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Type Color Templates

We were waiting until after MediaWiki updates were pushed through. As for now, the colors had been needing changes and updates for awhile but it was something that had been waiting to happen for awhile. I'm currently heading the project for getting colors updated. The current colors are the SV colors, we will be tinkering with them in the coming days as needed to find something that works best for everyone on the wiki.
just curious why they were changed now as opposed to any other time?
SV made it most apparent that many of our colors have essentially not reflected what's used in the series for a long time now, so we decided to match the colors to the most recent games. Moving forward, we'll reassess our colors whenever a new game used in the VGC comes out and see if there's been any major changes.
Please change them back, I liked what we had before!
Your feedback is appreciated. There were noted issues with the old colors, and aligning with the newest games synergizes best with our current approach to content and key visual information. Additionally, the new colors have also received a significant amount of support and acceptance from the community, editors, and staff. Taking all of this into account, simply changing back is not really an option. However, please let us know if there are any significant issues with the new colors and we will assess whether they can be resolved with minor adjustments. We recognize and understand that not everyone will love the new colors, and they make take a while to get used to, but your passion for this issue is great to see. Thanks again for expressing your thoughts!
The new colors are really ugly though? SV's colors were not chosen with the idea that they were gonna be seen all together like this or used as major UI elements. Like it would be fine if they were just for the type icons like they are in-game, but the old, more muted colors were much better for the other UI elements. Maybe separate them and have the UI go back to the older ones, these ones are too bright and saturated for how much page space they're used for.
i'm going to be honest, while i understand why it it was done, i'm not really sure about some of the colors that were picked. like the color of the rock type... it looks almost the same as the old normal type colors, it keeps confusing me. similar problem with the fairy type looking like psychic. i don't think the colors need to be 1:1 the same, especially when ingame those are only used along with the type symbols
It looks like the previous colors we were using were based off saturated versions of the SV types. As of last night, the colors have been updated (sans Ice-type currently as we are in the midst of discussing it) to accurately reflect the current SV colors used. If the colors are still causing eye strain or other issues, feel free to let us know.

Expect a lot of color templates to be updated in the coming weeks. Surprisingly one of the few that really does need an update are the Egg type color groups as when they were first drafted up forever ago on Bulbapedia, they were custom-made colors at the time and have been that way since.
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