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Mafia U-Choose Mafia II [ENDGAME]

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Fest ended, just checking thread in case Zinn/Ex finally decide on whether I rolestop or not. Although we may want to delay that some more tbh.

I would like to point out Dawning has been rather quiet since the Claire flip, too.

We have a bit less than 3 hours (update time is extended one hour), will likely be active around the end, so there is some time, the later the decision is made, the better (probably). Just want to make sure others do not forget in case they cannot be here close to EON.
I think mafia will kill in between Ex/Zinn, WIFOMable

Also no sign of Jamie being around and claiming who he picked :(
I feel like now is unfair, :59 would be fair so a speed of light scum could change. If I were host/MoD I would consider modkill for that.
What are you saying here?
That scum you could be around now to hope to change a kill if needed (Jamie claimed visiting the NK target).

Dear DawningWinds, you are:
Jack Atlas (Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds).

"Let's kick this Turbo Duel into overdrive!"

Jack Atlas is a world renowned duelist hailing from Domino City, though originally from the Satellite. He initially serves as Yusei Fudo’s rival, before becoming his ally in his battle against various foes as part of the signers, with the wing of the crimson dragon on his arm. He is known to be an aggressive player, using Red Dragon Archfiend as his signature card, although he shortly had a stint with Yusei’s Stardust Dragon.As a former champion, Jack's strategic prowess and bold choices make him a force to be reckoned with.

For this mafia game, your role is the 1x Town Destiny Draw. Once a game, you can "draw" a card from your deck (randomly select a role from the remaining players' roles). If the drawn role is Mafia-aligned, you will gain insights into the Mafia's strategy by learning a role that they have (but no player), your vote for the next day counts as two. If the drawn role is Town-aligned, you will gain inspiration from the strength of your allies, and your vote will count as two the following day.

You are sided with the Town, you win when any and all threats to the Town are eliminated.

DawningWinds was killed, they were sided with the Town.

It is now Day Three, this phase will end in 48 Hours (-a few minutes).
A countdown is available here.
That scum you could be around now to hope to change a kill if needed (Jamie claimed visiting the NK target).
...that would in fact require me to know that day start is now, yes.

Edit: sorry did not realize I was dead till after I posted. Good luck town I guess.
Idek anymore, the WIFOM is insane for this one.

Massclaim time I guess?
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