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Type the above Pokemon Move without looking at your keyboard!

Testarazo (not bad considering its a move I've never heard off)

Poison Gas

Oh cool I did it! I’ll do the English version too for kicks.

Head snask

And apparently I was ninja’d, so…

Poison bas

Snow Powder

Arm Thrust
Dragon Dance

Shell Smash
Attack Order

Hail (Would have been funny if I'd gotten that wrong)

Shadow Ball
Gastro Acid


If we can do z-moves then Searing Sunraze Smash
If not then Photon Geyser

Any move is allowed

Photon Geyser
phton gayers

Thunder Armor (this move was only in the anime!)
Thunder Armour (Does it count if I used the UK spelling?)

Trop Kick
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