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Mafia U-Choose Mafia II [ENDGAME]

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Dawning/Ex, do you feel the paranoia that someone will CFD this into a No Lynch in the air somehow?
Would having too many of us on toast now be worth it just to avoid that?
Scummier - Raven>toast>Dawning - Townier, but I think toast flip is better than no flip
Wagonomics-wise, Raven is the risky, toast is the safe. Roleclaim-wise, maybe the opposite?
yea I think it's a bit too late for that anyway

@Calvin can you tweak the Phase change time a bit? I think a handful of people is asleep around this time lol
Forums super slow here too. Planned to post some more earlier but never got it in time.
Also "Zexy casts the deciding vote to lynch Raven 2: Electric Boggaloo".
Not gonna say more for now.

Final Day One Votals:

toastghost: II (RavenRaziel98, ZinnLav)
DawningWinds: II (Minish, toastghost)
RavenRaziel98: III (DawningWinds, Zexy, ExLight)

Dear RavenRaziel98, you are:
M’aiq the Liar (Elder Scrolls)

"Greetings! M'aiq knows many things. What is your interest? You seek knowledge. M'aiq has much. Some of it verified by actual facts!"

M'aiq the Liar is a recurring character in the Elder Scrolls series, known for his cryptic and often amusing statements. With his distinctive Khajiit appearance, M'aiq roams the vast landscapes of Tamriel, sharing his unique perspective on life, events, and the world around him. M'aiq's identity is shrouded in mystery, and his statements are often contradictory and misleading, earning him his title of "the Liar."

In this mafia game, you are the 2x Town Observer. Two times in the game you can send me a message with Observe: NAME, this will allow you to see who targeted the player you have chosen if they are indeed visited. If multiple people visit the target you will only learn the name of one person, chosen at random.

You are sided with the Town, you win when any and all threats to the Town are eliminated.

RavenRaziel has been lynched, they were sided with the Town.
It is now Night One, this phase will end in 30 hours from my voting locked post.
Here is a countdown for simplicities sake.


Why M'aiq was this role:
From what I could find out, throughout the Elder Scrolls games, M'aiq is known for his habit of observing and commenting on various aspects of the game world. He often provides players with humorous and sometimes cryptic insights about people, creatures, and locations (from his quotes that I could find). It makes sense to me that he was the observer in this game, picking up on insights for other players in the game.
Further host notes

I am more than happy to change the time to accommodate if this one isn't great for players, I just couldn't do it today as I will be meeting up with the family sometime today, and I couldn't promise i'd be around for this afternoon / evening to post a phase update. Secondly, I will also be changing all PM messages between myself and the players to "U-Choose Mafia Role PMs" as in most situations I am using the character submission PMs for actions and host-player talking. Just needs a bit of a cleanup.

So Dawning feels quite scummier after this for being the original one to suggest it, toast just a little scummier, especially if the team is toast/Dawning, Ex not so much since he was unsure and probably misled similarly to me. Zinn/Minish also feel slighly townier for being on better wagons, especially Minish if Ex is somehow scum.

Also, imporant, I would like all town to discuss this: do we care more about Jamie being protectable or unblockable tonight?
Zinn, Minish, Claire, me feel good enough for now. Jamie may self-solve. Unless something crazy role-related comes up later making me sus the former three, a PoE of toast/Dawning/Ex feels passable enough for Day 2 and hopefully can get us this.
not sure if I understood the role, was it a nerfed watcher?
Yeah this game has a thing of throwing minor different twists to more common roles just to name them differently. Mine kinda works that way too.
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