBeats (The 100 Mafia) - Sketch Artist - Lynched Day 6 (Endgame)
11 @Elementar; returnofmastercrazyhand (Random Messages Mafia) - Jack-Of-All-Trades - Lynched Day 4
12 @Eye Gel; Calvin (Battle of Hogwarts) - Public Revealer - Killed Night 5- WON THE GAME!
13 @Calvin ッ leetic (US Presidential Election 2016 Mafia) - Bus Driver - Killed Night 4 - WON THE GAME!
14 @returnofmastercrazyhand Slife (True Lust: Intergalactic Battle of the Ships) - Nymphomaniac - Commited Suicide Night 1 - WON THE GAME!
15 @jackatlasred Pinball Wizard/Sword Master (Christmas Mafia) - Singer - Survived - WON THE GAME!
16 @Doctor Floptopus;
Soaringdylan (Monty Python Mafia) - 1x Seraph Knight - Lynched Day 1 - WON THE GAME!


Spectators (there will be a QT in which they will be able to talk to the dead players):
@Maniacal Engineer;
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Actually a Parent! WA0H!
Oct 22, 2015
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Obviously, Elieson is Elies-in.

Time to teach my final lesson of the season, and see who was really paying attention in class!
Notification King 1111
Dec 12, 2011
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Can't pass this up. Always nice to actually play in a game instead of just having the idea for it.
Minty Fresh
Oct 16, 2013
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No, AussieEevee. No. You said Chaos would be your last. You promised!

But its the end of season game, Brain! Surely i can't pass this up?!

But you promised!

*shoves my brain away* Ignore him, I'm in.
Murphy, Edward
Nov 18, 2014
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Tempting as this is, I'm sitting this one out. I'd like to spectate, though. Maybe occasionally chime in with some FT, if the hosts are amenable.
has found the exotic boba drink cache.
Oct 5, 2013
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As much as I want to join, I'll probably speculate also. I should probably work on TWR Analytics Project for 2016 season instead. :p
Mar 1, 2015
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Preferred Pronouns
He / Him
I cant miss it, and will make sure I am available for the game start.
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